Dream Breaker


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In the near future of South Korea, where everything is determined by aptitude tests, the protagonist Kang Moon-soo gets the job of a “Shaman”.

“A shaman? What’s that? Do you earn a lot of money? Is it stable?”

The profession of shaman has nothing in common with Moon-soo’s aspirations. He ends up becoming a freelance problem solver, a million light-years away from a stable life!

Will Kang Moon-soo be able to sustain a livelihood as a shaman?

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드림 브레이커
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4 Reviews

Aug 29, 2023
Status: c25
The description's a bit vague and there's no other reviews currently so I figured I'd leave a quick one so people can see if this novel is for them.

The setting is that there is an aptitude machine that is able to tell what job someone is best suited for. In this world people take it very seriously and society seems to be built around it. The protagonist is impoverished and has to provide for himself. He is a diligent student and very pragmatic so he is quite surprised when his... more>> test reveals his aptitude to be "Shaman." He gets wrapped up in an incident naturally and the plot kicks off. Things aren't fully revealed right away but it looks like he's figuring it out as he goes along.

The prologue gives you an idea of what to expect. It looks like he'll be travelling into comatose people's dream worlds and trying to get them back to reality. The first arc is an emotional groundhog day scenario that wraps up well. I haven't read much of the second arc but so far it seems to be a mystery in an odd superhero world.

Protagonist is likeable with a good head on his shoulders so far. His reactions to his circumstances have been pretty normal and relatable. Character interactions seem above average and the translation is good. There isn't a system or any game/novel world settings yet so it seems to be more grounded/well developed than your usual infinite stream sort of thing. If you like episodic travel through different scenarios with a main plot in between, this might be up your alley. <<less
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I Find It Good
I Find It Go
Jan 13, 2024
Status: c32
i can say this is very.. Very interesting

just like the title said

... more>>

MC job as a shaman work as a dream breaker which mean he get inside 'dream' of the people who were in unconconcius state/coma


at first I dont have high expectations for this but I found it very entertaining and had so much potentials, also indeed I can see the character growth. I just hope the author dont mess this up. MC personality is sastisfied for me, plot interesting as for the harem it cant be said yet but I already kinda guess it how it goes but lets see.

and this type of story is fresh to me so I enjoyed it, I tired of harem regression system galge academy second chance bs, kinda ironic but whatever and believe me this is good 6/5 for now.. <<less
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Apr 20, 2024
Status: c80
This Novel surprisingly good.

The MC himself were interesting chara he suffers from poverty since young age which makes him want so much money, his power are quite simple he could enter the dream world of people who in coma.

he were kind hearted, but won't go to such extent to stranger as shown in the first arc he doesn't care bout the heroines until he realises that she were the cause, but he would try his best to save his close one.

... more>>

in one of the dream altho it's just action of character acting like him in the dream, the character goes to such extent to becomes lawyer who managed to opposes big corporation for 4 years to save his best friend from false accusations


altho if someone offers a lot of money to save someone he would be swayed, not naive aswell since he learn from his past experience.

For the Heroines it changes every arc but so far there's 3 love interest, 2 which the MC couldn't interact no more since second were not real, the third were same aswell maybe in the future it could change but idk.

the first heroines Def give me the strongest impression, their romance are just cheff kiss honestly it got me tear up a bit altho the MC seems to misunderstanding the heroine but quite understable with his background.

The side characters are quite lively they give impression that wouldn't be forgotten like the sister of the third heroine,

It's honestly good I recommend to try to read the first arc first,

9/10 <<less
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Mar 23, 2024
Status: c71
One of the best Korean novels I've read ever. The plot of the whole novel is unique imo, the dialogues are interesting and I really love them. The MC isn't bland, you can feel his "color" when you read the novel. And the side characters aren't just for show, they complement each other.
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