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Layers upon layers of cases gradually assemble into their true form…

Some new characters join the stage in addition to the original cast from “Yu Brothers”, revolving around a new story that extends [to cover] other popular characters.

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1 Review

May 31, 2021
Status: v5c7
This series is a continuation of its predecessor with the same horror, mystery, and ghost genres as before. The MC is still reckless but has finally learned a little self-defense. The thing is, he seems to have infected extremely intelligent characters with his rash, brainless behaviors that put him in danger, and now those characters do things similar to how he does when they have their own arcs. It feels like the characters are dumb enough to put themselves into life-threatening situations, even when they're experienced professionals, just to create... more>> unnecessary drama and tension.

The characters' lives outside of work remains bland. Even the main character, who is an art student in his final years of college and and is finally doing projects for school, which was completely neglected in the first series, doesn't get much detail. He is an art student, but there is no explanation about whether he's doing 3D art, 2D art, computer design, computer graphics, etc. None of his art projects have been described. As for other characters, they are often randomly a bunch of workaholics. Very little detail is given into their personal lives. This makes some of the characterization feel weak and makes it harder to feel attached to them.

The mysteries this time are more thought-out and detailed than before. The OP serial murderer comes across as contrived and acts as an overused plot device.

The series isn't as good as it could be, but it's still entertaining and worth checking out. <<less
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