Demon Lord Wants to Laze


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In the wake of saving two young waif siblings, Demon Lord Alfred gets caught up in the upheavals of the world.

Demon Lord Wants to Laze average rating 3.3/5 - 24 user ratings
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Maou-sama wa daradara shitai
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New Casul_Reader rated it
April 14, 2018
Status: c10
Alrighty fellas, to those reading, this will be my personal opinion surpisingly on this novel. Yours could be completely different and thats fine, a diverse world is a good world.

To begin things, it was hard for me not to get interested at the start, it had a premise I rarely see (and enjoy) and was interested to see what it was about. It was "alright", but the chapters are too short for their own good, meaning they described too little to get a sense of the characters, whom are... more>> about as deep as a shallow puddle on a concrete floor after a morning drizzle. They were also boringly introduced, there were times where my attention lapsed in and out which made me go back and read past chapters to even remember what the characters looked like.

Now what made me furrow my brows were the scenes where the MC and co are showing off how powerful they are. In the two times that they did in 10 chapters, the POV would switch to someone else's to show off their exaggerated reactions which can, although understandable in their world, get so damn annoying with how so so many of basically the same thing gets said and repeated. The POV change could have been a nice touch, but it was poorly executed.

As for the characters themselves, about what you can expect from JP novels where the main focus is the MC taking are of a child, albeit with a rather generic harem. The relationship between the MC and the harem is unclear, which could lead to the author expanding upon it with future arcs, but seeing the quality thus far, I doubt it. As for the kids, one is a foil, one is supposedly there for the MC to react to with how "funny" she is, and the last is the one the keeps the plot moving as the MC is, as the title says, too damn lazy to do anything without the daughter providing an incentive to do so.

It was an interesting concept at first glance, the description hooked me in and made me dive in, hoping to find gold, only to be met by heaps of pyrite. But meh, try like five chapters, might be tolerable for you and you might even like it. Who knows, might get better from here chapters 11 onwards, people are able to become better if they strive hard enough.

Peace out. <<less
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