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Everyone is sick in this world, yet everyone thinks that they have the cure.

The imperial court seeks for transmigrators, conferring them all types of positions depending on their talent, in order to improve the civilization that lags behind and create a brand new world.

As the young master of Pang Men, Zuo Yunqi disguised as a transmigrator to sneak into the imperial palace, wanting to save his father. After the professional transmigrator-identifier Lou Zhu saw through his disguise, the two of them played rounds and rounds of mind games, made dozens and dozens of scenes, and finally reached a consensus at last.

However, while they jointly stopped a shocking conspiracy, they discovered that the transmigrators secretly established an alliance, trying to overthrow the administration and build a new society, and this discovery forced Zuo Yunqi and the others to take part in this warfare of scramble.

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You Yao
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March 1, 2021
Status: --
hhahahaha It is beautiful, I love that it has comedy but at the same time it is tragic, sometimes I can not understand if there are 3 couples or only two, but it does not matter. I like the characters, the story and more.
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yooa_12 rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: c42
The structure this novel is written was very interesting to me, and I liked it. It makes it feel like a short theater, it was nice and easy to make these scenes seem like sketches and highlight the funny or dramatic or sad parts.

I am very fond of the characters, they are so likeable and interesting enough to have their own arcs. But I still feel this could've been developed even further, deeper, they had enough content to explore and give a us a more detailed view of their principles... more>> and motivations.

and there were some characters whose arcs were somehow disappointing, for the lack of a better word.


Zhou Rongqi was a GREAT character, he really had a reason to hold all those grudges towards his brother, the emperor, and Li Ke was his redemption in a way. I wish the author could've gone more into detail about how Li Ke helped Rongqi in many aspects of his life, going from a captive-capturer relationship into something very intimate to the point they were the only person the other truly trusted and were willing to give their lives for. And because Rongqi was a pained character with gray moral I feel he deserved a redemption arc, and not end up dying the way he did. I know that his soul might be trapped inside the dagger but still!!!! QAQ Li Ke and Rongqi deserved to be happy together and enjoy their remaining days in utter bliss [cries]


Although I wouldn't consider this novel as a danmei, THERE IS a lot of queercoded characters, they never state their status explicitly but come on!! you cannot there's hinted homoeroticism

Lou Zhu x Zuo Yunqi


Lou Zhu and Zuo Yunqi were lowkey confusing because they would call each other "mine" and since the novel just goes briefly around how the characters interact with each other, you could've guessed that they got together a while ago, but then near the end this theory shatters..... UNTIL yunqi says he wants to protect lou zhu for the rest of their lives..... AND IN THE END lou zhu is like yeah I'm weak so I hope you can keep your word. so idk ma'am but that sounds pretty way for me


Zhou Rongqi x Li Ke


what can I say, this is probably the most canonical ship of the whole novel. zrq starts using lk to reach his goal, until lk dies in his arms and he gets to live the rest of his days alone and when he dies he is reborn into the day he lost lk with the difference that now lk is alive and well, since then they start working together to kill the emperor, but they treat each other no different from how a married couple does QAQ and zrq begs lk to kill him in the end, because he'd rather die in his hands than be controlled as a puppet and hurt him more than he already did in the past. It's very bittersweet the way their story unfolds, but it's clear that lk was the last thread of sanity zrq had, the only reason why he kept living


Long Daxia x qian zhenduo


Although the latter is a minor side character whom appears for a few chaps and then is only in the background without anything special for the rest of the plot. but!!! it's very very explicit that they're together, like literally long daxia says nobody has ever caught his attention until qzd came into his life, and they retreat together to travel the world in the end. they're each other's significant other and it shows. these mf gays good for them good for them


for the rest of the characters like lin kai, xie liang and fan aiguo are so very loveable, they're the funniest characters and they are sunshines to sum it up.

Anyways, I expected so much more in terms of plot development and details but it was a great novel, with this concept and all the other funny things like yuber, for example haha. I still think the donghua is a great adaptation and you probably won't miss a lot if you don't read the novel BUT I cannot say that for sure since the donghua is not yet complete, we shall wait and see. <<less
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alice_animelover rated it
June 9, 2021
Status: c1
I'm dying..... what do I do with all these feels.....?????

This series is severely underrated and the donghua is also severely underrated..... What to do?

My Zhou Rongqi and Li Ke shipping heart will never truly find peace.....
... more>>

They got a really bittersweet end...


The only couple in the novel that truly ended up together and had a happy ending was Long Daxia and Qian Zhenduo.

They both became travelers in the end.


My only issue with them is that I preferred for the author to actually write their couple arc out instead of putting it down as some kind of newspaper interview section being told from multiple "extras" perspectives.

Their story arc gets told in the last four extra chapters labeled "Heroes". And it was really, really cute.


Arguably, the main couple also got a happy ending too, but...

... their story fell at the "we'll meet again" ending trope.


Honestly, although quite a few details were changed and omitted in the donghua, I quite prefer the flow of the donghua more. Some parts were better explained and a few of the changed scenes left a stronger impact behind compare to the novel. Some minor characters were given a spotlight in the donghua whereas in the novel they were only either briefly mentioned or never showed up again. The personality also changed for a few of the characters, but that doesn't bother me much because each version was made to impact the story outcome differently for both the donghua and the novel.

Overall, I technically wanted to give only a 4 star, but because I cried watching the donghua and cried reading the novel (especially over Zhou Rongqi and Li Ke while having the ending theme song on repeat) I felt it deserved the extra star.

.....Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh......... What to do about my heavy heart with ZRQ and LK.....??? Are there any fanfic writers out there???? Pleeeeease..... I need peace..... <<less
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Mikaela15cute rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: --
I love this one although it is sad that it does not focus much on couples. Still interesting, I never thought I would cry with this novel.
Aaaaah in love with the characters and eager to see the second season of donghua that will tell us more interesting things that happen in this wonderful novel.
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Mingyue18 rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: c30
Ohh my god it's soo good, like even though I came here after watching the drama, reading the novel definitely gives you different feel, like the way it's written is so funny and so easy to imagine how this scene must be going, it's like reimagining the world in a primitive way
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