Arrogant Young Lady in the Sixties


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Lin Qiao, a wealthy heiress who only knows how to enjoy life, decides to participate in a transformation challenge to gain the inheritance rights in her family. In an unexpected turn of events, she becomes part of the “Interstellar Memory: A Sweet Transformation” game, leading her to a parallel time and space in the 1960s. Here, she learns about the spirit of struggle in a difficult era.

In the 1960s, Lin Qiao faces three game character options:

A third-generation poor farmer, a righteous and upright rural girl — cultivating the land in the vast countryside and becoming a model worker of the times.

A factory worker laboring on the production line — embodying the spirit of working tirelessly and fearlessly, always at the frontline of production.

The unmarried fiancé of a tall, strong, and handsome military officer — becoming a pair of revolutionary comrades-in-arms who are envied by all during these difficult times.

Without hesitation, Lin Qiao chooses to embark on a romantic love affair with the handsome military officer.

As her character is generated, Lin Qiao endures countless hardships to find the military camp. Clad in patched clothes, holding a bundle, she stands outside the camp shivering in the biting cold. The camp is in a remote border, surrounded by wilderness, appearing desolate.

Her military officer fiancé comes out, tall and imposing, with rugged, dark skin, and sharp, knife-like eyes. Lin Qiao, feeling helpless and tearful, asks, “Can I start a new game?”

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