Assassins Pride


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As an aristocrat, Merida Angel studied at an academy that developed mana users but she did not have any mana. Kufa Vanpiel was dispatched to be her tutor and at the same time he was ordered to assassinate the girl if she did not have any talent. “Do you want to try to entrust your life to me?” he asked, as not an assassin nor a tutor but as someone that was betting on his pride as an assassin tutor, to show the girl’s worth to the world.

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09/13/19 MofuMofu Translation v2 prologue
09/13/19 MofuMofu Translation v1 epilogue
09/13/19 MofuMofu Translation v1c5
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TrueHistoria rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c4
The LN translation was up to Chapter 2 and the manga translation was up to Chapter 11. So sad that this novel discontinued its LN translation because I would like to see more. There were very few novels like this which is a golden jewel in a large addled bushes.

First of all, the protagonist, Kufa Vanpiel, is an assassin who possesses extraordinary skills. He was given a mission to be a tutor of a certain woman whose name is Merida Angel--a noble. As a woman who does not have... more>> any mana, Merida was struggling day-by-day. She suffers bullying, discouragement, and such. Kufa's objective was to awaken her mana but there was a certain condition.

If all of the measures were implemented and there were still unsuccessful results, there is only one thing to do--kill her. Kufa nearly intended to kill her, upon seeing unsatisfying results. But as he sneaked into her room, Merida was nowhere to be found. Thereupon he felt hostile presences nearby, so he dashes outside, and he saw Merida was being assaulted by three Lycanthropes in the forest.

The woman being assaulted which can led to killing her will make Kufa's work easier, but there was a moment that piqued his interest. Amid the pain she experienced, despite the suffering she endured, Merida did not run away, even though she does not have the power to fight, she did not run away. As he witnessed such a woman, Kufa felt something that he should do, and he did it. Kufa immediately slaughtered the three violators with incredible speed. Thereafter, Kufa realized that what he did was obviously contrary to his objective. And so, Kufa made a resolve: he should protect Merida at any cost and he must become her power. Having said that he will do so, Merida bursted into tears. Moments later, he asked her to entrust her life to him, but there were certain dangerous conditions:

1) He knows a way to awaken her mana but the success rate is 70%. Out of ten tries, three will fail. 2) If there were failure results, there will be prognostic symptoms:

a) Becoming a demon or a monster for the rest of her life.

b) She will lose her life.

Kufa did given Merida options to select: to agree or to disagree. Even though she disagrees, he will look after her gwoth until graduation. But Merida immediately agreed, showing determination. Now that they have made a contract with each other, what will going to happen next? Wil Kufa train Merida to become an assassin also? Will he succeed in his new objective towards her? I would like to see more of this novel. The LN was way up to several volumes already as of now, so it is saddening that I am falling way far behind.

I hope someone will pick this up and continue its translation. These kinds of novels, especially in JP, were very very rare.

It has recieved anime adaptation, so I guess this will become a motivation for translators to continue this. <<less
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dniv rated it
August 20, 2018
Status: --
The Manga and LN for this are both awesome. I really wish someone picked this up and continued translating it. It's really good! Someone please translate more! I expect it'd be quite popular considering this is getting an anime!
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September 14, 2019
Status: v1 epilogue
I like story but I hate lolicon... I dont understanding, why japanese love underage girl. Well, good thing this story good. I like progress heroine from weak to strong, I like cool and strong but I dont like romance in this story.
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