I’ve Probably Made a Mistake in Getting Married


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I possessed a character in the world of a novel.

In a devastating novel where all the characters are cut off by the villain’s hand.

I just read the famous devastating novel to fix my shyness and build up my courage!

Before the real story begins,

I must stay away from the terrifying capital city.

So I married a poor baron in the countryside….

“Don’t let me clear your corpse with my hands. Okay?”

This man who showed up at the wedding covered in blood,

must be the scary villain who kills everyone!

Don’t tell me,

I married a man who would be a villain while trying to avoid the villain?

I screwed up.

I’ve probably made a mistake in getting married.

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아무래도 결혼을 잘못한 것 같다
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4 Reviews

Oct 07, 2021
Status: c8
I like it.

It's your basic "big, scary, 'misunderstood', villain guy tames himself for his cute, tiny, shy wife, who uses her know-how to improve his situation and life."

The good: he is not a major AH like other husbands in this genre, nor has he mistreated her in any way. He DID show up to their wedding a couple hours late, covered in blood, but that was business, and he's been pretty decent and even kind, otherwise, though he's the type who looks like a villain when he tries to be... more>> nice and smile, poor darling.

They also seem to be willing to make an honest go of things, very refreshing. There's none of that nonsense about waiting years and years for no reason, and both agreed to the marriage willingly.

The set up is reasonably believable. He's about as socialized as a guy who grew up in an all-guys, fighting environment would be, and his "villain" reputation is both earned and realistic (he IS a mercenary, who takes on unpleasant, brutal jobs, and is very good at it. No silly curses, super extra-ness, or dumb misunderstandings about why he's "bad") Her marrying him because of her circumstances makes sense.

Our MC is a bit atypical, in that she's a painfully shy introvert, who dislikes big social parties, and who has suffered some pretty big blows in her life, though she remains determined and eager to do what she can. (I do suspect her husband's murder-skills will focus on avenging her crappy situation, in place of fulfilling his original plot function of bad guy's dog). She's mainly a stand in for any shy, bookish audience member to insert themselves, which isn't a bad thing.

The meh: this is presented as an Isekai, where the MC was born in the novel world, but one day remembered her past life, where she read a book containing this life's plot. I don't really see the point of this detail. They would have enough drama and conflict without it. But I guess it's there so we see the irony of her trying to exit from the plot, only to wind up married to the antagonist on accident, while adding tension that she knows everyone is going to die horribly.

I find their inability to sit down and talk frustrating. These are a pair who literally meet for the first time at their wedding, with no prior communication. He's got questions on why a beautiful young woman from one of the highest families in the capital would agree to marry the "beggar baron, " and she was under the impression she was marrying a cripple. One would think a clearing of the air and saying "hi, I'm MC, my favorite color is blue, I like long walks in the beach"--you know, the basics, would be prudent. However, it's only been three days into the marriage by page 8, and 'drama' things keep popping up to get in the way, so I'm willing to pause judgement on that for now.

I have the sneaking suspicion our MC is going to get a touch Mary Sue. They sometimes slip up and make her more social than they said she was, and the underlings all universally adore her already, without her saying a word. Plus it's going to be her job to transform the economic situation of her husband's land, as well as guide him into being a nicer person, big asks for anyone. It'll be a bit difficult to pull all of that off without her skewing at least a little Mary Sue.

It reminds me of Under the Oak Tree, but our MC doesn't have crippling self esteem issues, the ML doesn't have an inferiority complex, and (so far) it's PG. <<less
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Mar 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Actually quite good.

The romance is sweet, the relationship development is good, and the characters are nice to read about because they're reasonable, I guess you could say? I like that they're quite smart so they don't create any unnecessary drama and the actions they take seem realistic. This novel has some political maneuvering and a tiny bit of business that's pretty well thought out. The leads are a bit socially awkward but capable and smart, and there is character growth and relationship development as the story progresses.

MC remembers her past... more>> life but it doesn't really have that much of an effect on the story, mostly just explains how she knows some information. Actually reading the novel it feels like a historical fantasy.

There's a chapter or two at the end where some of the stuff that happened didn't seem to have enough build up, but overall the novel doesn't have any bad parts and let me satisfied. It's well written and enjoyable, though nothing in particular stands out as exceptional. If you like this genre and are looking for a casual read I'd recommend this. <<less
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Apr 07, 2023
Status: c29
Everything has been perfectly summarized by NU users Skite and theliongirl, but I also wanted to leave a review to encourage y'all more to pick this up.

There's nothing extraordinary about the story or the characters, but it's quite an enjoyable read. Please give it a try.
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May 29, 2023
Status: c35
You know what is the most frustrating sh*t ever? When a character spews pacifistic drivel after they are luckily saved from a terrible fate. Reprehisable cowards who don't want their assailant harmed because they are so f*cking weak and wretched; make any sensible human being's blood boil. Why does this garbage character trait keep being written as if we don't have enough craven vermin in the real world who behave this way.

Aside from that the main character is an unlikable shrinking violet, she is liked by all not for any... more>> action but because she is pretty, meek, and "nice". Also, as is typical, instead of having talent or exerting effort she will solve her problems with forknowledge from reading the novel her world is based on. Maybe the author will make her grow some simblance of a spine later, but I have no doubt whatsoever it will be shoehorned.

The final nail in the coffin is the worldbuilding. It can be shown to be idiotic with one single anecdote. We are supposed to believe that a bunch of noble ladies go about on foot without guards to hunt bear and lion with bows. The authors mind is clearly deficient. A fantasy setting does not mean you can write ludicrous scenarios and the reader simply nods along like a moron. <<less
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