Can You Please Keep the Original Setting?


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The person who locked me up here was my own protagonist.

I was trapped in a dating simulation game based on an R-rated BL novel I wrote.

The woman I set up as an NPC and overseer demanded a happy ending for the protagonist. If it was the only way out, it had to be done.

However, the world was established freely, away from my setting, and the protagonist began to approach me.

“I called you. So, please exist only for me.”

He said with the most beautiful face.

“This is crazy.”

Unfortunately, after realizing the truth, there was nothing I could do about it. A twisted course, a mind that flowed helplessly.

And the hesitant choice at the end of it.

What should I do now?

Male protagonist: Mikael. The main character of the original novel and game.

He found out that there was a being who created him. From then on, all his reasons started with one and ended with one.

So, he had to do anything to keep her by his side.

The only one he would obey.

Female protagonist: Celina. The original author of the dating simulation game.

She went inside Celina’s body and acted for the happy ending of the main character, Mikael.

She just had to connect the main character with that man, so she didn’t think much of it. She had designed this world, so she was sure it wouldn’t be a problem.

But those were haughty thoughts.

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제발 설정 좀 지켜줄래
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June 7, 2023
Status: c9.2

he seems to be clingy lmao, I cant sense the yandere vibes yet but still, he's kind of clingy and gentle towards our FL

kinda confused tho, why does the FL (she's the writer) sometimes doesnt know something about the novel she write like even the characters know it but she doesnt??, and idk what to say abt her, she's a sarcastic person I guess

looking forward for the update <3 thanksss I enjoy the translation ☺️💞
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