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Sina possessed the protagonist of a love simulation game .

You start the game with a dream of a happy ending, but it’s full of crazy guys ?

“Nothing matters other than protecting you.”

“I feel comfortable with you. I like you.”

“I guess all the time so far was to meet you.”

Why are boys abduction and confinement the standard spec!

She tried to quit the game later, but the white text blocked her.

「Please collect all the endings.」

「You cannot end it until the collection is over.」

Even though you collected bad endings endlessly like that… … .

「Until the remaining collection 124/125」

「Would you like to reset it?」

What is the last ending left?

“Nice to see you, Lady of Hebron. You can call me Revha.”

After 124 endings, the suspicious man we met for the first time.

“Everything you want, I will help. So don’t be sad.”

He promised to be willing to be my salvation.

The cycle of repeated endings, when the world in the game becomes reality.

The story they long for each other.

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