Cat’s Rose


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“We have sailed for centuries, lost our motherland, lost our way, and lost the love symbolised by the rose.”

When the world met its doom, the Voyager sailed away from Earth.

Lin Si was a top biologist on the Voyager, whose life’s only failure was an experiment sample who never woke up from his genetic modification project, “limitless”.

After a black hole incident, the radiation caused an unknown mutation in the experiment sample and it regained consciousness. Where is this supposed “strongest combat-type mutant”? Who is this squeamish little bun? Huh?

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Maomide Meigui
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1 Review

Jun 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I got baited to read this novel cause the cover is just so beautiful and it's from Yishi Sizhou~ the author is amazing and quite generous with the plot and characters!!! The plot is meticulously maintained, the suspense and mystery is intriguing and the main cp, they're adorable AHH

I love Ling Yi, he's truly a baby, very adorable and cute. He's often teased by Lin Si and cries easily!!! My heart, he's so lovely... I liked his character development, it's heartwarming~

Lin Si is a genius and quite cold and indifferent... more>> to everyone, but he's softhearted!!! Especially to Ling Yi, he's always teasing the baby, but he does care for him, a lot~

Ah I really liked Tang Ning a lot, he's my favourite along with Ling Yi!!!

Also, the mystery and suspense is written well, I was suspicious of everyone asdfghjkl it was fun trying to analyse every character and then come to a conclusion to see who the real culprit was~

I MTLed the whole novel and it was truly delightful!! Wished there were more extras for the main cp AHH I couldn't taste sweetness that much. Don't worry, it's not so angsty, I only cried for my

Tang Ning and no, he doesn't die~ that letter freaking made me cry buckets, I'm still hurt ahhh


One thing I couldn't understand, or maybe I just didn't read it well???

it doesn't mention how the Berlin virus originated... Or maybe I didn't catch it in the MTL...


plot: 10000/10 (it's short and I'm quite generous with my rating)

main cp: 10000/10

Please do read this novel, it was truly amazing~ please do give it a try~ <<less
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