Devil’s Examination


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In order to get the eternal life, the male protagonist Gao Ying and the female protagonist Zhu Xun Ling entered the two horrible classrooms respectively and needed to take the exams again and again. However, this is not a common written test of the school. They are put into worlds that are cursed by the ghosts, experiencing countless horror, viewing countless supernatural event to answer the questions on the test paper about the phenomenon of spirituality. When the score is less than 60, there is only one result: death!

In order to get eternal life, they will continue to walk with the god of death until the two of them meet… in the fated moment!

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07/14/19 China LN v1c11
07/09/19 China LN v1c10
07/07/19 China LN v1c9
06/08/19 China LN v1c8
06/05/19 China LN v1c7
06/05/19 China LN v1c6
05/29/19 China LN v1c5
05/28/19 China LN v1c4
05/28/19 China LN v1c3
05/28/19 China LN v1c2
05/27/19 China LN c1
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