Apocalypse Saga: Since I’ve Transported to Another World With the Online Game Dungeon and the Strongest Subordinates, I Don’t Plan on a Slow Life, but Rather on a Demon King Move to Conquer the World


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It was an MMORPG launched by Japan’s leading game maker with the slogan “Embodiment of Japanese Spirit,” but now, the game that had become a global sensation awaited nothing but its end.

Haruto, burdened with the task of continuing the game that had become a relic, was a Dungeon Master known to all within the game. However, that was in the past. Amidst a game where rivals retired one after another, he struggled with the loneliness and emptiness of sitting alone on the throne of being the strongest.

But then, Haruto was transmigrated to another world. And not just any world, but with his dungeon, the “Saint Tower Babellion,” and his proud subordinates who protected it.

This is the story of a man bearing the title of the strongest, conquering a different world with the strongest dungeon and subordinates by his side.

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Apocalypse Saga
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04/17/24 TinyTL c42
04/16/24 TinyTL c41
03/26/24 TinyTL c40 part2
03/26/24 TinyTL c40 part1
03/21/24 TinyTL c39
03/20/24 TinyTL c38
03/19/24 TinyTL c37
03/18/24 TinyTL c36
03/17/24 TinyTL c35
03/16/24 TinyTL c34
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03/13/24 TinyTL c31
03/12/24 TinyTL c30
03/11/24 TinyTL c29
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