Commoner White Mage


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It is a transcendent who uses magic to fight, protect, and save.

However, in the world of wizards, talent speaks for itself. The long history of magic has picked up only talented clans, and now the only wizards are aristocrats.

That is common sense here in Manalil.

At the Beralt Magic Academy, one of Manalil’s leading educational institutions, the eggs of excellent wizards are gathering again this year.

Yes, except for one person.

A simple boy who gets a lot of looks.

A country bumpkin who has nothing to do with the glittering world.

There was the only commoner at the academy.

“I want to be a mage .”

The story of a peasant who wants to be a mage and fulfill his dream is about to begin.

Associated Names
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Shiro no Heimin Mahoutsukai: Muzokusei no Itanji
白の平民魔法使い (WN)
白の平民魔法使い ~無属性の異端児~ (LN)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
09/03/21 DL Scanlations v1c13 part2
09/01/21 DL Scanlations v1c13 part1
08/30/21 DL Scanlations v1c12 part2
08/28/21 DL Scanlations v1c12 part1
08/27/21 DL Scanlations interlude
08/26/21 DL Scanlations v1c11 part2
08/24/21 DL Scanlations v1c11 part1
08/23/21 DL Scanlations v1c10 part2
08/22/21 DL Scanlations v1c10 part1
08/21/21 DL Scanlations v1c9 part2
08/19/21 DL Scanlations v1c9 part1
08/18/21 DL Scanlations v1c8 part2
08/16/21 DL Scanlations v1c8 part1
08/16/21 DL Scanlations v1c7 part2
08/15/21 DL Scanlations v1c7 part1
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