Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish


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As a low-leveled alchemist with white skin and good looks, Gu Fan is greedy for life and fears death. She only wants to earn some small money.

Transmigrating to Earth where monsters are everywhere, Gu Fan quickly went to the human base and continued to sell medicine for a living.

Her medicines are high quality and inexpensive, and all major forces want to pull her in to join the group.

Gu Fan was somewhat worried and didn’t know which one to pick.

Lu Ya: Pack up your things and follow me to City C tomorrow.

Gu Fan: Can I not go?

Lu Ya: No.

After so many times, the entire Jiangnan base understood that Gu Fan was the woman of Young Marshal Lu Ya. Love is hard to part with; you take it wherever you go.

Gu Fan: No, no, no, he just wants my medicine!

Stationed on the front line of the battlefield, S-class Young Marshal & greedy for money and afraid of death, Aunt Salted Fish.

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New LiterallyNobody rated it
May 26, 2022
Status: Completed
I was craving to read a xianxia inspired story these days that has the double cultivation element in because I'm curious about it. So I found this story so I read it and I became intrigue with it and finish through MTL. So this my review about it,

I rated it 4 stars.

*Spoiler Ahead*

First, the story starts by telling that 50 years passed after the 'global radiation' that starts the 'doomsday' which I think normal and they ended it after another 5 decades or more? I'm not sure because I'm... more>> quite confused with the timeline of the story. Also this story is quite different from the 'apocalyptic' and 'doomsday' story I read. In a sense that it's unrealistic to overcome this kind of phenomenon in just duration of 5 years after it started like in another story, atleast it would take decades or century to do so.

Second, since it says that it was 50 years since the start of doomsday then everything (infrastructure, buildings, and many more) that was abandoned for years shouldn't stay intact after all those years especially if it wasn't maintained for 5 decades. I mean atleast it should eroded or destroy because it was possible that earthquake won't happen. Anyways, I wrote this because I notice that there were some building that stay the same for 50 years of being abandoned in the story.

Third, I loved the fact that the author explain the phenomenon in the story like why did the MC transmigrate, and some of tge mysteries unfold throughout the story. Except the 'earthlings' as MC called them having powers.

Lastly, the twist at the end (the fanwai?) I actually am expecting that except that I expected that ML to be transmigrate into the cultivation world instead.


I rated it 4 stars because I'm quite disappointed and sad about what I happened at the ending. Atleast, I am expecting that the one would stay with MC is the ML that is with her all throughout the story and he (and their friends) would come back to his youth in some ways. Also, I expected them to be happy and stay in Earth though. In the end, I understand why the MC act that way when she realized that her savior in the cultivation world and boyfriend in Earth have the same soul and person. I mean they are the same person but there were some things that just differ.

Anyways, this is a memorable story for me. The way the author manipulate the story is amazing. <<less
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New RlngFmas rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Another good read here, I like the character building of both leads, not too slow or too fast in my opinion.

The MC is not OP at first but eventually OP at the end. Meanwhile, ML is OP from the beginning but his character growth lies in his views and behaviors toward MC.

There's so little of jealousy/ dog blooded moment here, mostly nust face slapping + fighting monster.

The only thing I disliked is that the ending is a bit rush, I still want to know what happen next.

in their immortal life xD



I'm really surprised about the ML at the very end as well. The writer kinda hinted it many times but then distract reader with something else.

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kawaii12345 rated it
May 5, 2022
Status: Completed
5 star

A better title would be "The Cultivator's Slow Life In The Post Apocalypse". It's really a great concept. The MC is a cultivator in a cultivation world, that suddenly finds themselves in a Chinese post apocalypse kind of world and is just looking to live that Japanese slow life/Chinese salted fish life /American Slacker life. The author just makes it all work.

First up, the MC is great. She is OP but just OP enough. She is left with plenty of room for growth both in therms of personality and... more>> power and it's a pleasure to watch her grow. The ML is such a black belly. He is so manipulative rooms darken when he walks in. What's more he really brings out the best in the MC. They are just a joy.

The writing is incredibly lucid and readable for a CNovel. It's just a joy to read and the pages fly by. Both the translation and the MTL are easy reads.

There are some problems. The side characters aren't well developed and mostly are there to Mary Sue up the MC. She also deals with her problems a little too easily. Not from being OP but from the problems being too small.

Bottom Line: It's a fun read, give it a shot. <<less
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CasBrin rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: Completed
Satisfied! Very satisfied! I love a queen MC and Gu Fan is an Empress.

I was very dissatisfied with ML for the first while, but when MC faced his challenges and strengthened her own self belief, he began to respect her and eventually put her needs first.
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gzd132 rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: Completed
I actually read this a while ago.

HIGHLY recommend this one. It's been a while so I don't remember too much unfortunately. But I just know that I loved it.

Also this story does have good character development for everyone. Even the side characters were somewhat memorable.

... more>> Also, there's a tragic scene in the mid to late part of the book where something happens to the base. Oh boy the story was so good and unpredictable. Go read it NOW.

The ending had a nice twist too. The truth of the world and the female protagonist comes to light. So sit back and strap in for a wild ride. <<less
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