Don’t Look For Me


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Euphemia, who escaped from her heartless family and became the caretaker of an old duchess.
When she found out that the servant who had been around her was actually a small duke, Euphemia had already fallen in love with him.

The successor of the great duke and the nuisance of a lowly baron.
The ending of an unwelcome love was predictable.

“My son has done something immature. Please leave the duke’s residence.”

The old lady coldly pushed her away,

“It was difficult because your son was so clingy.”

Euphemia left without hesitation.
With a secret that even she herself did not know about.

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나를 찾지 말아요
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Jack325 rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: c4
The novel's really good, though the translation needs a bit of work otherwise it's fine, I really don't understand why it's got a low rating, I really want to read more chapters
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