Consort Shu


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Wearing the identity of the legitimate eldest daughter of the Shen family, she entered the palace and was immediately bestowed the title of first rank Consort Shu, just one step away from the position of Empress. However, Shen Moyun said that this “one step” took her a full twenty-five years.

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Bruhathi reddy
Bruhathi reddy rated it
December 22, 2023
Status: Completed
This is the first comment under this novel, If anyone is wondering on whether to start it, its worth a shot. But not if you don't like harem.

What really kept me going is the MC and her tactics. She is not too OP considering how a typical MC in ancient chinese novels are. She is just a modern girl with modern mindset, but adapting to the ancient customs. ML is a emperor, he basically has a harem of maybe 15 women. He keeps on favoring and accepting concubines through out... more>> his reign. But at the mid novel I really felt this is how our ancestors were, and he should do this to keep the court balanced. Regardless of how many kids and concubine he had, he really liked MC which he didn't show in this novel and he never wronged her. But our MC treats him as her babies father. (Which is acceptable bcoz we don't share husband r8) she likes him too, but that never surpassed her children. But the end

I did cry a little, on how he is dead. He asked her to be buried with him after her death, but being 21st cent lady, she didn't accept saying Born in same quilt does not necessarily mean to die in same pit



When he was asking her about burying together after her death, he held her hands and asked, how did I treat you, would you like to be buried with me after your death, when she said no and gave her reason he slowly let go of her hand and then his last breath


things I liked in this novel

  • not overbearing characters
  • Not too OP characters (ML and MC)
  • This story depicted the slice of life of a lady who got accepted into harem, favored, pregnancy, tricks, children and their marriages, and ends

    with his death

<Ignore my grammer and spellings> <<less
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Kassandra rated it
June 17, 2024
Status: Completed
I read this novel expecting no romance as I just want to read an ancient life in the palace without those true love. Unexpectedly, though, I can't help but tear up at the end. It is a suitable ending, though.

For the general plot, this is about how Shen Moyun tried to survive in the palace as someone not expecting to enter the harem. She is a rational person; she knows that feelings are useless in the palace, so she threw that out of the window before she even entered the... more>> palace.

In the plot, there are peaceful times and really nerve-racking times. The children are a cute addition to the plot.

The ending isn't bad, but I do think the situation escalated quickly as there's still some loose ends. I also think that some plots are abandoned, and now I'm just a sus potato.

Overall, I quite like it. It showed her journey, struggles, conflicts, feelings, etc. I love novels like this so I'll probably find more in the near future.


I really thought the author would expand more on the children's romance, but it's just brief scenes. I even shipped two of the children with other people

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