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Shi Ye × Sheng Xia

Tsundere top, slow-witted bottom.

A somewhat unconventional band story, not set in the entertainment industry, with a seven-year age gap between the main characters. Both protagonists are a bit childish and strange, telling the boring story of two neurotic and whimsical people falling in love. There may be many triggering points, so enter the story with caution.

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ShadowQuxxn rated it
April 3, 2024
Status: Completed
Just as a warning for anyone new reading this, the version the translators are translating from is old and not accurate to the current raws at all. Even just MTLing the 1st chapter of the raws will show you that there's text missing/changed from the translation vs the raws. The missing text leaves out some important context in just the first chapter so I can't imagine how much would be changed in the rest of the novel. If you want a glaring example really fast, the date is a good... more>> one. The date of su*cide changed from July 21st (old) to June 4th (updated). Even just visiting the original publisher for the first 25 free chapters would tell you there's been major changes to the plot....

I personally can't recommend reading this as the plot is very different from what's actually being translated. I LOVED the og novel, just can't rate it any higher here. It's beautifully written and really deserves a good translation. Reminder to support raws and the original writers!!! <<less
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