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Lu Tong went to the mountains to study medicine for seven years. When she returned home, she discovered that things had changed.

Her older sister was harmed by others and died,

Her older brother was put in jail full of injustices,

Her father went to the capital to voice his grievances, but encountered a flood along the way,

Her mother went crazy overnight and died in a fire.

Lu Tong packed up her medicine box and went to fight in Jingzhou.

Pay back your debts with coin, pay back your mu*ders with your life!

If there is no judge, I will be King Yan!


One after another, the noble families in the capital encountered troubles.

The commander of the Imperial Guard, Pei Yunying, secretly investigated the matter. A female doctor at Renxin Medical Center became his main suspect.


Before he could find any evidence, she took action against him.

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New AllHAilTheQueen rated it
July 13, 2024
Status: c601
Honestly, I adore this author and have read 80% of their previous novels this, however, felt tedious. The characters seemed more like ghosts, barely alive and somewhat translucent. Was the story emotional? Yes, still it lacked resonance and took way too long to get to the point. Perhaps the chapters and colorful prose should have been halved then it might not have been so boring.
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New queenjekyll rated it
July 11, 2024
Status: c149
MC is smart but when ML is related, she is a bit careless. She already noticed that ML is wary of her but she never thought of doing things to prevent ML from noticing hints of MC's private deeds (... more>>

aka mu*der

) which made me disappointed.

Example #1:


After MC's first mu*der, she and ML accidentally met. Blah blah, ML accidentally saw MC's hand which has a suspicious blood (? I forgor) just when the people in that place got alerted that someone died last night. Like first of all, why did MC did not noticed that on her own hand before meeting with people? Like whaaat.


Example #2:


Buying jewelry from pawn shop, knowing that she never wears jewelry. She should've atleast had some excuse but idk why she didn't. Like idk, she could've done better for sure.


Example #3:


Why would MC not think to hide "The Laws of the Liang Dynasty" book somewhere that can't be easily seen by guests (like ML, for example) ? She should have thought that it'd be pretty suspicious no matter what for a WOMAN to read that kind of book 😅 It's not like she has a job related to laws or something, her current identity is a doctor in a small clinic. So I'm not sure why she put the book in plain sight. At this point, ML doesn't need to have 1999iq to be suspicious about her. MC is just careless, tbh. But I know that the author intended for MC to be a little bit careless in front of ML to display ML's intelligence and let ML continue to be interested with this unusual woman (MC).


For now, I rate it 4.0. Some things could've been better but I can't deny that this novel is well-written. Kudos to the author and translator (s).

Edit: FIVE STARS!!! <<less
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athene rated it
March 7, 2024
Status: c130
This is another revenge novel from Qian Shan Cha Ke, but there is no reincarnation or transmigration. Lu Tong, our beautiful, cold, emotionless FL, is from a normal, poor family, so she doesn't have the status and wealth (or prior life knowledge) that the author's previous FLs had to seek revenge. All she has are her incomparable medical and poison skills, and her devoted maid Yinzheng, who she once saved.

Lu Tong is also more extreme from the author's previous FLs in that she is very hands-on with her killing -... more>> partly by necessity, mostly due to her personality. She prefers to do the mu*ders herself and make the villains suffer while dying, which may turn some readers off. She is definitely the most bloodthirsty of the author's FLs by far. Personally I love her.

Other characters call Lu Tong crazy/mad, and she doesn't disagree with them. We see flashbacks of her life here and there, and her "training"/"upbringing" for 8 years was incredibly effed up, so she actually turned out pretty normal, all things considered. Her desire for revenge is also understandable, as her entire family was plotted against, mu*dered, and defamed by one of the wealthiest, most powerful, noble families in the capital, and, again, she doesn't have the social status or wealth to gain justice. So forget justice, Lu Tong just wants revenge.

Class division and how the corrupt rich and powerful are able to do whatever they want, while the poor and ordinary are trampled upon, is a main theme. Using her medical skills, Lu Tong can earn money, but she still doesn't have social status, so she must attain that herself step by step, use all her resources available to learn about her enemies, and plot to get closer to the upper echelons.

So far the story is very engaging. Like most of the author's previous books, the plot is tight and doesn't needlessly meander. I'm actually annoyed with myself because I try not to read web novels until they're finished, and now I have to wait like half a year for it to finish. At least the author always wraps her books up in the 250-chapter range. MTL is very doable.

I personally adore Lu Tong, but I like cold, smart female characters. Although she's ruthless, doesn't show much emotion, and is skilled at manipulation, she isn't unkind or indiscriminately cruel, just incredibly pragmatic and blunt about the realities of living in the world as one of the poor commonfolk. She also isn't as unfeeling as she appears, she just doesn't believe she can trust anyone but herself (and Yinzheng), and she won't allow anything to get in the way of her revenge. Plus, I read revenge novels to see terrible people get their deserved comeuppance, so them dying painfully is entertaining to me.

Lu Tong's relationship with Yinzheng is nice. Yinzheng serves as a maid and Lu Tong's only confidant, but due to her past training as a prostitute, she is able to actively assist Lu Tong with her many talents and skills. She believes wholeheartedly in Lu Tong's abilities and is willing to assist in her young lady's revenge. Another notable character is Du Chang Qing of Ren Xin Medical Clinic, a dandy with a tsundere side who has grown on me.

As for the male lead... Xie Jing Xing had his peach blossom eyes, Ji Heng his red mole, and our current beautiful ML, Pei Yun Ying, has his dimple. Get used to hearing about it. That aside, ML and FL are two peas in a pod and well matched in personality. FL is merciless, cold, and smart, and ML is exactly the same, he just has the status and power that FL lacks to get away with it. They say the same lines at different times, throw each other's words back in each other's faces, and are described in similar terms. They have a lot of delicious tension as enemies and occasional reluctant allies. It's sort of cat and mouse between them, only the mouse is rabid and just as vicious and smart as the cat. Lu Tong very calmly seriously considers mu*dering Pei Yun Ying multiple times.

As of right now, the second ML has shown up briefly twice in 130 chapters, but he should be entering the main story soon.

Overall I'm very invested in this novel and so far it's not a disappointment. <<less
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June 17, 2024
Status: c232
This story is really nice after a lot of rebirth story at least I got something new. Plot wise its good but not that good like author's other stories but I'm still satisfied because I really like the character of female lead she's such a badass I mean out of all the female lead written by author to me she's the best also the male lead my hearts is just like someone give him to me

    • she's cruel
    • emotionless
    • the one who can literally be on par with male lead even without martial arts
    • even male lead has to be wary of her
    • can kill without batting an eye but also good to her people
    • MOST importantly she's not shy at all shameless no emotion and poker face
    • out of all FL she took the less help from male lead and still did her revenge
    • no fear of death she can die with you as long as her goal is achieved
    • Male lead is not cold ice berg here he's a smiling tiger that's what I like about him
    • male lead is the best for me in this one sorry XJX but this male lead has even more attractive to me
    • both the lead have good chemistry even when they threaten each other it looks like a flirting kinda bickering
    • Male lead is not overbearing that's what I like the most here he want to help her but never gets in her way he doubts her but knows he has no evidence so he was very patient with her
    • even when she rejects him he didn't get angry or shout or punch here and there or forced kiss her but calmly accept and understand her as he knows that why she is like this so he understood her pain
    • just read it the side characters are also very nicely return especially male side supporters they are so funny especially duan xiaoyaun you won't feel bored also his second in command he really teased him viciously because of fl
its a revenge story where a male lead is help less not because he fall in love but because he can't find the evidence.

I like how in this story the male lead just didn't fall for her in first sight but it develop naturally from enemies to allies to their relationship

it's still ongoing but you can give it a try if you want as the chapter till now is 232 and I'm satisfied with it

their love blooms very naturally from trying to kill each other to ML can die for her



there was a moment where I really like I mean when she know that he came to her house they were in argument and she know that things can go wrong she was like lets die together even ML was shocked by her madness and warns his people to be wary of her as she's a lunatic.

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June 15, 2024
Status: c231
This has slowly become my all time favourite (BG) chinese novel. Daily updates every morning has become the one thing that I look forward the most to. The revenge sequences are devastatingly beautiful... and for a change, the male lead takes his rejections well, respects her boundaries, and maintains his distance.... I thought Xie Jing Xing would be my all time favourite male lead amongst this author's characters, but Pei Yunying leaves him miles behind.
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haruhi91 rated it
June 12, 2024
Status: c200
This is the latest novel of the author and it really shows how she has improved a lot since her earlier novels.
The writing style is less verbose, the main characters are strong but not overly so, the pace is engaging and the road to revenge is well constructed with ups and downs, very satisfying to read.
The secondary characters are well-rounded and there is genuine female friendships.

After learning of the unjust death of all her family, she devotes heart and soul to revenge. Being well aware of how the law protects the nobles and oppress, if not crush, the commoners, she doesn't waste time in trying to bring the culprits to justice.
She knows that, for the law and society, the life of a commoners is worthy nothing in comparison with the life of a noble, so she directly plans how to kill all those responsible.
The journey is not easy: she willingly put herself in increasingly risky situations to get close to her enemies, she is forced to act humbly and often endure people's contempt just because she is a commoner. The most insulting slap is when the life of a noble's dog is considered superior to her own.
She fully trusts only herself, and as much nobles look down on the lower class, as much she resents and feels disgust for the powerful. When she becomes tentative allies with the ML, she shares only bits of her plan because, among other things, she doesn't believe that the ML truly understands her determination to seek revenge. The relationship between the leads is very slow (personally the slower the better) : starting with suspicion, rudeness and sentiments of "I hope this is the last time we meet" to dubious friendship to unstoppable creeping affection.

Reading between lines, I think that the ML, coming from a poweful and influencial family, is also partially biased against the commoners. In several conversations with the MC, he fails to fully understand or he is oblivious to how much commoners struggle in having a decent life.
Of course, we could say that the MC is also biased against the nobles, thinking that anyone who is rich or powerful is a loathsome person, but considering the circumstances, she has every right to think so.

The more I think about it, the more I can't find major defects. Unless the ending will be garbage, this is the best light novel I have read this year.
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PurpleRainDew rated it
May 22, 2024
Status: c204
This is such a good novel. It's so well-written. I can see it being made into a drama. The mtl is very easy to understand. My only problem with this story is that the novel is still ongoing.


The story follows our protagonist as she takes revenge on the people who harmed her family. Our FL grew up in a loving family. She gets separated from them during her childhood and suffers years of ab*se from her teacher. The only thing that keeps her going is the thought of seeing her... more>> family again. When she finally gets the chance to reunite with her them, all she's met with is a burnt house and the news of her family's demise. It's revealed in the later chapters that she never even got the chance to say a proper goodbye to them.

I have read a lot of books on here about taking revenge, but this doesn't follow the cliche path. The FL isn't reborn or a transmigrated person, she isn't rich- she doesn't have any cheats. She uses her strengths to carefully plan and exact her revenge and it's so beautiful to read. It's inspiring truly, how she calmly faces challenges and bids for her time.


The whole situation with the Nan pharmacy was very interesting to read.


All our FL has is her medical knowledge and her maid, however she's able to make waves that extends to the court.

As I mentioned early on, this novel is well-written. It involves powerful imagery. For instance,


when the Budda statue in Lu Tong's room accidentally got knocked over, causing the jars full of soil and water to break, and Pei Yunying wached as Lu Tong desperately tried to fetch them, cutting herself in the process. I will never forget this scene. The flashback to her getting along with her family to the family becoming the mixed muddy water on the floor. It was so sad. This is the moment we saw our FL who had been unfeeling, show such vulnerability. It was understandable that Pei Yunying treated her differently after this.

What started as a fierce confrontation between our FL and ML ends on this sad note.


The author is very good. We're able to completely understand the actions the FL takes. You feel her sadness for her family's death, her despair of not being there for them, her hate for those in higher power, her insecurity that her family won't recognize her because she's turned into a mu*derer. Lu Tong is a well-written (I feel like I've used this word a lot) character. She comes off as a ruthless revenge-obsessed person but the reader gets to know her as a very fragile person, and sometimes you just want to give her a hug.


The romance is well-paced. Right from their first meeting our leads see through each other's characters. They go through so many phases - suspicions, framing, trying to kill one another to saving each other. By the time the ML begins realizing his feelings for the fl, he knows her for what she is. I actually like this a lot because the Lu Tong won't have to pretend in front of him.

From where I've gotten to, the leads are not yet together. I think there may be some conflict on the ml's side

(the queen mother, his father)

when they get together. But for now,


the ML has just realized his feelings for the fl, and she's not even thinking of romance, so we don't have to deal with that just yet.


In other novels I'd root for independent fls not needing a man. However in the case of Lu Tong, I think she needs a family. She needs someone who will help her heal and properly grieve for her family, someone who will be by her side and make her happy, someone who will make her look forward to the future. I hope our ML will be that kind of person for her.

Definitely give this novel a chance, you won't regret it. <<less
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dramamonster rated it
May 21, 2024
Status: c205
I loved the author's other novels, "Rebirth of a Star General" and "The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage", so I was excited to see a new novel from her. I read the translator's chapters 1-53, then MTL'd the rest to the latest available chapter 205.

Plot: With her family dying during an epidemic, the FL basically sold herself to a divine doctor in exchange for the doctor saving her family's lives. The divine doctor is actually a ... more>>

ruthless poison master who takes the FL away as a poison /drug test subject, leaving her alone on a mountain for long periods of time amidst piles of medical/poison books and wild animals. After the doctor dies, the FL is able to return to her family.


She discovers her family all died suspiciously, and the powerful culprits are all in the Capital. As a poor commoner new to the Capital, the FL embarks on a slow, vigilante revenge spree with her medical/poison skills and immaculate scheming, catching the attention of the ML, the Commander of the Imperial Guards.

Leads: The FL and ML are both cold, ruthless black-bellied schemers. The FL has no money, no status, no power, and no golden finger like rebirth or transmigration, but she has

poison immunity from being a poison drug tester as a child, and extensive medical/poison skills.

Oh, and they're both outstandingly beautiful.

The revenge is slower than Malicious Empress, and less magical than Star General, but I've been enjoying the medical slow burn revenge. I especially like the medical clinic supporting cast, and the lack of jealous-fighting-over-the-same-guy girl rival tropes. There are no crazed girl tropes here, other than our FL who is stone cold crazy for revenge. It reminds me of the Malicious Empress, if there were no rebirth knowledge, and the FL were a poor commoner.

I'll update this review once I the novel is completed. <<less
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Angryant2021 rated it
July 1, 2024
Status: c245
Another excellent novel from this author. Love the medical theme! I thoroughly enjoyed the translations and caught up with the end by MTL. Storyline seems cleaner than her previous novels, it was interesting to read MC's method of off-ing her opponents. Expect much less face-slapping. The romance imo is quite natural and MC is no mary sue, but she's definitely not overpowered. Highly recommend!
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Eeria rated it
July 4, 2024
Status: Completed
It’s great novel. It’s touching but also captivating. Full fledge revenge that is slowly detailed out. There is no gold finger and no rebirth. The author produced another excellent novel. The romance is slow but is like that first flower after snow.
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Nikka1735 rated it
June 28, 2024
Status: c228
Normaly I wouldn't rate highly novels where the romance is taking a back seat, but this one speaks to my heart, concentrating on family connections and consequently, revenge.

The heavy cover of inequality and low value of 'lesser' classes is woven into every chapter

... more>>

besides the obvious loss of the whole MC's immediate family the most colirful example is the situation with the main villan's dog. Dog is induced to try to slaughter MC and she almost did not survive the dog's attack, but at the end the corrupt nobility discusses whether the MC should be killed for the offence of harming the precious dog, or just kowtow to the carcuss and the dog's ownet.


I live how the villans have quite a rounded parsonality


for instance, Qi Qing as the main culprit's father is a cold blooded mu*derer of, among many other people, his own wife whom he loved dearly. She needed to be removed from the picture due to the inconvenience of her mental illness


So I heartly recommend the novel to all who like strong emotions without being cheap and strong characters. <<less
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