Caught in My Own Trap


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The furthest you can be with someone, is not when you are unable to be by their side, but when one harbors an unknown one-sided love.

Even while you are by my side, I fail to realize that I love you.

And, even though we are this close, one must go left, and the other right.

Many years ago, Zheng Xie vowed, “If I am to have any other thoughts about He He, than let me be struck by thunder!”

He firmly believed that rationality is much stronger than emotions.

Many years later, in ways that he had never expected, he was struck by thunders and earthquakes.

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Zuo Jian Zi Fu
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dysry rated it
July 28, 2016
Status: --
Zheng Xie and He He are childhood friends who've spent so long together they haven't realized they're in love. Over the course of the story, they rope several other people into their weird relationship, either to prove they have no feelings for each other (female lead) or because they're too dense and emotionally stunted to know any better (male lead). It's one of those romances where two people who are 'perfect' together keep missing each other, frustrating the readers into reading more.

Unfortunately this series fails to meet expectations on the... more>> simple premise that they really don't make a couple that people want to cheer on or become emotionally invested in. The female lead is meant to be cute and bright, with a weird appeal for older or alpha males, and the author portrays her as childish and simple to meet these requirements. While the male lead is meant to be cool and restrained... to the point that he's a block of wood, but for some reason women just keep coming to him.

Consequently, when the two leads interact, rather than a loving couple, I picture an extremely dull man babysitting a friend's kid. <<less
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nixxara rated it
December 28, 2016
Status: special pt 4
Most frustrating thing on this planet.

I don't feel the love between the characters at all.

The male MC is a little cold. Maybe it's because they were childhood friends and he doesn't need to be impressed by anything but should he find at least one of the female mc's traits endearing. He's like a robot, just there taking care of her and the author claiming they love each other. There's no sweetness from the beginnings of love.

The female MC is supposed to be pure, cool, and composed. She looks that way... more>> but around the male MC, she's a spoiled brat. When things don't go her way, she throws tantrums and cries. She grabs onto the male MC when he's pulling away and continues to latch onto him. It's so annoying to see someone rely on the other person when that other person doesn't like/want it. I wish she would have more dignity and go abroad to start a new life.

The one thing this novel does right is making the readers feel emotional. Emotional in a bad way. The majority of the time, I'm praying and wishing upon a star that the main female character will get hit by a car, or jump off a staircase and lose her memories, or even move to another country away from the male MC to find a better man.

They keep going around in circles and it makes me feel so angry. When everything is good, one of them becomes stubborn and does childish things like ignoring the other person, or throwing tantrums, crying, etc. Where is the sweetness of love? Where is the care, where is maturity? You can't find it in this book, so please look elsewhere.

The relationship feels forced and just plain boring. I feel no twinges in my heart, no oohs or awws. The relationships mc's have with other people just make you want to tear your hair out. Enough is enough. They literally spend 80% of the book apart and still confused about their relationship. If it's this complicated, I'll rather they just let everything go and find other people. Sooner or later, this type of tug-of-war will be the only exciting thing in regards to their relationship.

Crappy ending too. Would NOT recommend. <<less
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j48 rated it
October 26, 2016
Status: c13 part2
I found the main characters average, and flat. Even after they realized their feelings for each other, their tantics (mainly the female's) were too childish and annoying. The story lacked actual progress of their romance after they got together and was just empty. I enjoyed the begining, but by the middle it got dragged on about nonsesnse, that was due to childish and cowardly actions from both parties. I finished it, but it could have a better plot development.
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Bib rated it
April 4, 2016
Status: --
Why is it just a 3 star rating? I give it a full 5/5. Although the story starts out as vague as to how the 2 main characters met but the story eventually reveals their relationship and how slowly they realize their feelings for each other to the point that it's almost frustrating. It's a good read.
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RannSy rated it
July 23, 2017
Status: epilogue 3 part33
I was supposed to make it 5 star but I was hoping that the other epilogue's were continuation of life after marriage of HH and ZX. Anyways, it was a really good read. Other readers may need to have patience reading this because this one is really a slowly paced type. And the two leads had their own relationships before getting together and that took almost 80% of the story. But then again, without the two other supporting characters (they are actually nice and understanding that I feel pity for... more>> them when they broke up with the two leads.) , HH and ZX wouldn't be able to know each other's feelings and get together. It was a rough road for the leads but everything was worth it for their happy ending! Yay!

P.S. After reading the specials, ZX is turned on during HH's short hair period. I mean, he's tossing her around everywhere. Pfft! It was really funny and cute HAHAHAHA <<less
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bakanishi04 rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: epilogue 3 part33
This relationship was not healthy in any way. I had hoped to see it mended along the way, but it just magically fixes all superficial problems in one chapter, and suddenly they're good again. They may not fight anymore, but realistically, we all know the deep-seated issues between the two that were in chapter 1 remained in chapter 30 (the last chapter before the epilogue chapters begin).
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ViraVera rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: Completed
I forced myself to finish reading this novel because I wanted to know how the main relationship would turn out. However, I found the story boring. I just did not like the people in the story much. The supporting characters and events were fine, but they did not make up for the MCs. Even when there were characters that got together, I personally did not enjoy the development of their relationships.

I wanted to read more about their modern setting, (transportation, work, fun), but the setting details were minimal (they... more>> used trains and taxis, sometimes they went shopping, or worked in an office, etc). <<less
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maiha-sama rated it
May 30, 2017
Status: Completed
Oh dear what did I just read. One of the most frustrating relationships ever! This is a story of a wooden man and a juvenile, willful girl who supposedly loved each other since childhood but did not realize it for years. The male lead is one of the most uni-dimensional, cowardly characters I've come across. He is scared to go forward, scared to go back and confused AF about his relationships. The FL is just plain stupid. She claims to be all grown up, a different woman from the one... more>> in the ML's head but whenever she is upset with him, she becomes clingy, throws tantrums and uses terrible seduction techniques to get his attention. One time she goes as far as injuring herself just to have him look at her. Why?

It felt like the novel just skimmed through the surface of it's characters emotions and was content just doing that. I felt nothing for them. The only character that evoked some sympathy was the lawyer lady - the collateral damage. She was the only decent character in a sea of shallow ones.

The 'romance' between the leads was as cold as the ML's expressions. I never felt their love.

I still feel that if the 'incident' had not happened, the ML would have chosen to marry the lawyer. During the bits running up to the wedding he kept reminiscing about He He's habits etc. I thought this would help him realize he loved her as more than just a sibling. Alas. He doesn't explain what made him change his mind, why he decided to take this route, nothing. Does he love her? Or is it just more comfortable to have her around. They're very different things. To choose to remain with her just out of feelings of guilt or because he missed her presence, its unfair to both him and her. To me it just looked like he was doing his duty in exchange for doing the deed.


Even the supposed happy ending did not salvage this confused mess. <<less
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