Born Lunatic


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“The beauty of the five continents, given to me as my precious little dog.”

Bai Zhao X Yu Du Qiu

A powerful and younger couple, both crazy, with a tragic beauty, bodyguard X young master,

A rebellious and cunning white-eyed wolf gong, loyal to one person, X a suspicious and malicious genius billionaire Shou who desires control for the sake of love.

The young master tames the little wolf dog he found while assisting the police in solving cases with the help of a mysterious power. However, in the end, the young master is tamed by the little wolf dog, creating a refreshing story (?).

—The plot inspiration comes from “The Abandoned Soldier on the Reverse Wing.”

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07/07/24 Spring Of Romance c10
07/07/24 Spring Of Romance c9
07/07/24 Spring Of Romance c8
07/07/24 Spring Of Romance c7
06/19/24 Spring Of Romance c6
06/19/24 Spring Of Romance c5
06/19/24 Spring Of Romance c4
06/19/24 Spring Of Romance c3
06/09/24 Spring Of Romance c2
06/09/24 Spring Of Romance c1
06/22/23 Kalopsia Translations c1
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