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Series (8) Case Book, Cheating Craft, Chen Yue Zhi Yao, Close Combat Mage, Fu Xing Dong Lai, God-level Bodyguard in The City, The Real Awakening, The Yu Brothers’ Case Book
Releases 692

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Group Releases
Date Title Release
05/07/21 Case Book v2c5
05/04/21 Fu Xing Dong Lai v3c3
05/03/21 The Real Awakening v2c8
05/01/21 Case Book v5c4
04/28/21 Fu Xing Dong Lai v3c2
04/24/21 The Real Awakening v2c7
04/20/21 Case Book v5c3
04/19/21 Fu Xing Dong Lai v3c1
04/16/21 The Real Awakening v2c6
04/07/21 Case Book v5c2
04/01/21 The Real Awakening v2c5
03/31/21 Case Book v5c0-1
03/27/21 Fu Xing Dong Lai v2 epilogue
03/23/21 The Real Awakening v2c4
03/20/21 Fu Xing Dong Lai v2c9
03/18/21 The Real Awakening v2c3
03/12/21 Fu Xing Dong Lai v2c8
03/10/21 Case Book v4c13 + epilogue
03/09/21 The Real Awakening v2c2
03/06/21 Fu Xing Dong Lai v2c7
03/03/21 Case Book v4c12
03/02/21 The Real Awakening v2c1
02/27/21 Fu Xing Dong Lai v2c6
02/24/21 Case Book v4c11
02/21/21 The Real Awakening v2 prologue
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