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Unable to become employed after graduating from college, I moved into my friend’s house to avoid the pressure from my parents.

A book in my friend’s possession records many strange and bizarre incidents. A constantly-altering photograph, a monster residing within a picture scroll, a boy that will never be fully satisfied with food… Hearing every one of them never ceases to make me gasp with surprise.

What sort of tale will he narrate to me tonight, I wonder?

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A Different Story Tonight
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periperi rated it
February 20, 2019
Status: Completed
So I've only completed volume 1 and may edit this as I read.

This is probably one of my fav genres, mix of supernatural, mystery, a bit of horror. I liked the case based episodic type of plot where MC slowly immerses himself in a new world. Certain things I found cute:

... more>>

how after like a few (like more than 3) cases, MC finally thinks to ask ML for his name. Like dude, you've been staying in his house for at least a month and are internet friends. Oh ya, ML is his internet friend, I originally thought it had to be a closer sort of friend e.g. schoolmate for MC to so shamelessly go and stay over. Also, ML kind of sometimes tease MC which was very cute in my opinion.


The stories aren't linked but there is a thread connecting them. I just want to say volume 1 ended on a HORRIBLE CLIFFHANGER -->

in order to save MC from who I think is the main antagonist, ML ingests a poison, MC wakes up in the hospital, runs back to find ML but he's not there and is told by the ah bao that ML said he will be gone for a while and not to wait for him then when MC asks how was ML, ah bao said not good because he was PUKING BLOOD. So it basically ends with MC waiting for ML to return. Just hits me right in my heart.


Book 1 has an extra story too. In all, the cases were unique and sometimes bittersweet. I really liked the characters though for now this just seems like bromance. I'm really not sure about the shounen-ai tag since this series is actually sold in my bookstore. I do hope for more but won't be terribly disappointed if it's just bromance. But this series better have a HE.

Edit update (completed up to V3)

I'm loving the style of the story of many mini stories. The stories doesn't necessarily end well, sometimes even tragically. It's bittersweet yet realistic. I'm loving the supporting characters like the tsundere bai ze whome I hated in book 1, for reasons related to the ending, but he's kind of cute.

As for the romance department, zilch, nada. Still many cute moments of doting and teasing and hugging but still not really crossing any sort of line.

There's this moment in book 3 where MC is trapped in this dream and apparently the dream demon will take on the form of MC's most precious person and it turned out to be ML. So there's definitely hints of something but nothing overtly romantic, more like platonic soulmates???


There's something deeper about MC and looks like things will be getting more and more serious in book 4. I almost wish this series is longer.

Update: I am screaming internally.

While most of the cases were bittersweet, I wasn't expecting the MAIN STORY TO ALSO BE BITTERSWEET. I think this can count as a HE yet... not exactly the way I wanted. If endings are a make or break for you, you may consider looking at the spoiler:


ML is like an ancient demon. He fought with this other ancient demon like many years ago and in an attempt to recover, that bad demon possesses this human boy's soul so that the bad demon's energy will slowly come back and the boy's soul gets reincarnated over time. Initially, ML obviously wants to kill the boy to kill the bad demon but he couldn't do it. Killing that bad demon means the boy's soul will forever be gone, unable to return to the reincarnation cycle. So ML follow's MC's soul through each reincarnation till the current one. And this is when bad demon finally recovers enough energy to come back and in doing do, will kill MC. ML is weakened significantly over the course of the 5 books due to saving MC so he will not be a match to bad demon. MC finally regains the past memory after nearly dying when bad demon takes over his body and severely injures ML. So to prevent bad demon from harming those he love, MC drinks the poison water to kill both bad demon and himself in the process without telling ML. So turns out ML uses his some kind of spirit? in exchange for MC's soul to enter the reincarnation cycle but in doing so he loses all his powers and becomes like a human. So the ending is basically MC in his next life as a child meeting ML and promising to meet again when MC is bigger. DOES THIS MEAN THEY ARE ONLY TOGETHER FOR ONE LIFE? I want them to keep reincarnating and being together... I wish it was happier.


Overall still a 5 star story but I really wished for a better ending. It's definitely a HE though.. <<less
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PasserbyWind rated it
January 27, 2019
Status: v1c9 part1
If there's anyone open this novel page and a fan of supernatural works like Natsume Yuujinchou, xxxHolic or Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, READ THIS NOVEL, I promised you won't disappointed..

The story begins with MC get enough with his parents asking about his non-existent job, so he decided to stay at ML house for a while. When night comes, MC can't fall asleep and saw ML reading a journal book. Seeing MC curious about the journal, ML decided to read the story in the journal for MC. From then, MC is slowly get in to supernatural world he doesn't believe before.

I have read another danmei novel with similar genre, no offense but like this more. The story flow is relaxing, horror scene is quite scary and comedy scene is funny. The ML have a great start in my opinion. Honestly, he start from being a friend, not overly affectionate toward MC but we can see some hint that he have relationship with MC (probably in MC past life). I can said he is almost like male version of Ichihara Yuuko from xxxHolic. Mysterious but not cold, caring, quite protective, playful, like teasing MC, strict but quite lenient to MC.

I can't wait to know what connections he have with MC!
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