The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy


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The worst and strongest villain.
I became the narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel.


It sounded good.
At least to the original owner of the body.

But from my point of view, the goal is not revenge, but survival.
I didn’t have the confidence to survive among humans, so
ㅡI went to the Demon Realm.

Where I was headed,
A school for demons that is said to be attended by the children of prestigious families in the demon world,
……It was a school that terrorized the human world.

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마계 아카데미의 실눈 악역
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New Infermite rated it
June 19, 2024
Status: c63
The writing style of this novel is strange. There is minimal description, and the personality of characters are hard to capture. Dialogue comes off as robotic and sometimes I find it difficult to understand the logic of scenes.

I am also a bit confused on why first years are being put through such dire situations. It just doesn't really compute with me. Really, a lot of this novel doesn't make any sense, and I'm normally quite lax with plot holes.

It's like some blob of stuff that has no real cohesion where... more>> nothing stands out... with gaping plot holes. <<less
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New Sahara_exe rated it
June 15, 2024
Status: 78p2
Honestly this novel is quite good, although not a masterpiece and there are some plot holes

... more>>

like why do they only send students to the human world without a concrete plan on how to attack and any teachers, when they had to dish out so much money just to get there to kill some human students that are quite overpowerd + a teacher that are quite literally on there very safe home turf?


But ignoring that its quite a good novel that I would recommend giving a try. My favorite character so far is definitely Samuel he has great character development so far +

a sad past : (

Im guessing hes the silver haird boy on the cover if anyones curious

The MC is also pretty good he uses the information he has pretty well and I think his abilities are very cool

i like his chaos element + stelf the most so far, just eracing his presence and everyones memory of him ever existing for a moment at the price of one of his random senses (hearing, eyesight, taste, ect.)


The world building is definitely intriguing but not too hard to understand. The human and the demon race are both morally gray theres no pure evil from one side alone and theres no good guy side either.

I also want to thank the translators for translating this novel. I will definitely continue reading :D <<less
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simasisius rated it
June 2, 2024
Status: --
I must start off with this, the restriction of "You cannot pay with something that is not your possession" is such complete horseshit. Korean authors are always too pussified to write any MC as an actual villain. The MC is always perfect in character but weak in body. It's always "he's misunderstood" or "they were actually the bad guys all along".


Similar opinion as the other commenter, OutofNovels. To explain why a lot of these plot holes and unnecessary sh*t happens, this is basically what happens when the author reads too... more>> many other Korean novels. Korean novels always have to make sh*t dramatic and close to the edge, even at the expense of the novel's quality. Now, don't get me wrong, other novels do this too, but nowhere is it as distinct or as much of a trope as it is in Korean novels.

You'd think an author, being in his own book, would know loads of valuable knowledge to exploit, like free hidden items, big secrets of powerful people, who's trusty enough to sell them to, hidden powers, etc etc. Obviously not everything, but certainly enough to make it through fine. But they always struggle immensely.

I'm so tired of these copy paste color palette swaps that I'll give it a 2. Maybe I'll raise it to 3 if it gets any better. If it's your first Korean novel, it might seem good, but if you've read any others, it's literally the meme with stacks of buzz lightyears on the shelf.

Edit: I have read the novel to the point where there's a forced misunderstanding where the MC puts a ring on a female character's ring finger. While she's embarrassed, he thinks the laws are probably different here and doesn't care. It's so cliche, I can't make this sh*t up. <<less
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Paris22 rated it
May 22, 2024
Status: c51 part2
Maybe a bit too early for a review, but I feel like it definitely deserves one!

I binged it up to this point. The MC is not omniscient, but uses his knowledge as good as he can. He does that quite smartly too so I really like him. He isn't a saint, his goal is surviving so he does what he needs to do, may that include killing or using people.

The side characters feel quite fleshed out too. Everyone has their own reason for enrolling into the academy. He's slowly getting... more>> close to some of them, which leaves me wondering how they'll react if they ever find out about the real identity of the MC. So far it seems like he isn't really getting attached tho, I feel like he sees them more like people that will help him archive his goal. He's quite calculating if I think about it. Anyway, another plus is that even those that dislike the MC don't appear as the kind of braindead „you xxx, do you even know who my father is" kinda villains, that only exist to make the MC appear strong (god I hate that trope)

There are many questions out in the open and the plot didn't drag out unnecessarily, which is why I couldn't stop reading.

Definitely worth giving it a try! <<less
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Nobody101 rated it
May 26, 2024
Status: c129
I am glad this novel is doing well. This is my favorite novel for 2024. It has been more than a month since I requested this novel, and my novel pickup request form is practically a review of this novel. However, I will add more context spoilers to make it a bit different.

The MC was a web novel writer, who entered a novel. He figures out that he is Asen Adele, who is the last descendant of a falling noble family and half-demon. However, there is one problem as soon... more>> as he enters the novel. There is an order for assassination against him. To escape from the knights that were chasing after him, he barely manages to enter a portal to the demon world. Just for some context, Asen's family is a traitor to the demon world. Thus, everyone in the demon world would try to kill him if he revealed his true identity. Thus, he appears mysterious and suspicious to people around him. This is most noticeable when the MC is in the demon academy. Anyway, after some funny misunderstanding and preparation, he enters the demon academy.

Now, this is where all of the juicy part of the story comes in, and the part that made me hooked to this novel. By the way, if you are a misunderstanding fan like me, you will absolutely love this novel. I won't say much, but the first battle with the Imperial Academy was epic! Throughout the story, you will experience character development from different characters.


My favorite character is Samuel. He changed so much compared to the beginning. We eventually get to see why he hated Asen, or to be exact why he hated half-demons in general. I hated Samuel in the beginning. However, as the author showed his character development along with his tragic past, he became my favorite character.



My second favorite character development was Professor Ares. Not is not because it was impactful, but because it was funny. It is regarding to Professor Ares believing that Asen Adele is a spy.


The progress is at a decent pace. I love how some characters try to figure out MC's true identity. I love the reactions of the characters when they see MC's fights whether it is physical or verbal battles. I love how MC is progressing in the story.

Fun Fact:
Asen means King. Adele means nobility. King of nobility. Pretty interesting, right? The meaning of his name was never mentioned in the novel, but his name does fit his character, especially during the epic battle with the Imperial Academy.

This a spoiler regarding to fight with the Imperial Academy. I recommend reading this spoiler after finishing chapter 94 to understand it.


Nobility is the act of being noble whether in character, mind, birth, or rank. Although noble can be seen as a status, it can also mean having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire (such as honesty, generosity, courage, etc.)

You get why his name is fitting, right?


I know that the translator used Asene instead of Asen, and that is okay.

Also, I am still waiting for chapter 130 since it is a nightmare to MTL from Kakaopage. It sucks that they block the copy function on their website, and I am only an intermediate level in Korean. Thus, I read unbearably slowly, which I hate because I am not enjoying the novel that way. I only managed to read two pages of chapter 130 before quitting and hoping that the translator would reach that chapter as soon as possible.

In addition, I noticed that the author has been on a hiatus for about 2 months now. Hopefully, everything is okay. If you can, please check out their novel in Kakaopage to show support. Although you need to log in to check out their novel, you don't need a Korean phone number. Thus, people who don't live in Korea can check it out. <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
June 13, 2024
Status: c77p1
I originally dropped this at c17, but picked it back up due to rankings, and though I do say it got more interesting once the Academy arc started, if anything my original rating of 3 lowered to a 2.

It's very bland writing. The MC's powers aren't really interesting and are broken. There are some confusing parts but many more plotholes. The MC isn't the brightest bunch, though luckily not a s*upid JPN protagonist... And characters are pretty flat. I honestly feel this is more of the translation rather than the... more>> story with how bland everything is.

However, even with that, there are so many illogical holes and so many things are written off and make no sense on why things happen. And the whole first arc was spent building a side character FL who proceeded to get no screen time.

The worst part of this whole novel is not the bland writing but the blatant forced 0 reasoning low iq plot forcing of academy/military events. The midterm, which they required to invade the human world has the most s*upid reasoning I've read in a while. For 10 years while both academies are already established, they just happened to never attack the other realm when their whole course is to do so? But just happens to do so with the MC? The Academy who has Geniuses of future top talents and loads of resources dont get targeted at all by upper bracket since they are too busy

Especially 7 sins family they say... when literally every single inheritor of the family just so happens to be in the same year and also attack them but can't get support? Despite having "no resources" they easily get resources yet the adults don't and won't do anything to fight the other side? Keep in mind that it cost inst per person but just opening the portal, they even have a fkn train like hogwarts for some reason. They also send FRESHMAN STUDENTS to do war things with NO INSTRUCTORS protecting/guiding them!!!!! Who the fk is gonna send untrained future elites to do that sh!t when you could inflict way more damage and have way more people alive?!?!?!?!?

So many things make zero fkn sense, and there are blatant plotholes everywhere in plot and world settings...

And like with every overly op ability, there are countless "Why tf didn't he just do this/that with it instead and end the fight already?!" It's even worse since it is paired with a low iq author.

As an Academy genre fan it was an okay time waster but I'll never be back. <<less
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OutofNovels rated it
May 27, 2024
Status: c6
It's hard to get through the beginning, I might try to come back later when I'm bored but there's already many plot holes and confusing moments in just 6 chapters. I don't like that the author is given a million cheats on top of the fact that he takes over a cheat character. Why the hell does he need a paper type system that exchanges items for knowledge? He's the author and the creator of the world you'd think he didn't need this crutch.

Instead of knowing how the mana system... more>> that he created in his own world works he doesn't know anything and has to ask the paper to engrave it. Super lame. Then later in a fight with a knight he uses the paper to steal the knights sword which conveniently happens to be a relic to pay for more information mid-fight and save himself. All of this could've been fine and I just roll my eyes. However immediately afterwards it's stated that this was a freebie and that he can't do it anymore. Then why allow that in the first place? Why can't he just remember or already know that information? I don't understand why he has to use the paper at all when he's the creator, it's such a dumb gimmick. I can't understand what the actual author is thinking, the way this novel plays out is too nonsensical. I'm also kind of confused by his "designated move" that allows him to swap places with an object. I get that he's teleporting but how and where does he get the arrows? Is he Gilgamesh from Fate? <<less
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