Butterfly and Whale


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“The lifespan of a butterfly is between three days and a month, and most butterflies only live for a week.”

“Like them, I have only a few months to live, maybe less.”

The first time Hu Die met Jing Yu, he thought she was a world-weary girl who committed su*cide.

The second time they met, he told Hu Die indifferently: “If you jump down again today, I’m not saving you again.”

Later, she told him: “Jing Yu, don’t feel sorry for me.”

Later, Jing Yu returned to the arena and won the glory that belonged to him.

Under the flashing lights, he suddenly remembered the girl’s voice, and said a nonsensical remark in front of thousands of people.

——”I’m not sad, I just think that at such a moment, it would be better if you’re here.”

“He is a whale swimming in the ocean. One day, a butterfly inadvertently broke into his frequency. That was the most beautiful moment in his life.”

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Lisaax33 rated it
May 7, 2023
Status: Completed
If you're into romance tragedy short stories then this absolutely has to be on your list. Highly highly rated on jjwc- we are talking 9.9/10 from ~8k votes. It may sound cliche but it is so beautifully written and it is such a poignant story especially due to the way it ends. The tears I shed from reading this, I truly hope butterfly and whale is living a happier life in an alternate universe.
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