Children of the Holy Emperor


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Lee Seongjin, the strongest hunter who defeated the demon king.
He possessed the body of the pig tr*sh Third Prince, the Holy Imperial Family’s shame.

But the members of this family… there’s something strange about them?

‘Overpowered’ Holy Emperor.
‘Regressor’ First Princess.
‘Player’ First Prince.

Lots of trouble and lots of words
The story of the Holy Emperor and his children.

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성황의 아이들
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19 Reviews

Felia Cia
New Felia Cia
Jun 17, 2024
Status: c200
This is very good, I really like the story.

Each character feels alive and has their own personality. Then, I like the holy emperor the most, he is the best father who loves his children so much.

A story that may be difficult to understand at first because there are many unfamiliar concepts, but after reading further, the unfamiliar concepts became clear and made sense

The best thing is the family plot and the love between family members which makes me moved and miss it. It was rare to find a father figure... more>> as caring as the holy emperor.

He took his very busy time as emperor to listen to his children's ramblings and give them room for growth. He does not restrict the movements of his children, fully supports them, but he also worries about them in his own way. Whenever anyone threatens his children, he will always be there to protect them. <<less
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New cikii
Jun 03, 2024
Status: c472
This is the novel that I hold closest to my heart. Out of every novel that I have ever read throughout my life, this is probably the story that I could recite word to word due to the amount of time I've reread it. I wish I could erase my memory or go back in time just to be able to read this story for the first time again.

I guarantee it to be an enjoyable read. You can tell that the author put a lot of work when planning this... more>> story based on how they eventually paint the big picture throughout the chapters. A quote that you didn't think was important in the earlier chapters was actually connected to the plot shown on the later chapters. <<less
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May 03, 2023
Status: c33
Good series with interesting character development and interaction and many comedy moment. Especially recommended if you like the main stream protagonist as this series actually present most of them and in an engaging and emerging way. There are multiple POV and different "protagonist type" characters so its worth a try even if you don't like a specific character style because it will soon change to a different one. A good novel to read if you have some time to burn and want something without too much thinking.
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Sep 04, 2023
Status: c60
How does this not have more reviews? It's super good! Plot is very refreshing, with a cute doting father. Holy Emperor is the GOAT. He's my favorite character not MC lol. MC is also very interesting, I just find the parenting struggles of an OP father vs weird kids really cute xD

So far, the plot is around MC still discovering the new world around him and developing relationships. The pacing is nice. It doesn't feel slow or too fast. Characters is the main selling point. Holy Emperor and MC aside,... more>> the Demon King is also something else, a cute sidekick lol (not a spoiler, he's sidekick as early as 2 or 3 chapters in?)

Overall, I'd highly recommend this novel. It's action and family wholesomeness so far, every chapter is worth it. Thank you to author and all the translators! <<less
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Jan 20, 2024
Status: C69
I love it! I finally found again a no romance but familial love Fantasy novel here. If you love tcf or orv, I guess you will like this novel. Devine and magic thing, monster, demon, system or dimension. All mix here. Amazing plot, multi pov character, but it won't make you dizzy like you read the White hair chuu nibyo noble Guy novel (if you know). It's so clear how's going on from other side. Every character have their own personality, I love that author effort.

It's about Naughty Children of... more>> the Emperor? The MC is the most trouble Maker son, in a good way for his father I guess. Every Emperor's Children is problematic in weird sense. A System Player, returnee, Reincarnator, transmigrator, psychic saintess, medium twin/chaneller, and soul eater (I guess?). What a chaotic Gene daddy holy Emperor pass on his Children. But I still like you the most his Majestic, dad nate.


Here you can find a cool dad but still pay attention about his parenting style. Holy Emperor is a GOAT in that world, but not a god. This novel show you how struggle his majesty to maintain the World and protect the Children but even with that huge power, he can't control what will happens because of the sackled and agreement limit him. And then his favorite son the MC, even he kicking here and there make a trouble but somehow manage to troubleshooting the disaster. So, Holy dad sweep the floor for him. That's how the story is going on.


I love the father son relationship, and how the siblings interaction here. How mentor like father try to make deeptalk session, how every Children little by little open their heart, and I love how the MC see his dad as a regular human dad. Like, that's why Holy Emperor love him the most. <<less
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Jan 04, 2024
Status: c133
Great read! Quite like the MC here, he's being perceived as a troublemaker around him but from his pov, I really don't think so and that's what makes it funny. It has multiple pov but so far the storyline revolves around Seongjin or Third Prince Morres as he discovers the world around him and finds the mysteries of his identity.

Doting lord father emperor who can only cleans up the mess of the MC lol

EMPEROR to MC: *facepalms*

One of the best things in this novel are the characters, from the MC,... more>> the emperor and his siblings. Not only that, it's pretty refreshing to see a novel wherein all the side characters have personalities, from the knights, butlers, maids and more. They all have distinct personalities.

    • 1st Prince Owen: Has system
    • 2nd Prince Logan: Reincarnator (Heroic knight reincarnated to the "enemy" empire prince)
    • 1st Princess Amelia: Regressor (came back from the past for revenge)
    • 3rd Prince Morres: MC (more evidences shows as a returnee)
    • 4th Prince Gades: twin brother astral soul projection
    • 5th Princess Herna: twin sister astral soul projection
    • 6th Princess Cecily: Saintess (possesses a book that says the "future" & has precognitive dreams)
    • 7th: not sure
    • 8th Prince: soul devourer (?)
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Apr 25, 2024
Status: c150
What I love so much about this story even though it has the typical transmigration into scum plot, is that the father Nate, aka the Father Emperor, genuinely loves his children. He has that typical emotionless outward appearance + overpowered (think Claude from Who made me a Princess) that typical fathers in these scum novels seem to have but the difference is that it's not some cool facade that he puts on and underneath that is a caring father who actually loves his child deep down but isn't sure how... more>> to show it because he's emotionally constipated. The emotionlessness is just his genuine personality, and despite that everyone can tell he loves his children. He puts aside time for them every week in his busy schedule, listens to their rambling (such as the MCs and the 1st sister who spoke about flowers and dresses) protects them when they're in danger, gets angry when a demon threatens MC, and most of all he doesn't expect things from them in exchange for his love. What I mean by this is that they don't have to be talented or smart for him to pay attention to them. Like the the case of Morres, the MC, usually with scum characters, the family will treat them a certain way because of their scuminess, especially the parents, but with Nate he still loved his scum son, took care of him, scheduled visits with him (that Morres avoided) and doesnt think of him with shame, annoyance, dislike ect. It's more of a "ah, my children are all so cute and strange. I cant understand them but I really wish I did" feeling.

When younger Nate was told that the world would be invaded by demons, he didnt really care since he'd die in a few years anyway, but the moment he found out he had children he immediately changed his attitude about it. Nate : "A world without the children he had already met was now an unthinkable concept for him." *Uwuwuwuw!*


As for the children, there's

1st Prince Owen: Has a Game System

2nd Prince Logan: Reincarnator of a famous enemy knight

1st Princess Amelia : Regressed to current time after dying in the future

3rd Prince Moress (the MC) : transmigration (which might not actually be a transmigration)

4th Prince and 2nd Princess: a pair of twins who can project their souls??

3rd Princess Sisle : has dreams of the future

5th Prince Kaien : a soul devourer. (He doesnt live at the palace and hes so full of hate that I think he might reappear in the future as a mini villain)

The second thing I love about this novel is that all of the children don't have these typical novel tropes assigned to them just so the author can say he has all of them. It actually seems like these abilities tie in with the bigger mystery of what the hell is happening. Let me explain:

MAJOR SPOILERS : so I think Moress might actually be the real Moress, rather than a transmigrator, a fact that Father Emperor (who can see souls) literally reinforces by calling Moress "my son". Rather than his memories being forgotten, I think theres some wacky time travel shenanigans involved because the latest translated chapters (around 140-150) reveals that Moress is an Oracle - a gift he gets from Father's clan who is also an Oracle. They can see the future, or live through it??? So I think Father passed his abilities onto his children, specifically Amelia, Logan, Sisle, and Moress. And all their abilities are actually past/future events that they "lived" through or "saw" through these Oracle powers.

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Feb 04, 2024
Status: c114
Got recommend on tiktok and I was mildly curious.. Turn out the story are amazing!
There are few twist and turn that make me want to read more! Also this novel includes all the following troupe, from game-like element, reincarnator, regressor, saintess, etc
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Sep 07, 2023
Status: c59
Fun read. The perspective changes can be jarring and some things are unclear, but that's because the MC is still learning. I enjoy the family relationships and look forward to learning more about his siblings that haven't been introduced yet.
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Oct 05, 2023
Status: --
Love it, I love mc's op (god-tier) dad and his and siblings shenanigans in the novel. MC himself is also interesting and the world-building is impressive. Looks like they're fighting against other dimensions gods which is also cool. Looking forward to seeing more~
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Apr 11, 2024
Status: c90
I haven't gotten that far into the novel but so far it's really good. I really love the family dynamic and in particular his father: this man is by far one of the best fathers because he takes all his children's concerns seriously and he doesn't neglect them either despite being the emperor. I will say though that the whole family is OP so if you're not into that then this books might not be for you.
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May 11, 2024
Status: c465
I don't know how to fully express my feelings about this novel since English is not my mother language. Anyway, I highly recommend CHE if you want a fantasy novel that focuses mostly on mystery and familial love. It shares the same genre as TCF and ORV, so I think you would like it if you are a fan of these novels.
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Cat with hat
Cat with hat
Mar 21, 2024
Status: c133
I'm addicted, I have never seen a father so loving, boundary respecting and absolutely competent. On top of that the sibling relationships are so wholesome!

If you like family fluff this is for you!

Other highlights of this book that may interest you are;

  • No romance
  • Character growth
  • Gender equality
  • Siblings who act like siblings
  • Fleshed out characters with unique backgrounds
  • Unique worldbuilding
  • BAMF/prodigy MC
  • Sly/manipulative MC
  • Humorous misunderstandings
I can't put how much this book has me hooked into words so I can only use my limited vocabulary to list some factors I think make the story great (to me at... more>> least) orz

The only possible con for this story may be that if you aren't used to multiple POVs this novel might trip you up. You'll get used to it but it's gonna take some time, just bear with it a while <<less
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Jan 11, 2024
Status: c428
The plot development is amazing, from character development to world building, not a single event is wasted in this novel, everything has cause and effect, especially for our Oracle Mores. Don't be impatient, everything will be told in due time. Their families one by one will become the main plot of the story which makes this novel even more enjoyable. It doesn't just focus on the MC like other novels. There are several plot twists that are quite surprising. There are also situations that are truly heartwarming, especially when Mores... more>> is with his family. Really sweet! Reading this novel is a valuable precious! <<less
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Dec 07, 2023
Status: c81
4.5 stars

its good and all but there are two issues I have with this story.

  1. at some point, the characters' personalities switch, while still interesting personalities the difference is stark, for example, the emperor becoming indifferent, the MC losing his slightly tristed eye for an eye gimmick or the princess just becoming a regular fantasy girl seemingly forgetting about her revenge.
  2. the other siblings are barely featured in the story, except for the 8th prince who in my opinion didn't deserve 8 chapters of coverage when we barely got to see the already mentioned/established siblings, hell the 1st prince is only talked about a little and the 2nd prince and 1st princess are only mentioned once so far.
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Mar 31, 2024
Status: c140
This novel's genre is actually a fusion of possession, regression, action-fantasy and game-like-system player.

The plot is interesting. So to say, I don't have any expectations when I read it but got caught up in the latest chapter. It is very different, from the way not everything is all about the MC. I feel like it's actually more of the struggle of the OP Nate (the holy emperor & the father of MC) with his very unique children. The world-building is actually vast, the characters are all someone you will build... more>> connection with.

For those who like family centered story, filled with action-packed and humourous misunderstanding - this will satisfy your palate.

I still think Nate is the MVP of this story. He truly embodies the OP MC in every isekai and rpg story, you'll know what I mean when you read it. Tbh, I wanted to apply to be one of his child though all his children are really different from the norm (a regressor, a player, a possessor).

Also, for those who preferred story with no romance as much as possible, this is one of those gems.

Definitely recommended. <<less
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Feb 16, 2024
Status: --
Early review, only read 40+ chapters at the moment. The premise of the story is really interesting. The holy emperor, the OP MC. First Princess, regressor, the template of the FMC you read where the FMC was abused and not treated right that come back for revenge. The first prince, a player, based on the early chapter should be the usual gaming element and have a status window but did not have a spotlight right now. Lastly, the third prince, the transmigrator, also has the demon king with him and... more>> I assumed the main MC (even if the tag has multiple protags).

The problem I have with this story is the changing of POV and the story. One time you are on the right and it's not even finished and you notice you are already on the left. Something like that. The story is the accumulation of all the MC templates the author has many important characters that need to be established at the start. It's like a jack of all trades master of none. Too long for an introduction but too short to establish a liking for a character.

It's a challenging story but then again I'm under 50 chapters so maybe it's well-developed later in the story. <<less
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Instant Cup Noodle
Instant Cup
Mar 31, 2024
Status: c140
Its unique, it is fun reading. While it has its flaws, its still amazing. Only thing thats lacking personally is the fact MC is to reliant and sometimes a musclehead. But fortunately, its overshadowed by the intriguing plot.
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Mar 03, 2024
Status: c115
Good to read.

The novel is promising and interesting. The relationship between characters and the scenes in the story. Love interaction between Klein and Nate.
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