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In the 21st century, she was the outstanding world renowned darling of the field of archeology. Then, she transmigrated and became Jinjiang city’s Ji Family’ Third Miss, a small malnourished girl who starved to death. She was unfavored by her father and treated like air by the rest. Therefore, just to earn money and feed herself she had to return to her old profession – being a forensic anthropologist.

With a pair of dextrous hands, she stroked and examined those clickety white bones to solve old and dusty unresolved cases.

He was a handsome cold prince. Just to see the beauty smile, he would not hesitate to throw away his moral principles and repeatedly flirt with her.

In the end, he only received a supercilious look from her, as she declared “Prince, one touch is a 1,000 taels.”

“Then, this prince will give you 10,000 taels for a kiss!”

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ตุลาการ สอง ภพ
画 骨 女 仵作
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48 Reviews

Dec 31, 2017
Status: c134
Edit: Changed the rating from 4 to 5 because there is a huge leap in the plot once she leaves her little town, and the antagonists are also higher than your standard xianxia villains.

At the point in the story where I am, I can tell you that this isn't your typical Chinese transmigration novel where the MC is reborn in a new world and takes revenge on the family of the body's owner. She doesn't go from weak to strong—well, at least not like the kind we're all used to.... more>> In her past life, Ji Yunshu was in a profession where she worked with corpses all the time and developed many useful and amazing skills.


The girl can paint a picture of a dead person of when they were alive by just looking at their bones. Her skills allow her to identify the mu*der victim's exact cause of death. She even has some medical knowledge from her past life. Not to mention her artistry alone is something to rave over.

For those of you who are saying her abilities are OP and bullsh*t, how do you know that? Are you a professional in the forensics field?


The story plot mainly starts off with her solving some local cases in her hometown. They are pretty exciting and just when you think the case is wrapped, there is a sudden twist to the case. And Ji Yunshu uses her mighty skills each time to impress both her spectators and also us readers and solve each case.

She had originally used her skills to solve a few cases in her town so that she could keep living without the support of her terrible family. Because they really don't care for her at all. They keep bullying her, and unlike other MCs, she keeps ignoring them and doing nothing about it. At first, you might think that she's just a pushover or doesn't care, but eventually, you will realize that's not the case at all.


As the story progresses forward, that will change and she will deal with them in a very satisfying way. And she did it for the injustices that were against herself, not as much the previous body's owner.


Another thing about Ji Yunshu that sets her apart from many other MCs in the transmigration genre is that she's not overly cruel and killing all the pesky people that annoyed her left and right. Although she is in a profession that deals with homicide and mu*der, she still manages to keep herself and her modern morals and beliefs together. She's a human and she can feel emotion. But that doesn't mean she's a naive crybaby or does absolutely nothing.

Even the other characters are more fleshed out and multi-dimensional. (Well, that's at least the case later on in the story around where I am at when the plot moves past the homicide cases in her town.)


Her brothers who were absent from the first hundred chapters are finally introduced, and I was excited to learn that although they also hate her like the rest of her family, they aren't the typical fops that are s*upid as hell and don't have the strength to truss a chicken. They actually look like villains in the story that I'll want to stay for quite a while and not like the rest of the cop-outs I've seen that you keep hoping will die already but are unfortunately like c*ckroaches that don't know when to just stop moving already.

Even the imperial concubines have a little more detail and character than the usual scheming b*tches.


Just when you think that the story will be nothing but mu*der cases, the plot finally progresses forward and has more to it so that you can enjoy the familiar elements of Chinese novels (though with their own unique touch to them) and also the mu*der mysteries that come with each important death that takes place. It's multiple things in one and it actually does it right.

For those of you wondering about the romance, all you need to know is that it is there but not so much so that it overpowers the plot or Ji Yunshu's awesomeness. The Male Lead isn't some knight in shining armor that is always saving her as if she's a weak damsel. Sure, she does use his assistance many times but he's usually just helping her rather than doing everything for her. He's like a supporting beam that she leans on when she needs him the most. And even when she doesn't, he's always there for her and patiently waiting. He does get jealous many times but he isn't too forceful about it. Since the author doesn't keep raving about his handsomeness or muscles, it takes a little longer to warm up to him and like him. But at least we like him for him and not what the author tries to make him out to be. (Like many other Male Leads I've seen *cough*)

I definitely recommend this book. It's underappreciated and deserves just as much attention if not more than some of the half-a**ed ones I've seen on here. <<less
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Mar 11, 2019
Status: c49
I felt strongly enough to post a review. This is mystery story that feels uncomfortable to read with interesting, but unlikable characters.

Here are the reasons to get into the story:

  • The mysteries are interesting and have complicated plots
  • The female lead is an intelligent, coolheaded person
  • The translation is good
  • The world building is very good
Here are the reasons to avoid this story:

  • The female lead's ability to obtain knowledge from bones may break your suspension of disbelief
  • The female lead's refusal to improve her situation may frustrate you
  • The male lead's "romantic gestures" may remind you of s*xual harassment (I'm not a fan of this type of forceful male lead)
  • The female lead's mindless pursuit of the truth, disregard of her own life, and poor handling of consequences may frustrate you
  • The pace of the story is slow
I can't put up with being frustrated by the female lead's circumstance so I'm stopping here.
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Dec 06, 2018
Status: c326
(May contain some spoilers)

The novel is interesting with its political intrigue and royal family dynamics. The MC is intelligent, but not overly so. She makes mistakes, misses out on clues, but she eventually figures everything out. Prince Rong is her other half. He makes her better as a character and makes her more likable to the readers. The only complaint I have is that the MC is sometimes unreasonably selfish. She runs into danger even though she is aware of the risks. She also knows that it can... more>> negatively affect Prince Rong, but she does it anyways due to her desire for the truth. For example, her mother has not been a part of her life since she was born; and yet, she is willing to sacrifice the safety of Prince Rong to find out more about her mother. Isn't this incredibly selfish? For a person she doesn't know, she puts the people she loves at risk. She's starting to look more and more like a white lotus. Others may argue "she doesn't know the consequences" but she is one of the most intelligent characters in the novel. If she can't even figure out the thing that other characters already know of, then she's not fit to be an MC whose charm is her intelligence. <<less
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Aug 12, 2017
Status: c15
Definitely not your regular story. But must read if you like cold and intelligent MC. It is full of suspense and each chapter end with a cliff prompting you to clicking next chapter. Here our MC can draw the person from just looking at the bones.

All this aside most impt thing for Chinese novels is a good translation. Grenn is doing a fabulous job translating.
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Jan 01, 2018
Status: c100
Note: This story/novel isn't for the faint hearted, naive, innocent and young (specially those who are very imaginative literally). Read this for your own discretion.


A solid 4 stars

  1. PLOT. So if you've read the synopsis you might feel that it has a romantic subplot (w/c it has, but as a SUBPLOT!!!). The story is centered to the female lead, Ji Yunshu, a coroner (they examine dead bodies like a forensic investigator in our time) and how she solve different crime cases (yes, specifically those with dead bodies) using her modern knowledge (Yes, this has a reincarnation tag) while in ancient time. Some might feel this boring or disturbing because of content in the cases she solves which does not just involve politics but also moral integrity and ethics. This is not like other reincarnation story with OP talent/luck, or those w/ cheats. It's pretty linear in structure with a normal person (as in really she had a steady job) but the author has made a lot of twist and turn during the proceedings in court and telling the entire case story (w/c kept us readers on anticipation on what really happened). In short this story synopsis hooked me but the content made me stay.
  2. CHARACTERS. I like the female lead, but not really love her maybe because where still at the beginning so there is room for character development, same goes for the male lead, Jing Rong. The female lead is in a word ordinary, except for her talent in investigation and using her modern knowledge even with limited resources (of course many would love a smart women, who doesn't?). She not someone with low EQ either so that's a plus. As I've said in the plot the FL is not an OP character but really attains her position with hard work!!!! And I forgot there are B*TCHES here as well.
  3. SETTING/WORLD BUILDING. It has room for improvements but the setting given is not that hard to imagine if you've read prior novels with ancient time setting. It not as detailed as I would like but it has enough to be able to visualize what the place is like.
And yes not much for a spoiler because I want people to be encourage to read this first before saying what they want.
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Oct 08, 2019
Status: c116
This an unconventional transmigration novel. The author tried to recreate a CSI series in an ancient china setup.

Good points:

    • The criminals apprehended had complicated motives and not just dummy and unreasonable villains.
    • Despite the dark theme of the novel the author successfully added some heartwarming scenes.
Bad points:

In general, the FL behavior is very unreasonable and despite that, all the surrounding characters act nonchalantly as what she did is most reasonable actions.
    • The FL uses a modern methodology to solve the cases and find culprits. But why on earth would anyone approve her methods or use them as evidence in court while its a totally unknown method at the time? (For example, using fingerprint or blood type to determine the culprits should not be known at the ancient times). In court, the criminals and officials just accept the FL words as the truth without any objections.
    • Most of the complications of the cases and the evidence used to solve them are purely found based on luck and chances. That leads to change in the main culprits many times for the same case (apparently for no obvious reasons other than adding plot twists). It's acceptable if it's just a case or two sporadically found between many cases. But if this happens every time there was a case investigation, it becomes an unreasonable and superfluous method to add unjustifiable conclusions to the investigated cases.
    • The FL over and over again put her self in danger way by interacting with mu*ders and mentally unstable criminals alone without any protection for no apparent reason (she could have obtained the same results if she had enough protection) to the point that she puts her life at risk.

For example, Her brother tried to mu*der her and hates her to the bones despite that she enter his prison cell alone with him without protection and no one stopped her. Leading to her face disfiguration and her brother committing su*cide


    • The FL reason for staying with her family and don't fight their abuse is her faithfulness to a promise she made to her dead lover. She dumbly waited for years without searching for him or prove his survival. She sacrificed everything she had for this promise. She lost her dignity, properties and even at the cost of her sister's live (her maid which she considered as her only relative). At the same time, she let the prince (ML) flirt with her all the time (he confessed his feelings and kissed her) and even went out on dates with him. She did not reprimand him or stop his advance or voice any kind of dissatisfaction towards him. If she is so faithful to her lover why would she be romantically involved with other men ?!!
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Feb 26, 2018
Status: c15
The story begins with the MC having transmigrated five years already. The previous owner of the body died of starvation after a month. So, we can tell how crappy the the mc’s family is towards her. Yet, after five years she has been constantly being bullied, and she is still taking it. The MC had to find a job, because her own family does not take care of her. The mc’s servant also gets bullied in the presense of the MC. So, why does she not run away, it is... more>> better than staying with the family? <<less
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Feb 04, 2018
Status: --
Trying to read this bc its volare n had alot of good review.

Altho its not as good as said, it still enjoyable.

Lots of CSI scene where MC show her knowledge bout bones and human body.

MC is potrayed as nancy drew, a nosy girl who doing all she likes by free or just a pitiful payment, mostly without being requested by anyone either the victims or her superior. The problem is her poor life (even the body owner starved to dead). Like its said " if u good at it, u... more>> better get paid for it", unless u wanna be mother theresa or filthy rich like bruce wayne. Heck! Even CSI get paid for their job, not doing charity act like MC. So I personally think MC is dumb or naive.

MC being treated like sh*t in her own house by her own relatives and shes aint doing anything to change that. Idk either shes s*upid or too lazy to bother. But one scene where she talk to a degenerate doesnt fit that logic. She said to fight back when being bullied nonstop but she aint do it herself. Seriously? More like a hypocrite. <<less
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May 10, 2018
Status: --
Grim procedural transmigration story about a cross-dressing forensic detective / coroner in ancient China

Ji Yunshu, a forensic anthropologist, dies and takes over the starved-to-death body of the neglected and hated bastard daughter of a noble family in ancient China, though the story starts years later. Ji Yunshu works as a death-painter for the magisterial police force, identifying and making portraits out of people's bones, and gets involved in several grim procedural detective stories, many involving content suitable for something like the Special Victim's Unit.

Ji Yunshu's family life is toxic, with... more>> her double-life as a detective acting as an escape and a way to collect money for living expenses. She herself is cold and calculating, though not evil, and what I've seen of her revenges are pretty minor. But definitely on the darker side of the scale for these kinds of fantasies.

During her work she comes across the imperial Prince Jing Rong, who wants to take her with him to the capital to solve a crime, but who, at the start of the novel at least, mainly stands around acting as a body guard, s*xual tension vending machine, general annoyance and patron.

I've read up to chapter 93, and I don't know if I have the energy to continue. There's been a bunch of cases thus far, all melodramatic and grissly and one involving pedophilia. There's some progress in the "mainline" plot, which I am honestly more interested in than the mu*ders.

Part of why this is that that there's an always reliable Twist Ending to the cases. Someone is usually arrested at the second beat, but there's still one third act left, which is spent figuring out the *real* culprit or *real* events. It gets a bit predictable, even only three-four cases in.

Another problem is that Ji Yunshu's methodologies are... suspect. Basically I have trouble believing the bullsh*t things she does with her magic coronery powers, including matching up blood-samples using vinegar, doing all sorts of things with bones that seem improbable, etc. etc. etc.

Basically the reader has to assume that the technological level of the setting is an actual reset, and that anything goes even if it doesn't work in real life or in the west.

At this point I'm dragging my feet to read the next chapter, which isn't a good sign. Not the fault of the characters, Ji Yunshu and Jing Rong aren't particularly terrible as Chinese women's transmigration stories go, it's just the relentless grimness of the cases and how the main plot drags a long. <<less
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Mar 13, 2022
Status: c116
This book is good if you consider only about the crime solving part, for rest other don't keep your hopes up.

MC is described as cold, aloof and indifferent but she's really not. She's ignorant and lazy. I didn't understand her keeping up with her abusive family, fine, I get that she promised someone so she's waiting for him to return, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't protect herself and her maid. Her submissive behaviour only gave leeway for her family to abuse them even more.

Sometimes I felt like she didn't... more>> deserve ML. If you're waiting for someone why let others develope feelings for you. She agreed for marriage with Wei Yi, he's a innocent fool, but instead of clearing up things she let things develop (author never explained Wei Yi's feelings so far but he really thought of her as his wife and sincerely looked forward to live with her). And for ML, he constantly reminded her his feelings but she never tried to resist but rather appear embarrassed and even her heart raced. So many times I felt she was two timing (okay that might not be the right word but it's kind of similar meaning)

I was willing to continue because of crime mysteries but MC character was constantly putting me off and I finally dropped it when she went to her brother's prison cell even knowing he would go to any extent to kill her. She's only smart when it comes to bones and dead bodies (of course which is her main characteristics), but she's an idiot and ignorant when it comes to general knowledge/feelings. <<less
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Aug 12, 2017
Status: c15
Normally I wouldn't give such a quick judgement on a novel, but I feel bad for the rating so...

I quite like this novel, reminds me of Tang Dinasty Forensic Doctor, Thousand Face Demonic Concubine and Mistaken Marriage Match: Washed Grievances.

The Main Femal lead has reincarned in the body of a joint miss that is not, like most novels of this type, the real and legitimate miss of the house, but she is the daughter of a prostitute with whom the father had a drunken interc**rse with and who died right... more>> after giving born to her.

The Main character soul occupies the body when the girl is 13 but the novel starts when she is already 16 or so, we don't get to read the moment she transmigrates.

In order to earn some money she, crossdressed as a boy, helps the government and draws the picture of the deceased bodies that are unrecognizable and helps with the cases.

The Male Lead has already appeared (chapter 7 was it?) , he is a prince as the you can understand from the synopsis who hasn't returned to the capital for almost half a year and has travelled through lots of counties for a reason that is not specified, for now. He is interested in the female lead (that he still believes to be a male) because of her talent in analysing the bones of the dead.

I think it's pretty interesting and with lot of possibilities, hopefully it won't get too common, but it looks promising.

As for the love story... the female lead looks like a cold one.. if the guy ends up doing all the job and chase her until the end of the earth I might get disappointed, so I hope that the female will reciprocate when the time comes...*finger crossed* for a delightful and cute love story~♡ <<less
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Apr 23, 2020
Status: c8
I'm only 8 chapters in and I'm already frustrated. The MC is a doormat. It starts 5 years after she transmigrated. The original owner starved to death and the entire family at best doesn't care about her and at worst bullies her and she just takes it. WHY? No reason. Just because. Wouldn't it make more sense to just leave the family and be on her own? YES. Did she do it? NO. She can clearly can make a living on her own so why put up with all these... more>> things? Its not like she has any great attachment to this family.

I decided to give up. I read to enjoy, not to make myself frustrated. <<less
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Aug 22, 2017
Status: c32
I quite like this story, not that it's anything super new or special, but her profession is very interesting.

The MC is the calm and tolerant type, something I would definitely appreciate if the ML wasn't so. f*cking. annoying.

The translation is amazing, the characters are great, the story isn't something new but the author adds creative twists, I would typically give this a great 5 star review.

But the ML is a f*cking brat.

... more>>

He talks about how he has eaten wild herbs in the wild to prove that he isn't a picky eater, WHEN HE COULD JUST f*ckING SAY THAT HE DOESNT HAVE AN APPETITE AFTER SEEING A DEAD BODY. I wouldn't mind too much but he says it as if eating wild herbs is some sort of extreme suffering. Grow up you brat. Probably half the food he is served in the royal kitchens is made with wild herbs.


And let me repeat, he. is. f*cking. annoying. He's constantly bothering and sexually harassing the MC by his whims. The MC is super angry but still tolerant which leaves me with a mass of rage within me that doesn't have an outlet.

I don't mind b*tchy side characters, we all know that they're gonna be disposed of and ruined. But a b*tchy ML? Nope, he's gonna be there for the whole rest of the story and the MC is gonna love him.

Tl;dr Great story author, but you better get the ML to stfu and repent or I'm dropping this shit. Props to the translator for the amazing work though.

Edit: sorry for all the swearing.... the mass of rage within me led to this rant. <<less
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May 28, 2020
Status: c158
At this point, I have given up. Don't get me wrong though-- The characters were really well written. They seemed very alive and multifaceted. The plot twists were very nice. But the pacing! Dragged! On! And it really got unbearable. I'm very sorry to drop it. It was perfect in almost every way.
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Apr 16, 2019
Status: c229
To begin with this novel isn't for anyone who just wants a sweet romance story. While love and affection is a big part of the story up to this point the cases and mysteries depicted are not for the faint of heart.

Gore, Death, mu*der push the story forward and give the novel a unique feel. The actions and desicions of the MCs are in my opinion reasonable and if not at least understandable.

The only thing I am not really a fan of are the semi-scientific methods used by the MC... more>> to solve crimes and mysteries. It seems to be a mixture of modern science and chinese medicine. It is not badly written or anything but it does prevent me from giving 5/5 stars because the MC uses knowledge from the 21st century but then uses something like ginger and vinegar to extract poison from bones and this just hurts my brain. <<less
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Jul 29, 2018
Status: c243
This novel is intended for mature audiences.

The story begins as an episodic mystery/detective story, with a transmigrated female lead using techniques from her past to solve mu*ders in an Imperial past setting - hampered by an abusive family and a 5 year history in the setting before the novel begins.

It quickly evolves into a complicated mind maze, where every conclusion is thrown on its head, and every case builds on another. Like any good mystery, the reader is constantly guessing whodunnit, why and wherefore, and occasionally how. Like any really... more>> good mystery, not much is as it first appears. Clues are hidden in plain sight, and tucked behind a façade, and every revelation casts a new light on... everything.

Nearly every character is a multi-layered human, with greater depths than one may assume upon first sight. Each new layer revealed presents the reader with a new, not always clearer, understanding.

The romance is a very slow build, with endless complications. The past is an ever-present shadow, lurking, sometimes engulfing the main characters, who aren't super-human or unfeeling.

Story progression waxes and wanes, with the first few chapters a slog for some readers, but it is worth sticking it out to see where the author is going. Rare stretches of exposition are necessary to introduce the reader to a scene, and new people, though most introductions occur within the action in this story.

For seasoned mystery fans - pay close attention, everything is important. <<less
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Jul 08, 2018
Status: c223
Due to the mature content, this novel is rated 18 years and up. Throughout the story, there are many, many broken/mutiliated corpses, several gory parts, serial mu*derers and even

a discovery of child s*xual abuse.

It's basically CSI mu*der in Ancient China.

As with most Volare novels, the translation is excellent. The heroine is "a famous forensic anthropologist in the field of archeology during the 21st century, who specialized in facial reconstruction of skeletons." She also knows forensics sciences from her forensic scientist dad. After dying in surgery, her soul wakes up in the body of a starved, bullied 13-year-old noble girl in Ancient China. Her family is utterly toxic, but she quietly stays away from them. This is not a revenge story. Chapter 1 opens 5 years after she transmigrated. In order to earn money for herself, she dresses as a male at the local magistrate's office. Her great skill is in being able to draw paintings of the deceased for identification. Even if only skeletal remains are found, she can paint them in life. She also uses her forensic skills to help solve mu*der cases. She is highly intelligent, emotionally detached (usually), and just trying to survive.

In her work, she attracts the attention of Prince Rong, who is passing through the city.

He soon falls in love with her as he observes her unusual skills.


The novel begins with several story arcs in a small city, then moves to larger/longer story arcs in the Capital city, involving imperial politics, foreign hostile nations, and the royal family.

The novel is about 60% mu*der mystery cases with forensics details, 20% interesting characters, 20% imperial politics, and 10% romance. There are cliffhangers at the end of chapters, because the story arcs/mu*der cases continue for many chapters. At Chapter 223, there still remain several unsolved clues in the story, so I hope they get resolved by the end.

There are 2 minor elements that I don't like that much, being

the character of Wei Yi, who has a lot of screen time but doesn't seem to add much to the story, and the recurring plot where Ji Yunshi solves a mu*der with her forensics skills, only to later discover she was wrong and based on further forensic evidence there was another mu*derer, only to later discover that there is yet another mu*derer behind that based on more forensic evidence.


I'm not sure how accurate some of her forensic skills are, but I decided that if I'm going to buy into transmigration of souls, I can buy into her forensic skills too. With respect to some other points brought up by other reviewers, Ji Yunshi has put up with her toxic family for 5 years because she is waiting for someone. Also, in Ancient China, noblewomen lived most of their restricted lives within their large family compounds (in the "inner/back courtyard") and were kept distant from outside men to preserve their virtue/modesty. The only way for Ji Yunshi to leave the house and make a living in forensics is to dress like a man. It's a good read (if you can deal with the dark subject matter), and I'll be following the story to the end.
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Mar 12, 2018
Status: c167
The best mystery novel (in my opinion) The romance is really slow but you won't mind it because the mystery makes up for it. The mysteries are really well thought out and always catch me off guard, I literally almost never see the plot twists coming. At first I almost dropped it but I'm so glad I didn't. The romance is progressing slowly and so far the ML has confessed but because of reasons (spoilers) the MC rejects him. Those of you wondering, why she never left the house if... more>> they treat her badly even though she's been there 5 years? Its Because she was waiting for someone and she's not dumb or weak at all and she just decided to put up with it since she wasn't planning to stay since the beginning. Personally I think the ML is great and him and the MC suit each other and he's always going with her to solve her cases and protecting her.

The novels pretty dark and even the mu*derers have emotional back stories and it makes it hard to really hate them when you can see why they did what they did. It shows both sides and doesn't make you blindly hate the criminals.
The descriptions are pretty graphic though but that just adds to the fun of you ask me. But if you can't stand dark and gore then it's probably not for you. <<less
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Mar 29, 2021
Status: c222
I'm at chap 222 and I'm already tired.

How many time did she get kidnapped and how many time did the ML get injured just to save her ass?

Also, can the ML stop assaulting her, this is not f*cking romantic.

... more>> One is super overbearing and the other one is super stubborn (FL)

I don't like the two main characters very much but aside that, the plot is 100% better than most historical josei on this site. Not everyone is brain dead in this novel and that's refreshing. The ML isn't hopelessly OP too.

So I will just take a break. <<less
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Jan 14, 2021
Status: --
Decent story, but not to my taste.

Pretty good romance, and plot but internal character inconsistencies for the MC make it hard to care about her.

In response to the top review, saying that people can't question the authors forensics bull because they're not professionals in the field is the equivalent of saying that people can't comment on sports if they're not a world class athlete, it's childish, as in I've literally heard children make that argument.
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