Boku no Meikko wa Yandere deshita


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The first time meeting my nieces

All of them are cute children, but only her……!?

The protagonist was made to look after his nieces for about a week because of his sisters’ trip to Tokyo.

His life will be swayed even more by 5 young girls, including the niece who acts like a newly-married girl

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My niece was a yandere
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Date Group Release
04/08/17 Kuso c20
03/17/17 Kuso c19
03/08/17 Kuso c18
02/25/17 Kuso c12-17
02/10/17 Kuso c10-11
02/04/17 Kuso c7-9
02/01/17 Kuso c6
02/01/17 Kuso c5
01/27/17 Kuso c1-4
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Victor DoUrden
Victor DoUrden rated it
February 15, 2017
Status: --
Rather... meh.

Appearances- nothing really to go by example: "Firstly, the oldest girl, the daughter of my oldest sister, Akira-chan. A lively and upfront, and yet the peacemaker for everyone, an oneechan-type of girl. " tall? short? fat? breast size? age? hair color?
romance- none
writing- is short

First chapter is god awful as there is no basis for him being liked at all. Holds his niece's hand bam she loves him. No preamble, no history to go by, no back story. Yandere needs a reason to be yan and dere...... more>> there is no reason. This spoils the story before it even begins. Chapter two she is already showing him her genitals.... like really? Ham fisted writing at best :/ <<less
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