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Our protagonist was an adult in his late twenties, who had crossed dimensions into a world of cultivation. However, he was sent into the body of an infant when the transcension happened. Our story begins a few years later, when both his parents died to an illness and he was the only heir to his clan, at six years old. Watch him grow as a human and a cultivator as he fends off enemies who desire his fortune and builds his influence in the new world!

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Ra3ie1 rated it
November 8, 2017
Status: c6
1 star due to click bait. Very typical reincarnation, predictable and nothing special.

Typical "tr*sh" MC, from tr*sh country, from tr*sh clan, clan is in dire state (as always). MC is a typical 6 y.o. allround genius, who decided to be muted and do nothing for 4 years cuz he cursed his fate-reincarnation (WTF?) and still he didn't degradate, even became smarter (LuL).

Ordinary life? No, he has "old grandpa" - "lucky accident" met old god and received a legendary heritage cuz MC is blablabla. (long and boring bullsh77)

Then another accident... more>> luck "old brother":"MC you are so handsome and misterious! I want to be your wife (sorry, another story) I want to be your brother!". Cuz MC has legendary beasts somewhere (very misterious place in mc's head or in the different dimension) big bro is a summoner. *How booooriiiing*

But I decided to drop novel after this chapter (saw author's potential) :


MC is supposed to be smart and cautious person. But in this chapter he is greedy, brainless, foolish spoiled child. "Oh, there are beasts who can kill me with breath? I want to see them right now". "Oh so much corpses! I want to rob them all." *maybe there can be traps, curses or other dangers?*-nooo, only priceless treasures *yeah sure, very interesting (NO) *.

"Oh, fruits? I love unknown fruits from unknown place. *chew, chew*" -*just kill yourself lucky moron*

"I'm good and righteous, I have to bury thousands corpses."-Shortly after *SHORTLY? He is 6y.o. weckling! Thousands huge corpses, HOW? He need to spend couple months just to dig a grave and after this to move all bodies... author you are killing me.* "ancestors you should be gratefull to my kindness" *Idiot! You robbed them and now pretend to be a righteous? Old grandpa guarded here for 10, 000 years and didn't buried them, maybe there is a reason???*

This twisted MC just pissed me off, I can't read this sh77


Here is my qustion:"Author, if you are bad writer and has no clue how to create a story, just give him a higher starting point (like in HN1F) and all his strength/luck will looks more natural. Why always- tr*sh, incredible chain of luck, more luck *boom*... strongest ever in one month->next location. It's boring and have no common sense!" <<less
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LeeEzekiel rated it
January 5, 2018
Status: c65
I don't know how Gravity Tales always manages to pick the worst "tr*sh MC" Xianxias every time, but kudos. This story does not stray from the template, and has embraced all of the genre's usual flaws without adding any redeeming factors. In fact, rather than a novel, this feels like a checklist that the author fleshed out into several dozen chapters. It has the typical reincarnated MC with the emotional maturity of a chihuahua, cookie cutter "lucky events", and abhorrent morals that the author tries to present as righteous and... more>> normal.

Also, stay mad rosyprimrose. "What can YOU write!?" isn't a proper rebuttal to the very valid criticisms that the other reviewers gave. The only way you can enjoy something like this is if you're braindead and have terrible taste in wish fulfillment novels. <<less
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Darkmek rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: c34
i dont know how to descrip this story, but I just know that MC loves everyone except his parent who love him. What sin MC's parent do in past life to have a son likes this guy.
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clam rated it
January 29, 2018
Status: c140
This novel forces things and I mean a lot of things that didn't need to happen happens. The author seems to want to make tragedy moments but fails horribly at it only to infuriate the readers.


... more>>

The MC suddenly decides to get orphans and train them and he has no back up plan for if they betray him and he also gives them heaven defying weapons well at least the weapons he gives them are 100x better compare to the weapons in their current world he has a lot of these weapons btw.

The MC saves a father and daughter her name is (mo ling) literally saved their whole branch family. Lets get this straight the father seems like a up right and respectable man and is very loyal. MC becomes childhood friends with the girl later on builds into a very strong bond. He spends 10 years living with her they were basically on their way to getting married.

the MC happen to got injured leaving him very weak he was beyond overpowered but now even the orphans he trained are strong that him by leaps and bound. This is for a long period of time. How he got injured very s*upid lets say.

after 10 years of loyalty and spending time with mo ling/childhood friend. She just happens to betray him for his weapon. Literally she stabs him in the back while he was fighting to protect her also chops off the hand of a girl who was trying to protect him form the childhood friend in the process. Turns out the father made her do it but understand the father was randomly and I mean absurdly randomly given a character change he did a full 180 no given signs author just did it on a whim. Apparently mo ling was feeling regret and wanted to commit su*cide multiple times but then she also killed one of MC close friends.

MC comes back in rage to see that the people he helped are now killing his clan members and is enraged blah blah all the MC hidden power comes out shows them they regret he shows that he had hundreds of those weapons hat she back stabbed him for and would have given her one if she had simply asked. He then kills her tells her if they could be brother and sister in the next life he would love it.

what is so annoying is that she was the most built up character in the novel and was just killed of like that like the author got tired of her plot and said fk I don't like her ima kill her off. Not to mention the MC is ret*rded hes supposed to be a adult in a childs body but acts like a complete fool.


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November 16, 2017
Status: c32
for a xianxia story.. MC in small town.. is a young master. His family is being ganged up on. Sob sob sob.. oh thats every xianxia story. The biggest unique thing was he stuck with the clan and built a secret base to cultivate.

suddenly at chapter 30 MC killed a little boy who was acting mildly bratty then by 32 he telling children they must serve him for life and if they dont practice hard he will mu*der them also... im like wth is this.

Mere villian. rising up... more>> to kill. mu*der his way to the top with god complex and treating humans like kleenex. MC has no morals at all... starting to wonder what they teach in china. That this type of tr*sh story is the average crap teen read..

In reality this is a self serving s*avery story.. as for the translator quality it is good however.. the story itself in my opinion is just tr*sh.

I wanted to give this the worst rating possible. However the quality of the translation was very good. <<less
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MeatEatingPriest rated it
January 5, 2018
Status: --
How has nobody made this joke yet? Atypical reincarnation? More like A Typical Reincarnation.

Pretty dang run off the mill, cliche ridden, bog standard cultivation novel. Fine if you don't have much exposure to the genre or have somehow read everything good already. Otherwise, give it a miss.
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YOYO rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: c164
Frankly speaking I loved this story at the start however three things really pissed me off

1. The girl he loved and spent ten years with randomly betrays him for a weapon (which is considered mega strong by others and is considered worthless to MC), it's also sad because she had a lot of build up and what ticked me off she is ''sorry'' and wanted to commit su*cide multiple time but her dad who went from " "good guy"to super evil guy stops her. What the f*ck is going on???

2.... more>> This one connects with the one above, after the MC kills the girl he keeps her body and attempts to revive her. Why?? You killed her dad. Worst thing is his three future harem girls who see her as a threat kill the girl for good and the MC come in on them when they kill her. Guess what?? He just screams at them and one day later he forgets about the girl he loved

3. This is what really pissed me off, the MC sends his men to wipe out the girls clan but they are captured by some mysterious group and are tortured nearly to death because of the weapons MC gave them. Ok normal so far right?? No, he goes anihillates the girls clan and the mysterious group come to him he kills some of them and later finds out the mysterious groups leader is his aunt who have has never seen and he fogives her. Really, she just tortured your people nearly to death, after finding out she is his aunt he even Bowes down to her apologiges for his actions against her when she was in the wrong.

Sorry for my rant but I just couldn't keep it in me anymore. I don't normally critize any novels and if I do I at least point out there pros and cons but this one only has cons <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: c203
It seems I'm not the only one who want to shout out loud about this novel

Like what most people said it started good AT FIRST everything was normal then all hell break loss and yeah it became one of the most tr*sh *cough *cough hated novel on my list. Ridiculously s*upid MC, even an idiot MC pale in comparison against this novel MC. Of course idiot MC are very common now a days but like I said calling the MC of this novel as an idiot is an insult to... more>> the word idiot it self. Even the word tr*sh can't be describe to the MC of this novel.

So anyway MC of this novel is created as a hypocrite and was the very definition of being back stab. Out of nowhere everyone just feel like backstabing the MC so yeah the word backstab is common in this novel.

Another thing is author love to troll when it comes to relationship you see many potential partner but it is a ZERO NONE NOTHING of them comes into being.

Reason for DROPPING this novel! Spoiler below


I already survive reading 100 chapters of blah blah blah where MC remain 6 yrs old all the time. I though that I have read the worst part that this novel has to give but after 10yrs have pass and MC is like around 16yrs old the worst has yet to end.

Every one keep on betraying MC as it is normal the disgusting part of this novel is how good people turn bad with the most s*upid and ridiculous reason. And now it became pretty much PREDICTABLE. I mean if MC meat good people (girls included) they will betray MC 100% guaranteed! reason of betrayal? the most idiotic reason of all time.

What OP MC his still useless and is barely alive because of plot armor, It means for example a huge meteor drop above MC and MC will Die 100% but because of plot armor the meteor got hit by a random stone before hitting MC and for some idiotic reason change direction, just like that MC is ALIVE.

Another thing is that gather force something YET MC always go on SOLO so what the hell is the purpose of the force he gathered when he was 6yrs old? NONE NOTHING it's a USELESS force

@chapter 173 the r*pe part I almost vomit how awful this novel is... To think the author introduce a girl blah blah blah then just get r*pe at the end! GIVE me back my expectation for the girl! seriously MC is tr*sh and useless as of chapter 173 that is 2 girls DOWN seriously at this point I ain't surprise if his wife also get r*pe and daughter get killed this is how useless the MC of this novel...


You been warned! My reason for reading this is because I am looking forward of the most ridiculous end this novel is the opposite of the best has yet to come. Since as chapters are added the novel become more tr*sh and the MC became more useless.

The worst has yet to come? read hundred chapters? B*tch Please there is more much worse after 200 chapters. Since this novel has yet to hit my bottom line like NTR part so it's still readable to pass time.

Atypical B*LLSH*TNESS I just feel like I wasted to much of my time reading this d*mn novel so I officially drop this novel buried it under my graveyard list hoping to NEVER encounter nor see this novel ever again

As of Chapter 200 (although I its 202 I decided to close 201 and 202 since I was like wtf in chapter 200) If you still read this pass chapter 200 then I am amaze on how you can ever read this novel bow down to you who can read pass chapter 200 as for me enough is enough to much B*LLSH*TTING on this already beyond my bottom line.


As of chapter 200 remember the good old village that MC was save where He left his good old wife and daughter.. guess what? It got destroyed and wife and daughter got capture. So lets flashback a little can this situation be avoided? hell yeah in the first place MC with enemies left and right how the hell did he left them their! I was not that shock just annoy, I just read that girl got r*pe and now this? like I said author has to much B*LLSH*TTING in this novel.


MC in this novel are what you call your typical A**H*LE where he is so arrogant fight enemies left and right with out carrying of consequences because plot armor can save him anytime and the damage is taken by everyone in his surroundings.

To sum it up this novel is about MC with OP plot armor MC survive because of his OP plot armor everything about MC why he still alive is because of the OP plot armor, and another thing is the TRAGIC fate of people around MC who doesn't have plot armor so they die get killed blah blah blah because they don't have plot armor with them. This is the never ending cycle of this novel it is much worse than your typical copy paste scene or any filler since Plot armor is what makes the MC invincible...

You have been warned worst novel I read this year although not the 1st rank but it's part of my top 10 novel I will never read again!

Since this is the last time I'll be here let's put my own version of description


Our protagonist was ret*rded adult in his late twenties, who had crossed dimensions into a world of cultivation. However, he was sent into the body of an infant (if you call 2yrs old an infant well no comment) when the transcendence happened. Our story begins a few years later, when both his parents died to an ACCIDENT! it is a f*cking accident and he was the only heir to his clan, at six years old. Watch him grow as an epic legendary ret*rded useless worthless human and a cultivator who has invincible plot armor as he offends enemies left and right who desire his fortune (because his f*cking showing off his treasure left and right) and destroy his influence in the new world!...


finally after this I will, no I must forget that I ever read this novel... <<less
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rosyprimrose rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: --
Currently on chapter 64. I like it for the genre it is. It's not some deep philosophical story. It's accomplishing what it's meant to do. Give entertainment. Some of the bad reviews are by ppl who can't even write a word or create anything. I have a pet peeve for ppl like that. Don't act like some professional critic (and I hate even those no talent hacks who only know to criticize others by acting knowledgeable). I like it, period. I hope it continues on the same vein.
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cynzfirefly rated it
May 6, 2018
Status: c219
Some people feel very poorly about this story. Others think it is a very good one. I guess I will have to step up and take a more objective approach to this. Please do not read this review if you do not wish for any spoilers up to chapter 219.

... more>>

So Far... (chapter 1-219)

Story (Plot) : 2/5
The story is quite intriguing and has plenty of potential to grow. The summary/synopsis really does not give the story any credit of how good it can become. The MC has quite the role in the plot and is well-integrated in the story. Of course, this does not fix the problem it has: <Outrageously Improbable Chance>. Although it certainly does play the card of "the best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray", it over-exaggerates the entire premise. This causes plot to go from having "watching the MC grow and fend off enemies" to "torturing the MC just because plot". I do not believe that this story meant to do this, but from chapter 150 and onward, there is this strange possibility where the author seems to want to torment the MC just because. The story started out like a typical "MC with advantages" and proceeds in this way. Although the story limits the MC's total growth, it is not that bad... and then it ruins it. Despite having so much potential, the plot is simply unidentifiable at this point as there are too many different factions coming into play too soon. If the author was able to implement this in a well-flowing way, there would be no problem with the sequence. However, the author fumbled badly and now the plot is quite a mess. As some others have said in the reviews, this story is truly not moving anywhere at all.

In conclusion: the story can be much better if it was written in a different way.

Character: 3/5
Unsurprisingly, the characters have been made fairly well. All of the introduced characters are fairly well described and plays an interesting role in the plot. If you are to compare this to other novels, I would say: "Game of Thrones". It is not on the level of that novel, of course, but it does show the mortality of the characters and that anyone can die. At the same time, however, it feels like the author is simply killing off characters that he/she does not wish to write for anymore... or he/she suddenly remembered that the character existed and simply removed that character for plot convenience.

Settings: -/5
I simply cannot find a good setting to review since... it was fairly well done in the beginning. And then it started becoming white-washed and empty. Either I was too concentrated on the active foreground of the story... or the author simply lost the patience with creating the environment. There are other novels that end up this way, so this is not a unique occurrence. This really hurts a novel so I have no rating counts as a 0/5, which I rarely give out even among other works I have reviewed outside of this site.


Overall: 1.5/5
I cannot rate this highly because there is a lot of potential for this story. It is simply too poorly written, as if the author is slowly losing his/her patience with the story or has too many great ideas that don't mix up properly. If you do not mind some minor spoilers, read the short details in the spoilers to find out some of the factors that I have given this such a low rating. <<less
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blackhawkrider rated it
November 13, 2017
Status: c27
Not much to talk about regarding this novel. The intro is a very stereotypical reincarnation structure. It literally is the opposite of the title "Atypical Reincarnation". Ignoring that, the content of the story (till chapter 27) can be considered "not bad". Oh yea. The MC is pretty OP due to that "old grandpa". If you are into a "reincarnation" story, "OP MC", and is willing to give the novel a chance, then this is probably not a bad way to kill time while waiting for more updates from other novels.
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MagianoJCP rated it
March 21, 2018
Status: c173
a good read*see how I made the tense small* I like stories about reincarnation. But only if the story interest me. Although this cliche, I feel that there's this charm wanting me to read it. The first few chapters where okay.

Getting stabbed in the back. Getting amnesia and having a wife and a child. Sure thats fine. I can take as much as that.


But seriously, do you really have to add a r*pe scene??. Thats as much turns me off. Since it wasn't just a normal side character but for me a potential love interest for the MC. But you just gotta ruin it. This should be a tragedy.


but since I this novel interest me. I wouldn't just drop it for now. And hoping that the MC gets the girl as a lover. Plus author-san please cut loose ends before ending something. Like his childhood friend for freaking 10 years just backstabbed him and was just casually killed of when the MC tried saving her.
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blacklostus rated it
March 28, 2018
Status: c31
Our protagonist is a ret*rd, although he reincarnated, his intelligence is truly questionable. Given the gold finger, only failing to effectively utilize it. Distributing a major portion of his celestial pills and weapons within a group of henchmen that he yet test their loyalty. Furthermore, his personality is questionable for he kills a mere child in process of establishing dominance over his henchmen.
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January 9, 2018
Status: c71
It's decent. Kind of generic, definately going to be a harem later, but it's got a different system (for now) and instead of having just cultivators you've got summoners, rogues, swordsmen and healers.

I forgot to change stars I'd do 3.5
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Dropped it during the sudden 10 years of time skip. He didn't cultivate a single bit during 10 years. What use there is to be spirit realm in age 6. Such a dumb Time skip.

I enjoyed it nonetheless until the time skip. Specially when I heard he was stuck in the same stage as before. What a great annoying plot. I like neither slow nor fast pace. Sudden jump without any improvement in strength is really annoying to read.
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kleepart rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: c172
So I see that this novel is not getting a lot of love. In a way, I totally get it. There were a lot of moments that made me shake my head. Typical Xianxia tropes, but funny enough they sometimes just spring up randomly.

... more>>

The usual aphrodisiac came outta nowhere, went nowhere.... made zero sense, did nothing for the plot


However, I actually do quite enjoy this. I will often give these stories a chance, and then decide after a while if I want to stick with them. And, so far, I want to stay with this one.

And I don't even like harems. And usually I don't stray from BL.

Unique--maybe not. However, I find it fun, I like the characters, I like the world and the martial powers they have in it. The translations are very well done, and very quick as well. So I will continue to read, and occasionally groan at the ridiculous nature of this novel, but also secretly love it. What can I say, I'm just a sucker for this genre, tropes and all. I also love the shameless MC. He's kinda terrible, and kinda great. <<less
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