The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy


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The worst and strongest villain.
I became the narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel.


It sounded good.
At least to the original owner of the body.

But from my point of view, the goal is not revenge, but survival.
I didn’t have the confidence to survive among humans, so
ㅡI went to the Demon Realm.

Where I was headed,
A school for demons that is said to be attended by the children of prestigious families in the demon world,
……It was a school that terrorized the human world.

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마계 아카데미의 실눈 악역
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2 Reviews

New Nobody101
May 26, 2024
Status: c129
I am glad this novel is doing well. This is my favorite novel for 2024. It has been more than a month since I requested this novel, and my novel pickup request form is practically a review of this novel. However, I will add more context spoilers to make it a bit different.

The MC was a web novel writer, who entered a novel. He figures out that he is Asen Adele, who is the last descendant of a falling noble family and half-demon. However, there is one problem as soon... more>> as he enters the novel. There is an order for assassination against him. To escape from the knights that were chasing after him, he barely manages to enter a portal to the demon world. Just for some context, Asen's family is a traitor to the demon world. Thus, everyone in the demon world would try to kill him if he revealed his true identity. Thus, he appears mysterious and suspicious to people around him. This is most noticeable when the MC is in the demon academy. Anyway, after some funny misunderstanding and preparation, he enters the demon academy.

Now, this is where all of the juicy part of the story comes in, and the part that made me hooked to this novel. By the way, if you are a misunderstanding fan like me, you will absolutely love this novel. I won't say much, but the first battle with the Imperial Academy was epic! Throughout the story, you will experience character development from different characters.


My favorite character is Samuel. He changed so much compared to the beginning. We eventually get to see why he hated Asen, or to be exact why he hated half-demons in general. I hated Samuel in the beginning. However, as the author showed his character development along with his tragic past, he became my favorite character.



My second favorite character development was Professor Ares. Not is not because it was impactful, but because it was funny. It is regarding to Professor Ares believing that Asen Adele is a spy.


The progress is at a decent pace. I love how some characters try to figure out MC's true identity. I love the reactions of the characters when they see MC's fights whether it is physical or verbal battles. I love how MC is progressing in the story.

Fun Fact/Context:
Asen means King. Adele means nobility. King of nobility. Pretty interesting, right? The meaning of his name was never mentioned in the novel, but his name does fit his character, especially during the epic battle with the Imperial Academy.

This a spoiler regarding to fight with the Imperial Academy. I recommend reading this spoiler after finishing chapter 94 to understand it.


Nobility is the act of being noble whether in character, mind, birth, or rank. Although noble can be seen as a status, it can also mean having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire (such as honesty, generosity, courage, etc.)

You get why his name is fitting, right?


I know that the translator used Asene instead of Asen, and that is okay.

Also, I am still waiting for chapter 130 since it is a nightmare to MTL from Kakaopage. It sucks that they block the copy function on their website, and I am only an intermediate level in Korean. Thus, I read unbearably slowly, which I hate because I am not enjoying the novel that way. I only managed to read two pages of chapter 130 before quitting and hoping that the translator would reach that chapter as soon as possible.

In addition, I noticed that the author has been on a hiatus for about 2 months now. Hopefully, everything is okay. If you can, please check out their novel in Kakaopage to show support. Although you need to log in to check out their novel, you don't need a Korean phone number. Thus, people who don't live in Korea can check it out. <<less
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New Paris22
May 22, 2024
Status: c51 part2
Maybe a bit too early for a review, but I feel like it definitely deserves one!

I binged it up to this point. The MC is not omniscient, but uses his knowledge as good as he can. He does that quite smartly too so I really like him. He isn't a saint, his goal is surviving so he does what he needs to do, may that include killing or using people.

The side characters feel quite fleshed out too. Everyone has their own reason for enrolling into the academy. He's slowly getting... more>> close to some of them, which leaves me wondering how they'll react if they ever find out about the real identity of the MC. So far it seems like he isn't really getting attached tho, I feel like he sees them more like people that will help him archive his goal. He's quite calculating if I think about it. Anyway, another plus is that even those that dislike the MC don't appear as the kind of braindead „you xxx, do you even know who my father is" kinda villains, that only exist to make the MC appear strong (god I hate that trope)

There are many questions out in the open and the plot didn't drag out unnecessarily, which is why I couldn't stop reading.

Definitely worth giving it a try! <<less
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