Cannon Fodder’s Strategy Script is Reversed


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Shen Qingyao unexpectedly transmigrated into a novel world as the cannon fodder sister of the female lead who was frail and died of illness halfway. To make matters more peculiar, she’s bound to a peculiar system that demands she follows a designated character script to safely reach the grand finale.

As a seasoned webnovel reader, Shen Qingyao quickly grasps the situation. Tasks? A strategy system, right? Alright, who should she conquer—the male lead or the male supporting character?

System : …You don’t have to be so proficient at this.

After transmigrating, Shen Qingyao simply wants to cling to the female lead to ride her coattails, survive until the end, and then enjoy a life of luxury. Little did Shen Qingyao expect the game to start at a hell difficulty level, with her having to compete for the fiancé with the female lead herself!

System: “Host, your task is to conquer that White Moonlight! Now, use the devoted supporting character persona setting to prevent their engagement!”

Shen Qingyao was afraid, inwardly thought : Can’t you see the blackening value on his head? You want me to intervene now? You might as well be asking for my life!

Shen Qingyao’s outward expression : Oh well! Playing the villain, huh? I can handle that…

Lu Zhao is thoroughly irritated as he was forced into a blind date. Suddenly, the girl he secretly liked for many years rushes out from the shadows, grabs his sleeve, and plaintively says, “Lu Zhao, marry me, okay?”

Lu Zhao : Is there such a good thing??

Shen Qingli : So, Yaoyao likes him? Marry her already!

Shen Qingyao : Huh? Something seems off here…

This is the story of a transmigrator’s daily life, thinking she controls the script but getting slapped in the face by the script at every turn.

“I thought I was pursuing the White Moonlight, but it turns out I’m helping the White Moonlight pursue me???”

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2 Reviews

Dec 14, 2023
Status: Completed
I enjoy the story. The author really went abusing system and transmigration stories lmao. The story is as the synopsis explained: about a girl who was tasked is to not blacken the "white moonlight" of the female lead not knowing that said "white moonlight" actually love her and OG female lead is already inlove with OG male lead (not "white moonlight").

... more>>

I love that the story showed what could have happen if she didn't follow. Apparently prior to her, her second sister was first given the task but she dipped out, lol.


And I love that author talk about the dilemna of MC being not OG Host. As she gain memories of the OG host, the more she hesitated being close to our ML as she felt guilty thinking ML treats her good because he thinks she is OG host.


I just hate how it was delivered, it felt more like a "oh poor me" than "I ruined this starcross lover; pity ML for OG host already died". Though thankfully author decided that OG host and MC are one person, therefore removing any conflicts.


The other think I would complain is not much face slap but this isn't advertise as one so not the story's fault lol.

Anyway nice ready, try it! <<less
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Dec 06, 2023
Status: Completed
I hate her system so much. The system doesn't help at all but only adds to the problem. The system can only give orders and will force if the host does not want to act. Hate it so much.
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