Cultivate Your Sister


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Ever since being taken into the sect, Xing Yun found that the Xianxia world he was in seemed a little different.

From time to time, there would be disciples of the Fairy Maiden Peak racing each other in the sky on their swords, and they claimed to be a running-out-of-control tribe.

Those disciples from the Refining Peak, who were known to be refining weapons, were said to be sending satellites to the sky the day after tomorrow; it seemed like they had already sent ten satellites.

The Homebody of the Sword Peak and the Normie of the Misty Peak would fight each other every three days. Whenever the two sides had many bumps on their heads, the doctors from the Miraculous Hand Peak, who wore white coats and claimed to have mastered their healing technique, would grab them for electrotherapy. It was said that after recovery, those disciples would complain to the sect, saying that they had been used as experimental mice again.

The disciples of Formless Peak seemed to have gotten into trouble again; it seemed like someone died because of their divination. The disciples of Thousand Spirits Peak were taking their spirit beasts to grind their teeth and look for trouble along the way…

Strange events like this happened every day, even…

Are those people really cultivators?!

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theliongirl rated it
December 14, 2020
Status: v1c13 part2
As a child, Xing Yun was picked up by a peerless immortal and brought to his sect; a talent that the elders hope can revitalize their sect.

But how does it seem that these honored immortals are a bit strange...


... more>> Due to sect politics and his extremely beautiful and girly face, (and maybe some other hidden motivations...?) Xing Yun agrees to act as a girl until he becomes powerful enough to protect himself.

Xing Yun is an adult transmigrated into a child. So far he seems to be a clever and somewhat quiet person, who will stand up for himself but do the thing that benefits him the most if he sees it as reasonable, even if it means he has to act in a way not to his liking.

I found this story mostly well written and a bit interesting, but I couldn't really get into it. Maybe because I'm not in the mood, and this isn't what I usually like to read? I think I'll still keep up with the updates, and if this seems like the sort of thing you'd like I recommend giving it a try.

I did find it funny at some parts; part of the humor so far is the strange characters and these legendary elders being really disappointing, lol.

This has the tag for arranged marriage, but the only mention of that so far is for the first friend he makes, and I haven't seen any signs of anything like that for the MC.

As for trigger warnings, there are some jokes about pedophilia (for example, something like "you're so pretty I might eat you up!" "I'm six, you pedo!" "Hey, I know someone who got their first kiss at that age!") which... Isn't how I would act around a six year old, but I guess fantasy genius children get treated like they're adults. ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ If you can ignore or don't mind that type of humor, it's an interesting story. <<less
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DeadOpossum rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: V3c12
I wouldn't expect that I liked a trap-themed novel, but this one is a comedy and not gay at all.

It is just a collection of jokes, there is no huge plot or a big idea (for now?) But it is SO FUN. I especially like that the protagonist is pretty smart and decisive, he is not only getting pushed around like protagonists in other comedies.

The beginning is split into miniscule parts that makes it very hard to read, especially with text-to-speech, but later it becomes better. (You can switch to... more>> Patreon, it does not have this issue.)

Unfortunately, the translator dropped the project, please pick it up, somebody! :) <<less
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Seregosa rated it
August 21, 2022
Status: v3c9
If I had to summarize this novel in one word it would be "spontaneous". We start out with this protagonist who was seeminly transmigrated and then as a little baby thrown behind a cliff in the sect to fend for himself for 6 years until he could climb the cliff. Then he's suddenly told to crossdress for some questionable reasons, and he just happens to be more beautiful and cute than the cutest of women, his cultivation technique makes him pretty much keep such a shape it seems. So, whatever,... more>> sudden time skip, sudden cultivation base and nothing explained, ever. It's less that the author is keeping us in the dark because he has some masterplan and more that he has no plan in the first place so what is there to explain, right?

It's kind of fun to see the protagonist living as a trap and his ungodly skill at it, seemingly getting more and more into it. Almost every single important character in the sect have more than a few screws loose. It's really not like a normal cultivation sect, the way they're running it isn't either. Now that I think back on it, during all these chapters, nothing much has happened. I still found it kinda interesting to read which is why I paid a few bucks to read all of the translated chapters on patreon up til where the translator dropped it for being senseless. I never felt bored but I rarely felt any real excitement and didn't laugh much. I felt it was worth it as a time waster but it was ultimately pretty forgettable.

A bit more about the "style" in this novel. This novel is kind of special. It has been completely random and lacking in both logic and sense since the start. It feels like the author is just stringing up chapter after chapter without proper structure, jumping from one place to another. We don't know anything about ANY of the cultivation realms, we just know the names. We don't even know much about the characters or environment or sects or well... anything. It's lacking in information and there are so many question marks. I still found it kinda fun to read, but it really lacks depth and anything that would make me remember it. It's hard to sympathize or care about the characters as well, they all feel kind of empty, even the protagonist, like mere dolls acting out a play by some marionettist/puppeteer. This felt a bit like an episodic anime or perhaps something like south park or family guy, it doesn't make much sense and nothing is explained but still easy to read since there's nothing to piss you off or think about either, just that unlike family guy/south park this isn't that funny. Oh, please rest assured that he's not even slightly interested in guys, it's more of a gag than anything.

I'm kinda amazed that so many chapters in, I barely know who the protagonist is in terms of personality and goals, the amount of exposition he gets is pretty much the same as a typical side character. It also feels like his personality is a bit all over the place. The rest of the cast tend to act more in line with their original personalities. It's also amazing that even after so many chapters, the readers still haven't received any clear table of cultivation realms. There's the qi condensation realm, followed by foundation and then... Is it a void core? Or golden core? No one knows for sure, I think it's a void core from the hints. How many realms are there until the realm right before the so-called immortal realm, which is the realm of most of the supreme elders here. There seems to be little order. Also, how powerful are these people? No real clue but for some reason the protagonist can put up a fight or even defeat people 2 realms above him, and even defend himself against some 3 realms above him. But I wouldn't know because I'm not sure exactly how many realms they were above him. The author also contradicts himself, like he should be the size of a 5 year old despite being 9 years due to a pill he took and his cultivation technique, but later on he's supposedly as tall as a 9 year old?

I really can't give this novel more than 3/5, the reason it was dropped was because it's "senseless" and I couldn't agree more, I don't think I've ever seen an author that so completely skips over EVERYTHING that takes a little bit of thinking. Things just happen when and how he wills it with no prior explanations, because nothing is explained, almost everything can be changed on a spur of the moment and it just doesn't feel real. Still, that's also something that makes it easy to read as there's nothing to be annoyed or irked about, it just is, similar to stuff like south park, family guy or random single strip comics with 4 panels and one gag. So, is it worth your time? I honestly don't know, but I found it fun enough to read for 2 days and pay a few bucks, maybe try a few chapters? If you like it, you will like it pretty much from the first few chapters, nothing will change later on. Sadly that also includes the jokes, many of which are repeated plenty of times, I think that alone would make me drop this but there weren't enough chapters to make me care much about that just yet. <<less
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