Carrying A Lantern In Daylight


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He Si Mu used to pick up people on the battlefield to earn her a living, but was unexpectedly picked up by someone.
The young general who picked her up seemed to see her as a weak woman orphaned by the war, and took great care of her.

So He Si Mu conscientiously and dutifully played the part of the weak woman.

— Oh my, blood! I am most afraid of blood, I faint when I see blood !

——This water basin is so heavy and I have so little strength, I can’t move it at all !

——You guys fight and kill all day long, how scary !

The female general who had an unrequite love on the young general angrily said, “Brother Duan certainly doesn’t like such a delicate young girl like you!”

He Si Mu tilted her head: “Really?”

One day, the young general made a mistake on the battlefield, after being tricked by others.

He Si Mu, who couldn’t lift her shoulders nor her hands and would faint at the sight of blood, loosened up her muscles, and lit up a ghost lamp: “I wanna me see who dares to bully our General Duan, little fox Duan ?”

Duan Xu then thought, he shouldn’t have provoked the Ghost King.

It took him several months to learn that her real name was He Si Mu.

But maybe even with a lifetime, he still couldn’t let her remember his name in her four hundred years of long life.

“My name is Duan Xu, Xu like in ‘Feng Lang Ju Xu’*.” (*a famous chinese idiom)

The super strong female Ghost King female lead faking weakness daily and the cunning special soldier young general male lead

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Bai Ri Ti Deng
Carrying A Lantern In Daylight
Love Beyond the Grave (drama)
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New Intanatiwi rated it
May 21, 2024
Status: Completed
I really liked this story!

The relationship between FL and ML was beautiful and heart breaking.

The FL and ML were very mature, smart, and strong. I really liked the ML. He will give his whole soul and body to He Simu. Their love was so deep and actually made me tear up.

Don't worry, FL and ML had their happy ending.

Definitely recommended!
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New introverted_girl
May 5, 2024
Status: Completed
My heart is overwhelmed with emotions from this book and so I need to write them out.

First, the story is between a 400-year old female Ghost King who ruled the ghost realm for 300 years and mysterious and charming military general.

He Simu, the Ghost King, the most powerful evil ghost who ruled over thousands, was born from a mortal mother and the former Ghost King. She ruled strictly in accordance with the laws to balance the ghost realm. She was feared among her people. She was also intelligent and cunning,... more>> it was as if she could clearly see everyone except for Duan Xu. She was considered young but wise in her age.

He Simu was a complex character. She wasn't really cold as opposed to someone expected to rule the ghost realm because she grew up with love. Her parents loved her when they were still around. So, she knew what a family truly was. It was with her family's love that she was able to understand the way of the world. But, at the same time, she appeared cold because she didn't really let herself get attached. She took everything as a matter of course. She was the child of the former ghost king so she would be the next ghost king to maintain the peace between the living and the dead. She mentioned in one of the chapters that she never really questioned anything. She took things rationally. Everything had a reason and it was just natural. She had to live for hundreds of years, watching her family and friends/lovers be gone one by one. She was always left behind. She wasn't able to keep anyone until him. In a way, I think as a sort of defense mechanism, she didn't make herself feel but she was indeed lonely and there was nothing she could do but accept it.

Duan Xu/Duan Shunxi, was a former literary scholar who became a military general. Everyone took pity on him, but it was all his plan. He was very intelligent and cunning as well. He was also mysterious that left He Simu asking for questions. Duan Xu was portrayed as a young and always-smiling general. He seemed friendly but he was also strict in his soldiers. He never let any mistake because he took his soldiers' lives seriously. He truly cared for the people.

I think what I loved about Duan Xu was that despite the sufferings and wrongs he went through, he still managed to be a good person. Maybe this was because he was also intelligent, I knew from someone's speech before that good people are often the smartest. I want to say that he could have just leaved everything behind, but no, he could never because having this goal in mind was the only thing that kept him from succumbing to the monster they ought him to be. He was a very complex character too. He was described as a reckless and a gambler, but I think his recklessness was well thought-out. He planned everything seriously because he valued every life. He moved forward with his goals and wishes despite the danger around them not because he didn't care about his own life, but rather he just didn't want to live in regrets.

I cannot fully express how much I feel and understand these two characters, but they are both well-written.

About their love story, they were doomed lovers from the very start — she was dead, he was living. How could a person and a ghost entangle with romance? How long would they love last? And I think that was the beauty of it.

“If her hunger is because she has never lived in the world, if her greed is to perceive this world, then he will strive to help her achieve it.” — Duan Xu

He Simu was his first and last love. In love, it's only common that you would want to give everything to your beloved. And Duan Xu was just like that — he was willing to give her everything despite the risks.

“Why do you think I left you?... It's because I suddenly discovered that I like you so much that I can't accept that one day I have to watch you leave me.” — He Simu

When He Simu accepted Duan Xu's love, she knew of this. She knew that someday, he would leave her too, just like her loved ones. At that time, she probably never knew that his existence would eventually be indispensable to her and that she became scared of losing him.

What I love about their love is that they both love deeply and gently. And they were two characters who were so different but alike at the same time. They were opposite in personality — she was a black cat, he was a golden retriever. They were opposite in a sense that Duan Xu literally fought to escape the life he was trapped in, but He Simu accepted her role as is. They were opposite in a way that Duan Xu always moved forward regardless while He Simu had reservations because she had been around for so long already. On the other hand, they were alike because they both protected their people — they were two selfless and caring individuals who prioritized the well-being of everyone more than their own. They were alike in a sense that they didn't really like the fame and prestige their positions entailed but they accepted it because it was for the good of everyone. They were so alike that they understood each other so much that they became one another's solace.

I love them so much. I will cherish this book forever. <<less
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ntww12 rated it
March 21, 2024
Status: c18
Wow! What an amazing story so far with only 18 chapters! Thank you Nomad Translations for the superb translation and interesting story. Your translations are SO GOOD. I am eagerly awaiting more chapters.

Basically its a story with political intrigue, warfare and ghosts. It also has a lot of mystery!

Our FL is a ghost king who is temporarily resting in a human body and meets the ML whom surprises her. She then follows along as he goes about defending his country against the Huqi people who are invading and taking over... more>> regions. That's as far as I got in 18 chapters.

The interactions between the FL and ML is so interesting and I love their distinct personalities. Can't wait for more to give a better review!

The reason why I'm not MTL-ing is because the translations are superb. And also MTL is really difficult to read. <<less
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