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A young boy genius, Suo Jia, is a water mage who dreams of being a warrior travelling the great and dangerous trade routes to find his lost father that set off on them before Suo Jia was born. Having to look after his sick mother, Suo Jia manages to find a way to solve all their problems, as well as make a name for himself. He gathers nobility, vast wealth, items of great power, knowledge lost to the ages, and exceptionally talented females around him as he plots and plans – preparing to set off on an epic journey that will go down in history as a new legend. However, will others that depend on his powers so much be willing to let him go on such a dangerous journey so easily?

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Jin Zhan Fa Shi
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Nasz D
Nasz D rated it
May 1, 2016
Status: --
After reading the whole story, (Yup, I read the whole story... even though it was machine translated) I think this is the best time to give my words so that you can decide to continue reading this novel or dropping it.

In terms of character, as you have read, our MC was portrayed as a smart & talented person and have such accomplishments while so young, you’ll find it kinda unrealistic, even though I knew there is such a person in the real life but it was a bit exaggerated.... more>> For the other characters, they were less developed. Feels like there is no consistency since a lot of characters was introduced and then disappeared as if forgotten or they just not there from the beginning.

In terms of story line, it can be said that this novel is lack originality. Literally, the author stole main element from popular novel/manga/anime or game as the concept of this novel. You’ll first realize it in this current translation and completely sure as you continue reading.

The author tried to present another concept of mage, but unfortunately the implementation was not as expected. Had the author remains focused on "closed combat mage" instead of adding unnecessary elements, I 'm sure the story will be better.

This novel can be said to be divided into 4 major arcs. The first arc is the introduction of the world where the story is going to take place, MC and his character development as well as the background of the story. Nothing much to say, this arc was quite long and slow. You can read the previous review why this arc is quite unbearable even though there is reason behind it. I can say that the author put too much focus on this.

The second arc is the most interesting part of the novel (at least for me), that is where the adventure begins. The current translation is the beginning of this arc. Sadly you’ll find it “ what the..” for some reasons.

MC will embark on the Great Trade Routes and meet new companion. A swordsman with lots of swords and techniques, a female thief with navigation capabilities, a chef who only fight with legs, fruits that give special abilities,.... sounds familiar??

Some mysteries start to be presented in this second arc, which is enough to arouse your curiosity. There are actual combats too. If you are a fan of story about merchant and trading, you’ll love this arc because it was the half largest element beside adventuring. Kinda remember the similar story??

MC began building a harem and you will get a softp*rn as a service... cough!! and you’ll get more softp*rn later


The third arc tells about MC and Co. power up and MMO thingy, as well as the introduction of the antagonists. Unfortunately the story was not built well as the antagonists just appears as filler. Expect for more combats and plot twist. Mysteries that were presented in the second arc are getting clear.

in the end you’ll read a parody about Saint Seiya and his companion who struggled to clear the obstacles of 12 constellation temples instead to save Athena turns to get the Athena’s artifacts. What do you think??


The fourth arc, the final boss and ending. I won’t say much, in this arc the story is getting strange, chaotic and unreasonable. Drama, conflict and mystery which were introduced earlier could have been an interesting ending, but...I guess that the author was in rush to end the novel. Fortunately there is a post script, so you won’t left behind wondering what will happen next.


Well..i hope you’ll get a general understanding about this novel and sorry for the bad grammar since English is not my native language  <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
February 28, 2016
Status: --
I can understand the depression of others reading this novel
just Imagine our reaction after we read chapter 250

It was a complete waste of time reading this!

First The author focus to much on beautification, to the point I gave this novel a new title the Close Combat mage beautician (with all those face and body modification turning ugly things to beautiful beings)
2nd The age gap for MC and the plot of the story.. To much happen and MC was barely in his Teen. You can see a mature... more>> and scheming little child to the point it feel disturbing..
3rd The unnecessary build of characters and relationship (after you read chapter 250 you well realize what I mean), It means all characters the MC well meet well be useless and well be easily forgotten. So to anyone who well yet to read it don't expect to much to characters that revolve around the MC or you well get disappointed just like us.
Major Spoiler! Well its not really major considering the author said it was still a prologue..

The 36 Fire and Wind Girls betrayal and this girls was left untouched and was just discarded as if they never existed in the first place!

I believe that this girls is where MC spent Trillions of Money, Show them Tender Love and Care, and with out doubt the most chapter consuming characters was really actually tr*sh and unnecessary, it left a bad taste to me. The agonizing part is after there betrayal the author sugar coat its words twisted it and say this girls never betrayed the MC. Still no matter what the author say.. This 36 girls spent more time reporting to the 4th prince than supporting MC, This girls even said the only reason they follow MC was because of the 4th prince order. If this is not betrayal then author has yet to feel being betrayed. At the end this girl was never been punish and was just ignored by MC.

The punishment of the 4th prince and his wife was actually a big insult to most readers as the author only shows 1 single chapter for it! Imagine the 4th prince has taken everything, Everything from the MC and yet the 4th prince punishment was just 1 chapter! I can only see a childish revenge from MC, at least author should let this person suffer more!

This clearly show the authors lack of comprehension towards revenge. And we can also see that in future development the author might make this kind of approach and well end just another waste of time to various readers.


and finally with the prologue ended (Chapter 250) and new journey open to MC I feel that it is just a waste of time continue reading since I can clearly see the usual thing where the author well just make a random loop in the story and maybe after chapter 500 all the characters well also be forgotten and the MC well move on to another journey.

As such this kind of story is not really for me as I love character Building and journey with companions is also good. But not only this novel discard comradeship it also ignore the very basic of friendship, you can see the author attempt to make this story of friends betraying MC but the approach seems childish and morally lacking. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
September 4, 2015
Status: --
The story is pretty bad, expect no close combat. Read to find an 8 year old inventing new magic, becoming the richest person, and his personality changing every other chapter. It only gets worse as the author ragequits near the end of the raws and makes it the progressively shittier
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libelle rated it
June 8, 2016
Status: c300
Of all fan-translated Chinese novels I've read so far (maybe a dozen) this one is the most disappointing by far.

The writer realized halfway that he can't write, tossed his own story away and replaced it with an incredibly bad One Piece ripoff. It would be fine if it was a comedy, parody, but no. Actually this change happened without warning around chapter 250ish or so, but even up to there it was already incredibly bad:

Storytelling sucks: a lot of times the reader is twice or thrice removed from the story... more>> that is happening. We're just told what happened, we weren't actually there to SEE it. Sometimes it even breaks the 4th wall and the author has to comment on what is happening (and those author comments are actually translated) since the story itself can't bring the story across on its own.

Broken economy: MC buys a random monster egg in a lottery for 100 gold, then gets told it's worth 100 million gold [how many 100 gold eggs are they selling to make a profit?!], later on he juggles with billions, trillions of gold and 300 chapters later we get told (without warning) that those gold coins are actually made of copper. WTF

Technology comparisons: This is a pure fantasy novel, MC is not a dimensional traveller from earth, yet author often makes comparisons with cars, airplanes,... there goes the fantasy feel.

Unexplained abilities: Somehow MC turns into a miracle doctor, it's never explained how this works. He can move water around in your body which makes you lose fat, okay, what happens to the surplus skin? Whatever.

Inconsistencies: In a battle he uses telepathy to command his pet, a few dozen chapters later its explicitely stated he can't use telepathy, so what is it now?

I kept reading and reading in the hope it would get better, but no, it only gets worse.

Don't read this. If you're looking for novels beside mainstream, try Law of the Devil. It's not quite up to par in quality with the big shots but at least it's telling a story properly. <<less
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Astaroth rated it
December 25, 2015
Status: --
This novel is pretty fu*king tr*sh alright, last I read it there were some real sick sh*t going on, like MC being 8 or 9 years old & has s*x with other kiddies, he tortures his pet dragon, which is like a few weeks old and has a life expectancy of more than a thousand years (that’s when it’s supposed to actually have matured into an adult), for fun and use it for his spell target practice (Because he only use ranged spells despite the deceptive title name “Close Combat... more>> Mage”.), he tricks a rich self concious woman and fakes fun of her horrible appearance to make her pay him an enormous sum of money to change her appearance into a “lolita” so she can run around town and pretend to be a cute 12 year old.

Basically this novel doesn’t even deserve a single star but despite all this shit, I just realised I feel like continue reading this again after having dropped it for at least half a year ago. The reason? Well this novel is so f*cking s*upid and I’ve got time so I might just get a few s*upid laughs ridiculing it as I read.

Edit: Oh right, and I forgot to mention that part where apparently you can just go all bling bling and put on as many magical equipments as you can. 10 fingers, guess you’ve got to get 10 rings with +20% increase fire damage, right? Nope, make that 3 rings per finger, 9 earrings per ear and whatever you can find. Not enough room? Just cut yourself up and stuff those magical items inside your body and heal it up and poof, now you’ve got 3000% increased casting speed, fire damage, and magic affinity or whatever else you’ve got.

Just remember kids, if you don’t have the quality there’s no need to fret, just get a higher quantity...

Edit: Came back after I read the specific chapter, here it is:


If one looked at the other party, his ten white fingers were all sporting bright red rings. Suo Jia noticed that each of those fingers wore a Ruby Ring, and in total, increased the fire mage’s fire system power by 50%! In addition, each of those Ruby Rings could lessen fire system spells’ magic power consumption by 5%. With the ten rings added together, it reduced the magic consumption by 50%.

The most ridiculous part was that the fire mage had a row of holes on his earlobes and wore 5 pairs of Lightning Flint Earrings on each ear. These earrings could increase the speed and power of fire magic by 50%.

This was far from all he had. The opponent’s wrist was densely packed with a total of ten bracelets, five on the right and five on the left. It raised the fire mage’s control over fire system magic by 100%, and increased the casting speed by 100%!

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KIWI rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: c126
This was terrible. Completely and utterly ridiculous. Just... Awful. However! I have managed to make it to chapter 126! Yes, you read correctly, 126! Woohoo!

Basically, the main character is a creepy, hardworking, sadistic 7 year old! Even being the genius he is, unfortunately, he has managed to forget his entire purpose in only around 100 chapters. Truly upsetting. I'm also fairly certain that I haven't heard about his mother in something like 50 chapters, even though she was the reason that he was so hardworking in the first place.... more>> There are tons of more reasons, but they are already mentioned in other reviews, so...

Anyway! You can try to read this, but I'm done with this. <<less
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Bearcat rated it
April 16, 2016
Status: --
I’ll admit, this story was amusing. That’s right, “amusing, ” because it certainly can’t be described with words like “good”, “decent”, or even “mediocre.” It was amusing in a bad way, but I still marched on, hoping for it to reach the potential that I saw was possible in the unique usage of powers in business, his personal life, and combat (which is a rarity < ch. 250). The premise is not terrible, don't get me wrong, but the author's plot progression choices are. I read all the way until... more>> the infamous ch. 250 like the rest of the reviewers and that ended up being the straw that broke the camels back for me as well. It was already a suspension of disbelief to try and follow a child MC who was so ridiculously op even though he wasn't reincarnated/transported to his current body from an older one. There was no justifiable reason for his intellect and it was jarring compared to his maturity level. But when ch. 250 hit with an over-sized helping of betrayal – and yes, even romantic betrayal included in a way – I wouldn't recommend this series to anyone, much less my friends. I gave it two stars just because the premise had potential. Wasted, but potential nonetheless.

The translator is a boss, but I think Taffy erred when choosing this series. In my humble opinion, I really think her talent and time would be best spent elsewhere. <<less
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jacobpaige rated it
December 25, 2015
Status: --
Very poorly written by any definition. Extremely sexist. Seriously, don't bother.
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Yuki_Makoto13 rated it
September 14, 2016
Status: c326
Hmmm... I'll just keep this short. This is an interesting novel since its focus is BETRAYAL. Maybe the author is interested in that field or he'd gone to such terrible experiences that lead him to write this novel with such a unique plot. Unique cuz I've read several novels with such plots but mostly "the MC either turns mad and becomes an antihero" or "the MC losses heart and became pathetic".

To those who can't take this to heart (especially betrayals and NTR), don't read this novel. The author puts effort... more>> in writing this, you know. Most people doesn't like getting betrayed that's why they don't like this kind of novel. If that's the case, don't read it. It's in the "Tags" part right? Betrayal?

No plot? Lousy MC and story? Just because the MC got NTRed, you think it's lousy and s*upid? Hahaha. How quaint. That was called Character Development. To those who can't write but does the pleasure of reading, you could at least understand this two words. How did he become so egoistic, sadistic, vengeful, etc., is answered in character development. Surely you enjoyed reading it right? You just got b*tchslapped because of the betrayal. You should be happy that the author put some effort in Character Development rather than some short and lousy side stories just for you to get why the MC is like this and like that.

Overall, I'd say it's a good read. Twists are what makes a novel shine. Betrayals makes the MC mature. Adventure makes the MC dream and finally, Ambition makes the MC aspire. Readers and writers, it's okay to be a critic but if you yourself haven't written or published something, don't be a b*tch. We can get that you don't like it by giving it a 1 star or a few sentences why you think it's unworthy to be read. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
January 16, 2016
Status: --
I usually don't leave reviews, but after reading this, I just had to. This novel is GARBAGE. It's one of the very few Chinese novels I ever regret reading. Author writes the MC as if it was himself, its extremely biased, racist, and sick how the MC treats others in this novel. He sees the woman as nothing but tools to be used to gain money, or greedy pigs that cares about nothing but looks. Some of the scenes in this novel makes me disgusted at how biased and one... more>> sided it is. The MC also tortures his own baby pets as if they were toys despite his crying and fear. He's 8-9 years old without any revival and yet he manages to outsmart ALL the adults, he scams them for legendary loot (40 rings) and gives them nothing but a single rare item. There is one scene which left me disgusted that involves over a hundred little girls playing with his thing in the bath. I have to say the first 20-30 ish chapters were pretty decent how where he tried to earn money for his mom and himself. However, what you'll see after is torture, 8 y/o kid scamming high lvl parties, ugly rich people, queens, kings, large guilds, and making an idiot out of the ENTIRE continent. This is where I decided ot finally stop reading this garbage. tl'tr
Author thinks he's the MC of the book, scams everyone, treats them like fools/disposable tools, sees all woman as shallow pigs that care about looks and treats them as tools or woman for his harem, and animal torture. Author's explanation for all of this is basically "because I can", ie a shitty job at explaining how or why all of this is happening.

If any of these things interest you, this is the novel for you.

I rate this.05 out of 5 stars

AVOID <<less
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Poba rated it
November 27, 2015
Status: --
should rename the entire novel to something like.. "Completely unbelievable and unrelatable 10 year old super genius billionaire magician"
Catchy eh?
I really think the author is completely in his own lil world..
currently 172 chapters and there has been like 1 "fight" (which was basically just the author saying how OP this 8 year old is)
its completely ridiculous how the author thinks an 8 year old can be so super-intelligent and politically savvy.
I cannot recommend this to anybody because it is really super painful to... more>> read. <<less
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feyrin rated it
April 29, 2016
Status: --
Gave this a 2/5. Don't get me wrong I loved the concept and loved the translation. It's just that I couldn't force feed it to myself after a point. I got to the point where his phoenix squad leader started falling for him and couldn't take it any more. Realize that he starts practicing magic at like 6 and by the time he's 10 he can step on royal guards. It that's not an issue he has to be the one to advise adults 20-30 years older than him. People... more>> who could easily force him to do as they please are begging at his feet. None of these silly people realize his mother is his weakness. And last but not least we forget about his all important father who isn't there for some reason (never fully explained). The mother who lets her child handle all this business while she relaxes, even fading away from the story without rhyme or reason. A close combat water mage is what I came for, and in the end it's no where near what I found. <<less
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wazyx93 rated it
March 30, 2016
Status: --
I didn’t even read past 150 because this novel is tooooo childish. Look at me I am a super smart kid who can control water + blood (power to destroy armies and take control of kingdom) and I need money, I will just gonna become cosmetologist. Dud are you g*y or something go fuc**** full op and destroy destroy destroy and stop hanging out with girls that you wont even f***.

I don’t even see why is there word (combat) in title.
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sjackson rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: c365
I should say this first and foremost, I'm only writing this review because I noticed how many overly negative reviews there are for this novel. I don't review novels on this website, which is why I specifically made an account to write this review.

A lot of the reviews here are wrong, I'm not sure if it's because these people didn't pay attention or don't care, but they seem to think that the MC is some kind of sadistic child and uses magic on his pet just to abuse the animal.... more>> This is wrong. The MC finds out that the pet grows faster if this specific magic is cast on it, and since the pet takes 1000 years to become an adult, of-course you'd spam the magic on it to help it grow faster. In many instances in the story, the pet is described as enjoying the magic being used on it. I'm not sure where these other reviewers came up with the notion that MC is a sadistic animal abuser.

Another really big misconception about this novel is that it supports s*x between children. This is absolutely not the case. There is nudity. There is shotacon. There is lolicon. Bits and pieces are happening. I will not deny that. What I want to bring attention to is the fact that it doesn't go beyond third base and that none of the characters involved have any idea what they're doing. These characters are all 10-year-olds. 10-year-old girls with a single 10-year-old boy. They're essentially taking a shower together, it's described as a complete accident that anything happens at all. All of the characters involved are young children, when a young child sees another young child of the opposite gender naked, what do you expect to happen? Curiosity is piqued, naturally, everyone stares at everything and then someone grabs something. There weren't any adults in the scene, it's not surprising that something happened. It follows the logical flow of cause and effect. Afterward, the scene is witnessed by an older "onee-san" type figure who is a servant/maid. She immediately assumes that the MC is "at that age". The MC immediately calls to her to stay when everyone else leaves, this doesn't alleviate her assumption. This is the real crutch of the issue though, this older "onee-san" figure throws "the goods" at the MC. Figuratively, of course, she's trembling and shaking and cannot resist because he's the "young master", for all intents and purposes he can have his way with her. The only problem is that he has absolutely zero idea what's going on, he doesn't lay a single hand on her. It's clearly shown that the MC is an innocent little kid. All the reviewers on this website describe the MC as some kind of pe*ophile when in fact he's basically the same as every other MC in novels, as dense as a stone. I think that the other reviewers on this site forget the sh*t they used to do as a kid.

This novel is an amazing shounen. It's something you can read and really lose yourself in, that's something rare with novels nowadays. <<less
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rdawv rated it
March 8, 2016
Status: --
Review as of Ch. 256.

The MC doesn’t have the benefits of retained memories of another life nor the mentoring from an immortal or a secret treasure. As long as you can get over the fact that the main character is a kid barely 10 years old and yet has the maturity and confidence of someone in his 30s, then you’ll be set. It’s safe to say that you will be reading about a very young, hard-working genius. Naive in some ways but intelligent, knowing things but not experienced. Perhaps too... more>> young, there is absolutely no real reason to set the MC’s age that low. Personally I don’t feel it’s a huge stretch about the things the MC can do, as many reincarnated/augmented characters do the same things with more flash and bravado than in this story (eg: Mushoku Tensei).

Technical wise the text is simple but can be verbose. Many instances of where an item/device/technique/ranking would appear and a paragraph of two to explain it in factual terms, like reading the initial description at the top of a wikipedia page. The translators do their best and their effort is appreciated, even if the material itself isn’t great.

The author spends much time writing about the actions and behavior of people, punctuated by dialogue and talking scenes that are functional, factual and dry. It’s difficult to describe it but I felt I was reading about someone recording the MC doing this and saying that, instead of telling an actual story.

Plot-wise, the first 250 chapters are your basic “lets earn money and build my own world” type of story. Towards the end there are some political shenanigans. If you scroll to reviews after mine you will see many references to the dreaded “Chapter 250”. I did not feel as badly as the other reviewers as the story didn’t make me emotionally invested in the characters which are quite generic, but I can understand their dismay after the dozens and dozens of build up seems to come to naught.

In some ways the plot-twist can be a nice change from what is otherwise a straightforward story of a hard-working MC that is only growing more and more powerful and intelligent. In fact I feel the setbacks didn’t go far enough. To me, the first 250 chapters felt like reading about the first life of a reincarnated/transmigrated MC. You know, the all-powerful types that was reborn into a weakling and had to start over, all explained to readers only in the first chapter of many such stories. In a way, you get to read about his initial beginnings and understand the causes for the change in behavior later on in his ‘new life’.

The author seems tired and even annoyed at his creative control being questioned by his readers (as seen in the author’s notes) and while the story is nothing special to shout about, I applaud at him at being daring to take the story towards another direction. Perhaps I’ll return after a hundred more chapters are stacked up. <<less
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July 30, 2016
Status: c300
To be honest, I'm feeling quite disappointed in the number of super negative reviews about this novel. There are just that many people who don't really care about the feelings of the translators (not that I am one). I am only giving this novel 5 stars to counteract the bandwagon of 1star reviews.

I've read reviews complaining about the cosmetic part of the story- and how there is no "close-combat". Give the story an opportunity for Pete's sake! I mean, you can wait, can't you? There IS a lot of build-up,... more>> and the main character isn't a perfect person. He is only a child, so we can expect some more growth.

The world is rich enough- in the sense that it's not immersive in the setting but in the scenes and situations of the main character. People also complain about the chapter 250 scene-


Just because betrayal is a trope doesn't mean the story is sh*t. It was actually well-fleshed out and quite a surprise, in my opinion.


Please give the story a chance before giving it 1-star. :) <<less
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Shiraishi rated it
May 27, 2016
Status: c300
A few good ideas poorly written. A lot of ideas taken from popular novel/anime/mangas... But yet again, poorly written. Characters extremely poorly developed. A lot of inconsistencies in the story.

The author making up excuses as to why it doesn't make sense but everything will be clear later, and then we have some random explication. Honestly I'm really disappointed and I still don't know if I'll finish the story later.

If you are looking for a plot, this is not the novel for you.
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BlackHat88 rated it
February 9, 2016
Status: c120
The beginning is interesting and water magic is kinda rarely used but after that it becomes boring with barely any fight and an extremely nonsensical story.

A 8yo kid (not reincarnated) who basically never spoke with anyone but his sick mother who only taught him magic and made him practice it non stop before entering the school... where he manage to build an army, a commercial empire and becomes a master schemer in a few weeks/month at 8yo...

Ok, the guy trained magic, I could understand if he becomes... more>> OP even at 8yo but genius or not you can’t scheme, create successful business models, negotiate and manipulate people out of nowhere at 8yo.

Mozart is a genius but if you asked him to paint out of nowhere without teaching he wouldn’t be able to.

Plus he does all that in order to get stronger in a story where he never fights.

I stopped around ch120 and I read it gets worse and worse after that. <<less
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Victor DoUrden
Victor DoUrden rated it
November 30, 2015
Status: --
The description of the story is s*upidly small and simple. Being a Chinese martial art genre you’d expect a story where a bullied or looked down on the weakest kind of mage, fights his weaknesses, overcomes challenges and some other bullshit... Rises up and kicks some ass.... no nope nada no way iee.

The story has a decent start I’ll give it that but quickly loses focus (w/e it was) and has these story breaking expositions (a lot of them) where sometimes the entire chapter seems like an exposition. Exposition... more>> I’d bet is not why you the reader has come here for.
The nitty gritty

There is a kid not even 15, not even 13 yet hell even younger and can do thing 100% illogical things for children of that age group, even autistic ones included. Politically savvy and giving LIFE ADVICE to people 5 times his age... please know limits but no that is barely tickling this “story.” At a certain point he acquires a mansion, becomes essentially a millionaire, friends with the royal family and officially the most powerful student at school... does it stop oh no... male water mages are rare... I don’t even need to say more on that. Uses funds to buy s*upidly overpowered gear to become even more over powered and hell he has not even hit puberty. Mentions skills vs relying on gear... Several chapters later about them skills and gear yeah baby! *cough double standards* His balls have not even dropped but when they do... he will already have conquered the world at the rate the story is going. The escalation from normal to super unrealistic stakes gives DBZ a run for its money. You want a real lousy story here it is.

The most realistic and extremely plausible events in the story is
1 how desperate people would be to not look ugly and be skinny without doing anything you need to do for such things eg. getting off your ass, not eating like a cow, exercise
2 sexual curiosity between children. Two obvious as hell parts of his budding harem, classmates play with his wee wee. Some s*upid people might say otherwise about matters of sexual curiosity but same s*upid people don’t realize that there is no internet and p*rno mags in the stories world. Oddly enough extreme double standards come to play when some people are put off by those chapters instead of violence but hey screw logic.

Simple story, weak to strong and poor to rich extremely fast. Little character development. Not a girl, rich or close relation? No f*cks... none. MC doesn’t care too busy getting richer/more powerful. Little direction... Lots of he is getting more op this is why, this is that for............ reasons plus....... with.....
And more op and more op with NO physical fights (beatdowns aside) and some half assed battles cause no one else is this op. That’s it. <<less
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dafortminor rated it
October 31, 2015
Status: --
It was interesting a little bit at the beginning when he dreamed about being a close combat specialist, but it took a turn for the worse and became a story totally on being a top beautician and earning money. The MC changes his character every few chapters to being an innocent little child to being a schemer/manipulator type. There is not really any smooth flow to this story and is very inconsistent I would definitely avoid this one.
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