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Resentment arises from the souls of dead people, and everyone has it, so it’s not too unusual.

But those who have strong resentment after death and have not dissipated will lose the way to reincarnation. Wandering in the world day after day, waiting for that great savior who can resolve their resentment.

“As I said, death is an important node that cannot be crossed.” Lu Shen’s expression was light. “So sorry, I can only penetrate into the resentment of the dead.”

Behind each resentment copy, there is a different life.

According to rumors, the gate of the No.4 Middle School is facing the crematorium’s closed door, and the haunting rate and enrollment rate are the highest in the city.

Students from as far as 800 miles away were afraid of such a well-known magical institution, but with the arrival of an equally magical transfer student, a delicate balance had been upset—

The strange things that happen every night of the full moon, the strange and rigid school motto, the old cases left more than ten years ago… What is the source and truth behind all these supernatural events?

“It doesn’t matter what it is,” said Bian Shengjian, frowning, “just tell me, what exactly are you?”

Lu Shen was silent for a while, then raised his head and stared at him: “First, I’m not a thing.”

“Second,” Lu Shen said with a sudden smile and a very gentle tone: “If I said I was a ghost, would you believe it?”

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September 26, 2022
Status: c23
Before anything else, the translators doing a great job so no worries there.

I've only read to ch 23 so that's all I can speak for but its surprisingly cute actually? Like maybe I just tend towards full on horror usually but at least so far its much more of a slice of life, campus, coming of age story than an action or scary or anything. Everything "supernatural" so far has been well within the bounds of unlikely coincidence not that I'm complaining, its given the characters time to breathe as... more>> people and its quite nice to have time to build suspense. I've been enjoying it a lot though it really does feel like the quiet before the storm.

MC is a very endearing grumpy hedgehog with a lot of unresolved anger but no actual malice and ML is a mysterious ghostly presence who's.. Actually just like a nice fairly-well adjusted teenager? Their dynamic is much more rooted in down to earth slice of life romance than their character settings would imply. Which is nice, like, at this point even if this was just a non supernatural coming of age danmei id probably still read it just for these two fairly average boys healing each others trauma. But its not, and frankly I wait with bated breath for all the hinted at supernatural sh*t to hit the fan. <<less
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Shrike1978 rated it
September 10, 2023
Status: Completed
I really don't know why this delightful little story hasn't gotten more attention.

While it does have supernatural, mystery and horror elements, the core of the story is the resolution of people's (and ghosts') regrets. Giving them a chance to do the one thing they regretted missing before they died. I found the individual ghosts' stories quite compelling along with their sometimes simple, sometimes complicated resolutions.

Not only that but it's a healing journey for the MC and ML both. When you first meet the MC you think he's just a fairly... more>> typical high school rebel who wants his band not to study, but then as things unfold you find out about the deep pain and insecurity that are tormenting him, also his genuine kindness. Also when he gets together with the ML they have some surprisingly adult conversations about the importance of communication and sharing between lovers, even if its ugly things from the past, or a tendency to act alone at important moments.

If the MC and ML weren't well written and acted against their character to push the plot this story wouldn't work because their interactions are the core of the story. The extras were all well related to the main story and there was even one surprise side cp show up that was very lovely to get.

Really recommend this story! <<less
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Qiaoyishanren rated it
December 9, 2023
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.7

This is a good story between a Envoy and a rebellious student, to be honest, I suggest that if you're planning to read this, you must take your time reading this, don't rush. There might things that could render you speechless like how dark other people's bones or how dark society could be, those things wether we like it or not probably happened to other people or even to the strangers we see outside, we're all just passerby, trying to push ourselves to have a good life despite of... more>> everything we're going through everyday. So it's fine. Have fun reading it.
at least this story have a happy ending. <<less
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March 20, 2023
Status: c65
Oh boy, what to say about this. At first it kind of reminded me of a Wu Zhe novel. MC is impulsive, likes fighting, curses a lot... He and the ML joke around a lot and are, as the tags indicate, a reversible couple. It's about their friends, their school life... Except for some creepy scenes at night and ... more>>

when MC and ML go back to the past to save some ghosts

, it does not feel like a supernatural novel, or a horror novel.

But. ML is also

a ghost? Or more specifically: he is dead and a spirit envoy with a clear deadline.


Which makes everything mysterious, but also full of tension and you are aware something sad is going to happen. I'm at chapter 65 now and

ML is starting to fade?


The first chapters might be hard to get into but after that it becomes a really interesting read. <<less
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