Dear, Come With Me


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Crown Prince Cael appeared before Irene, the knight abandoned by the kingdom to whom she had been loyal to all her life. He had declared to worship her, kissing the ground she walked on, for he desired to be her husband.

For a moment, Irene’s heart shook.

Will Cael be able to capture Irene’s heart?

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레이디, 함께 가실까요?
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Lemur rated it
September 30, 2022
Status: c18
It's a pretty good novel so far. Not sure why it has such a low rating. Meanwhile plenty of tr*shy garbage novels manage to get 4+ star ratings ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯


  • FL actually has an interesting and compelling personality unlike most MCs I've seen. Her toughness and resilience is admirable. But she's also not written like a robot. She has emotions, feels pain and despair just like anyone else. The author doesn't treat her like an unfeeling rock just because she's externally emotionally resilient, which makes her come across as much more realistic.
  • ML is respectful and doesn't act like a creepy, controlling rapist like way too many other MLs. He asks FL what she wants and encourages her to look out for her personal interests instead of blindly following orders that are at her own detriment.
  • The characters are pretty emotionally intelligent. For once it's nice seeing characters who don't waste 40+ chapters on s*upid misunderstandings or struggling to grasp basic human emotions.
  • The story doesn't rely too heavily on clichés. The relatively unique plot that feels pretty refreshing.

  • ML falls in love with FL too quickly for my taste. But this isn't even that big of a con because it's kind of understandable. She's basically exactly his type, and he has the self awareness to realise this, so his immediate interest in her isn't unreasonable.
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