Union Of Enemies


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Zhen Lang and Gu Jing have been childhood enemies for over twenty years and pretend best friends in front of their parents. Zhen Lang and Gu Jing’s source of happiness is defaming their enemy (each other) at every opportunity, dreading the day their parents’ match-making dream comes true.

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Yuan Jia Yi Jie Bu Yi Jie
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New blazikens rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: --
I read like 10 chapters or so before I had to drop this.

While the FL's personality isn't my favorite type, I thought it was okay and I enjoyed that at least she was confident and able to hold her own and even talented at photography.

But all of that comes crashing down in front of the ML. Like the FL isn't really dumb but just too straightforward. Thus, she can't really deal with the ML's manipulation. Like... it was so creepy.

At every instance, the ML was manipulating her. Even when they... more>> were kids, he stopped her from following her dreams (because she'd end looking like a guy or something, wtf???). It was just disgusting, especially since the FL wasn't aware until what felt like years later.

Anyway, wouldn't recommend this. Sadly it is one of my favorite tropes, childhood friends falling in love, but the ML was too creepy and manipulative. <<less
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vintaege rated it
December 20, 2017
Status: Completed
I never thought my first time writing a review would be because a story annoyed me too much. So many people say that this story is fluffy and the whatnot, and normally, I would agree. I don't tend to think too deeply about the logic and reasoning behind a story, so I'm easily pleased.

I absolutely hated the ML in this story though. He wasn't a rapist or a two-timer, he was f*cking manipulative. My first impression of the MC was that she was a strong and independent woman, but that... more>> impression went crashing. It felt like the ML simply forced all of his love on her, and she was just too weak to resist. <<less
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urbanscrappy rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: Completed
I found this story really annoying. The ML was manipulative to the nth degree and it really put me off. The FL was really dumb and was like a puppet in his hands.

The thing that sealed the deal for me was that


the ML has a martial arts expert and even stronger than the FL. Why was that necessary? Why couldn't she protect him without the author ramming his superiority down our throats?


The writing and translation were good but that was it.
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Kerbasi rated it
February 18, 2016
Status: --
Adorable novel! I swear, novels like these skyrocket my standards for men. Why aren't guys like Zhen Lang?! 😭 Great read though! MC is a muscle head and leading guy is just the sweetest guy ever!
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dysry rated it
March 12, 2016
Status: --
A cute romance where the dedicated and caring male lead Zhen Lang slowly woos his childhood sweetheart, the dense and fiery female lead Gu Jing, although they’re at odds due to misunderstandings in their past. However ZL’s dedication is clearly shown through his actions... but less so through his words.

There’s not much of a plot, aside from the male lead shadowing the female lead throughout her dates and adventures while the two bicker and tease each other. Slowing improving her impression of him, but also manipulating her to further... more>> their relationship.

While there’s no obvious declarations of love, or heartfelt discussions between the two, there’s no doubt that the feelings are genuine and they clearly care for each other – although the female lead is a little slow. Her personality is also quite likeable.

There were a few loose ends when the story ended though


like who hired the thugs that attacked them and would’ve liked for them to interact with their parents after they find out about their marriage

but the ultimate objective of romance is for the couple to end up together so anything else is secondary.

Overall the story was sweet, funny and enjoyable. 8/10 <<less
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Jaslynn rated it
January 20, 2016
Status: --
I Love it. Cute, Funny, and a bit crazy. Sometimes the MC drives me crazy her attitude and personality. She's adorable, funny, naive, childish and a blockhead.
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Moraxella rated it
May 26, 2017
Status: side story 7
It is cute and fluffy, and I don't know if it's just me, but I think the buildup was not enough because of the Female MC's antics are too ridiculous and over the top. That sort of takes away some of the impact of the scenes and makes her caring for the guy seem kinda ooc instead of appearing like she gradually recognizes her feelings. I find it kinda anticlimactic and the ending just sort of cuts off. 6/10 because Happy End + good enough to pass the time, but... more>> leaves you unsatisfied in the end. <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: side story 7
I really liked this story! &Lt;3

Its about 2 childhood friends who (secretly) like each other and enjoy each other's company while being rivals

The ML tricked the MC into protecting him since she practises martial arts but it turns out he does too :3

Their parents are very supportive (since they are best friends) and super funny

I would deffinatly recomend this <3
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pinkumilkuu rated it
October 18, 2019
Status: Completed
Cute short read. It was a no-brainer romcom story. Our MC is the usual tsundere that tries to solves things with her fist and our ML is the typical partner that seemingly yields to MC but is manipulative as hell. I like this story, not the best but still okay.
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DOHere rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: c30
The Female Lead is too shameless, has a bad temper, is violent, lying, scheming, s*upid, all brawn and no brains, what's to like about her...I seriously can't think of a single good point.
I can't anymore. That psychopath of a woman tr*shed all rooms in his house, breaking tv's, tables, chairs, everything because she believed he did sth he didn't do. And that masochist actually felt lucky she didn't physically assault him as well. What's wrong with the author and the readers?
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sharlnina rated it
June 11, 2017
Status: Completed
Haha. This is such a cute novel. Perfect couple. 💕 Perfect ending. It has also side stories. How I wish there's a guy like that. Sigh. XD
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Carrotflower123 rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: Completed
This was a super cute and fluffy read that I really enjoyed
But I understand how people don't like it because the ML does seem slightly manipulative, the MC is kind of an idiot and there isn't a storyline (it's just bickering), but personally I found it too sweet and funny to care
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hanma9068 rated it
February 7, 2020
Status: Completed
This is my first time writing a review lol kinda nervous.

But I have to point out first, there seems to be 2 translation team for this novel? First, I read trungtnguyen123's translation, but the story is incomplete, it stops around chapter 46-48 (can be continued with catmeme6's translation on chapter 47) and the rest is side story. But I find that the translation is easier to read. Catmeme6's translation is kinda hard to read since it seems like it was mtl? Idk but thanks for both translation teams :D and... more>> the names for the FL is different for both translation!

Okay, about the story. Tbh I just kinda go with the flow, so I can say I like blackbelly type of ML because in this story, he is truly devoted to the FL. But one of the issue that I kinda dislike is how the author portray the FL. Simply say, the FL is inconsistent. During earlier chapters, she treats ML as enemies, but then it just... Doved straight into ML schemes and she can't retaliate?? Why?? Maybe because it's a short novel but idk, it just kinda dont sit well with me.

Urban wrote that "the ML has a martial arts expert and even stronger than the FL. Why was that necessary? Why couldn't she protect him without the author ramming his superiority down our throats?"

But I find that it's not really an issue, since ML is a guy, and he did train with the master too in secret. But the actual issue for me is that ML is actually a freakin CEO?? WTH?? HAHHAHA

The misunderstandings & other doubts will be cleared in the side stories. I really enjoy reading the side stories, since it also includes their past & future relationships. The misunderstanding made me cry lol since I try to imagine myself being in FL's shoe <<less
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Mini_Ninja7 rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: --
One of the better translations but there are still some places that were confusing (4.5).

I found it really cute and I overall enjoyed it. There were so many eye-popping comedy that made me actually laugh. The blurb seemed to say both didn't like each other, but it's pretty clear that the ML has been in love with the FL since they were kids. It's not really a spoiler because from the first introduction of the ML he sees the FL and is described to smile, and also when someone else... more>> came through his door, the author literally explained he was "disappointed".


This may be a stretch but I think the the author put the ending to show that the FL also loved the ML but acted out against him because she was dense and didn't know how to communicate her jealousy of the girls ML was 'giving attention' to.


I took a star off because of how unexplained the ML's connections were. I mean his dad got rich, but that shouldn't necessarily mean the ML can contact some of the people or get the respect of some of these 'higher ups'??? And like a previous review mentioned, not sure why the ML needed to be somewhat OP. The good thing is that the author attempts to explain these, unlike some really unexplainable novels, but still, just felt really out of place. FL kinda stays super shallow and blushy as she falls in love. Which is fine - but I would have really loved her fiery personality to mature, rather than changing her personality completely. <<less
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whitepopo rated it
November 1, 2019
Status: Completed
So funny and sweet! A good laugh from start to end. Love both the FL and ML, truly opposite attracts and complement well.
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Suranchan rated it
September 29, 2019
Status: --
Just finished.

I love it!! ML was already in love with FL since they were kids.

A slight misunderstanding made the FL "hate" and be competitive with ML,

but ML was steadfast in his love.

The chemistry was firecrackers.
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June 25, 2019
Status: --
Err tbh maybe I shouldn't write a review because I couldn't get very far in the story

But honestly this FL is way too much.

From the synopsis, I was really really excited about this and really wanted to enjoy it. But the FL is way too over-the-top and ridiculous that it was too annoying to keep reading. It really ruins the story, which is such a pity because I love these types of premises!!
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saira rated it
April 10, 2019
Status: Completed
Translation is good, short stories part is cute but overall the sttory is ok.

The story humour didn't appeal me it's kind of dry for me.

On thing that in the whole series herione seems strong from the outside, in reality she is very vulnerable, slow, dumb, and sort of idiot.

Hero is a blackbelly, one good thing about him he knows what he is doing and what he want but he is too manipulative and cunning he know very well how to use herione and get her on his side.
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msyu rated it
May 23, 2018
Status: side story 7
It’s not bad actually, but I can’t connect with FL some of the times. I get it that the writer wanted to elaborate her personality to create comedic situations or as a catalyst to show the “blackbelly”-ness of ML, but some times it bring opposite effects from what writer aimed for, it made FL annoying or over the top in her action.. -Sigh-

but apart from that, it still was a great read, funny with little to none angst..
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