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Beautiful Heartless Shou X Finally turned into a mad dog Gongs

Shen Yao has been in three relationships. His first love was a bad-tempered high school bully who treated him well, his old love was a gentle and considerate university school grass*, and his new love is the rich thigh he hugged

He attended the banquet with his new love and they looked absolutely compatible.

Shen Yao was very cooperative and looked at his new love lovingly the whole time. He heard a sneer after the act, but what he saw when he turned around was his first love who had been scumbagged by him.

The first love he hadn’t seen for a long time blocked him in the bathroom, and said strangely: “It’s been a long time since I have seen you, why are you still so good at hooking up with an Alpha?”

The new love looked down on Shen Yao, an Omega who was only interested in profit. After learning about his entanglement with his first love, he asked uncontrollably, “Didn’t I give you what you want? Why do you want to find someone else?”

Shen Yao didn’t smile at him like before, and said casually: “It’s just a transaction between us, it’s meaningless to be emotional.”

Finding out he was missing, the first love came to the door and wrestled with the new love, so Shen Yao took the opportunity to run out.

He threw himself into the arms of his old love:

“They don’t treat me well at all, only you love me the most.”

The old love hid the emotions in his eyes, hugged him without saying a word, and forgave all the hurt in the past.

Shen Yao spoke sweet words to the three men, watching the jealousy until his deepest secret was discovered.

Since then, Shen Yao’s glands have been covered with tooth marks all year round, and the pheromones on his body can never be dissipated.

Belonging to different people, it’s hard to separate it.

* best looking guy in school

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stony27 rated it
July 22, 2023
Status: c81
Rounding it up from a 4.5. If Shen Yao had been a gong I would've died from cardiac arrest long ago. I love him, and I feel like the writer did a pretty good job making him not hate-worthy for the reader, but he really is as scummy as the summary makes him out to be. I'm almost 80 chapters in and still don't quite understand his brain so I'm just not gonna try. He's very revolting and annoying when you think about it, but it's pretty easy to not... more>> dwell on his character because a lot of the texts focus on the heartbreak and angst of his gongs (VERY fun to read imho. I don't like seeing shous get hurt so these gongs doing the getting hurt is just right up my alley).

All in all, it's a pretty fun read, especially in the earlier chapters, but I'm kinda slowing down cos things are getting too repetitive. It's a bit funny sometimes cos like... wtf... this often reads too much like fIRSt WoRld PrOBleMs HUUU because of how much time every main character devotes into feuding with each other instead of... you know... making a living as an adult. Literally everyone is rich lmfao. They can all just skip work to have extramarital s*x or fix things with daddy's money when their actions go too far. Literally none of the things they went through would've happened if they were all a little bit more... working class with real problems to worry about 💀

Okok want some spoilers about the characters? I write

Shen Yao


An omega ~22yo. He's a descendant of the Shen Family, some rich high society clan. His parents died when he was young and left him under the care of his uncle, Shen Fu Lin. I think it's implied that SFL had something to do with SY's parents' sudden death, and SY had always wanted to take revenge on him for that. SFL also treats SY like a bargaining chip, wanting to use him to do flesh business with the rich and powerful to claim connections for his own children. Because of his treatment and SY's childhood, SY, who was once outwardly taciturn and straightforward with his feelings, grew up learning to hide his true emotions behind a smile and sweet words. Where I'm at in the novel, I still don't think he's capable of loving anyone in the romantic sense. He seems to love his mother and father unconditionally but can't replicate the depth of such affections with anyone else. The only time I've ever seen him show genuine sadness and guilt towards any of his loves is when he agreed to marry Xu Yi Bai. I think this was because he couldn't bear to hurt him any further after he'd supposedly lost the ability to play the piano following a rough scuffle with SY's ex-boyfriend/affair partner.

Other than the occasional feelings of guilt and pity, Shen Yao's a pretty stone cold scumbag who won't take anyone's love and kindness to heart, only remembering their faults and allowing those to overshadow all the good times. He does everything with a selfish motive. He approached his first boyfriend with the intention of hurting his cousin (cousin had feelings for the boy) and also creating a 'perfect love' that would start an end on a beautiful note. When the relationship took an unsatisfactory route, he steeled his heart and abandoned his first love. With the next one, Shen was emotionally abusive and would eventually cheat on the guy when he refused to let him break things up. Finally, with the last guy, SY approached him with the goal of ruining his life or something after making him dependent on him.

The novel tries to explain his disdain for his alphas by showing how he hated his omega physiology for making him receptive to s*x regardless of his thoughts but idk... it felt kinda silly... I didn't find it very cute at the point in the novel where he shed all pretenses and made his legal husband and lovers fight to 'attend' to him. Those that attempted to express intentions to monopolize him would be shunned and would be punished by not being allowed to sleep with him (wtf?). It reeked too much like Emperors shunning concubines for being jealous and openly favoring love rivals. I'm here for clandestine love affairs and fun love interests (who have good reason to be in love with the MC) not self-disrespecting rich losers 💀


Guan Shu (First Love)


GS was SY's classmate back in high school and became acquainted with him after saving him from being assaulted by a bunch of hooligans. They eventually became friends and fell in love, sparking a deep relationship that lasted the entirety of high school. Sometime in their senior year, GS would overhear SY's cousin accusing him of approaching SY to get back at him. SY never refuted him so GS freaked out. SY felt that their beautiful love story had stretched long enough and decided to break up with him. GS didn't take it well and resorted to begging him to change his mind and drowning his sorrows away at some... bar or club... I'm not sure what it is.

At some point, SY attempts to find him at the bar he frequents but ends up being drugged and r*ped by an unknown alpha whose pheromones smelled of sandalwood (idk why I specified this. just ignore it). He was understandably traumatized and returned home all f*cked up. GS chose this time to break into his house after not hearing from him in a while, only to find him in a state of.. f*cked-outness. He lost his mind and began accusing SY of wanting to leave him because he had something new. He also r*ped SY that day and then dragged him off to his secret apartment (He's some rich kid son of some government official guy. The apartment was supposed to be a graduation gift or sth similar but he stole the key to get access ahead of time.) He then confined SY to the bed and staked his claim over him by imprinting a permanent mating mark (f*ck I forgot it's called), effectively making him like... SY's biological husband (HHH I'M SORRY THIS SOUNDS SO FUNNY!!! it just means that now SY will only be affected by his pheromones. they're not legally married, but they might as well be because now SY can only sexually respond to him and no other alpha). Unbeknownst to him, claiming SY would lead to a decrease in his 'value' at home because now, his uncle can't present him as an expensive commodity and extract maximum use from him, causing him to scorn and treat SY worse. Eventually, GS's father finds out about the situation and has his subordinates subdue GS while they rescue SY. GS's father asks SY to pick between marrying GS and surgically removing the mating mark and SY chooses the latter. GS begs and cries for him to change his mind while forced down but SY doesn't spare him another glance. The incident makes him bitter and disillusioned with SY. Once, he'd held the ambition of becoming a member of some dangerous military force but because of SY, he reconsidered and decided to follow his father's footsteps and remain in the capital because he worried that SY would be bullied without his 'husband' around. After being 'betrayed' by SY and then cruelly tossed aside despite the mating mark, he grew to hate him.

During his time in military school, he once snuck away to see how SY was doing because he couldn't help himself and still held onto hope that SY never forgot him the way he didn't for him. What he saw instead of SY with his new man. After that day, he steeled his resolve and decided to hate SY with every fiber of his being.

After graduating military school, he took up a position as Chief Prosecutor or something (not sure... I not v good at gg translating) and then met SY at a high end party for the elites. He saw SY with a man who wasn't the on he saw him with last time and then took the opportunity to humiliate him when no one was watching. After some back and forth, we learn that he's aiming to force SY back into his arms and at his mercy because even though he 'hates' SY, he still desperately yearns for him and doesn't see why SY should sell himself for power to someone else when he could do the same to him.

Eventually, he sleeps with SY again after finding out that his relationship with the man at the party was a purely transactional one with no physical/s*xual commitments. Right after that, he finds out that SY also has a boyfriend who's in the dark about everything. He loses his mind and then confronts SY and the boyfriend. The boyfriend refuses to acknowlege GS's claims which of course, sets him off. GS hates that the boyfriend has an 'official' identity while he can only be a secret lover who SY will never publically acknowlegde. The confrontation leads to an explosive fight between the alphas and Shen Yao leaving despite his boyfriend still refusing to break up.

From what I can see, GS seems to cling to his identity as SY's first love and former mate, maybe because he might've accepted that no one can win SY's love in the true sense. He's very straightforward and prefers practicality. When he saw that SY seemed to want to use an alpha for his wealth and power, he approached him and offered to provide the same.

When he's first introduced in the novel, he's very aggressive and mean, but we see that his hatred came from a place of deep hurt after pouring his whole heart on someone that didn't want it. It's no excuse for his violence but hehe I'm not the one getting hurt so wow that's hot.

Even with his prickly exterior, we see that he's actually quite stubborn and optimistic. He never gave up on the idea of reuniting with SY despite his father's warnings. He never admitted what his true relationship with SY was to his parents because he'd always hoped that they would one day reconcile and marry, and admitting the SY was a former boyfriend who cheated on him would ofc make his hopes and dreams hard to fly by with his fam.


Xu Yi Bai (Old Love)


XYB was SY's university classmate who got close to him through their shared interests in the arts. XYB was a talented pianist who would eventually became a celebrity for field while SY went on to become a professional dancer. They'd been dating for 4 years by the start of the novel. During these years, it's implied that SY would frequently emotionally abuse XYB by stone-walling him when he's away for work and love-bombing him as soon as he returns. I think uhhh he did that to test out XYB's bottom-line and get a good grasp of his personality, which he would conclude to be one of great tolerance and a mild temper.

After SY met the a powerful businessman in his uncle's circle, he made the decision to move on and suddenly dumped his boyfriend through text after a romantic evening and loving goodbye. XYB was greatly affected by news and refusds to accept it. He stubbornly waited for an apology or even just an explanation and never got any. Eventually, he managed to ambush SY and talked/begged him back into continuing the relationship. XYB tried to maintain his facade as a gentle and kind-hearted boyfriend but in reality, his insecurities and suspicions had already begun to fester as he wondered how SY could disregard him after so many years of deep love.

After GS exposed his relationship with SY, XYB played dumb and refused to question his boyfriend in front of a jealous ex. Even after SY acknowledged that what GS said was true, XYB still refused to accept that everything happened voluntarily and got into a fight with GS. Blah blah a bunch of melodramtic BS happens, and at one point, a spat with GS ends up being severe enough for him to injure his hands and damage his nerves.

After SY broke up with his new love, XYB guilted him into marrying him by pretending he could no longer play the piano. He lost his life passion and had to resist the urge to play lest he expose himself and lose what little bit of affection SY had left for him. Eventually, SY figured out the truth and even found plans for him to erase SY's memories and fabricate a new identity for him so that the other couldn't track him down.

XYB is... how to say... a fake white lotus character. He comes across as very gentle and kind and trusting but in reality, he's quite scheming and sinister. GS acts in the open to get SY's attention but will hide his pain and injuries because he can't bear to look unreliable in front of him. On the other hand, XYB will secretly provoke his rivals into acting first so he could look like the aggrieved party and invite pity and affection from SY.


Yan Zhi Xing (New Love)


I don't know about the end, but SY never liked him from the start. He only meant to use his power to deter his uncle from acting against him. After he found out YZX was dependent on his pheromones, he became bolder but stumbled on an interesting little secret: YZX was the one who r*ped him that day at the bar when he came to look for GS.

He kept quiet about this and then got engaged to YZX before revealing everything on the day of the event. He also revealed the truth of his 'adultery' to GS, causing GS to have a mental breakdown because he realized that he wrongly accused the person he loved and then subjected him to the same thing his rapist forced on him before ultimately betraying him by stripping him of his freedom.


I think this novel ends in a (reverse) harem. Ion like that but I liked what I've seen so far so I shall be ditching while I still have a good impression :) <<less
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June 7, 2023
Status: Completed
wow didnt expect to find it here

as first line suggests shou is truly heartless, I would rate him 10/10 on scum shou scale

warnings! Dont read if u dont like ⚠️🚫🚫 r*pe, NTR, IMPRISONMENT, BRAIN WASHING, MANIPULATION, KILLING, su*cide (only one line tho at end) FAKE DEATH🚫🚫⚠️ but I dont feel theres any angst they all are like tit for tat

... more>> he has no remorse doesnt regret playing with all 3 gongs

he doesnt cherish warmth given by anyone but would payback twice if has grudges /hatred

gongs aint gd either but I feel sorry for them, he made them go crazy for himself

shou just wants a beautiful love story and end it beautiful, but few gongs cant let go

shou could have used other methods to solve his problems, but at the end he says

he just wanted fun to his boring life so he did them bad


the amt of times I wanted gongs to spank shou is endless

he thorougly tamed them into dogs

well none of them have morals they do what they can to have results

it was interesting anyway

the novel starts with their oast present and lots of shura field

cant blame gongs either for them going to extreme shou just makes ppl go crazy with his words lol

1st gong deserved it most of it cause he didnt trust shou, he was self righteous made up his own story

2nd gong was better than others but even he became crazy doubtful paranoid husband

3rd gong <i love how shou hates the phermones of the rapist to end > but sometimes I feel its not gongs fault either just crazy fate both are victims (but shou crazily wanted to kill him which left a bad taste)

also I feel all gongs family hate shou for making their sons into lunatics <<less
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