All For the Sake of Great Harmony


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Sinan Ke is a young talented writer of small, very dark *beep* novels. He is a gold medal author on a famous meat* novels website and he has a multitude of fans. However, he is still, after all, a wretched writer who puts the main character in his stories through great torment; so on this day, he got his retribution…

System: Welcome, Visitor No. 039, to the virtual punishment worlds of the Great Harmony Department. You are in scene XY0358, your current status is a student currently taking an exam—

Student Sinan Ke: What? ! ! (⊙?⊙)

System: Please save the various youths who have lost their way, otherwise, you will not be able to break away from the virtual punishment world.

This is the story of a small author of small *beep* novels being punished to go through various small *beep* worlds. He was tasked to save the protagonist who, because of said author, was turned into an obscene *beep* toilet.

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09/18/18 Vellichor Translations c2
09/13/18 Vellichor Translations c1
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Darkness7913 rated it
October 20, 2018
Status: Completed
ML irl is so Meng!!!

MC is so cool!!! Shou but a greatgangster!


When each world mission is complete MC has the choice to continue or leave, leaving means he will die BUT!!!

  • I'm happy with the ending in which MC's data was made to live in each world
  • I'm still annoyed with the emperor
  • I felt bad for the cultivation world Bai Hua so with the ending I'm so happy!! (It was voluntary kidnapping)
  • I wanted him to end with Chen Jing!! Not Bai Xi Chen! I wanted to grind him to dust!!
  • I was so sad that ML had a broad experience! MC was too pure that he didn't know when someone liked him!! His reaction when he discovered that his 2 previous bros actually liked him
  • I should have read this first before giving stars! (MINUS 1 star coz ML 1st isn't MC!!)
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gummybear123 rated it
October 11, 2018
Status: c2
I haven't gotten that far into reading this one yet, but I have become intrigued by what I have read so far. Seeing that there are no reviews I wanted to offer up this one to encourage you yaoi lovers to give this one a go.

The premise is a pretty basic: author transmigrates and I suspect eventually meets up with Shou and or Gong that follows through with them through their various worlds. What makes this novel special though is the humor (sometimes self-deprecating) that the main character has towards... more>> his situations. The thought process of the main character is far from boring and propels the story forward. There is also an interesting twist to the basic premise with the investigation of the ethical dilemma concerning what is deemed acceptable in works of yaoi compared to real life. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
March 12, 2019
Status: c36
i agree that the president is the most interesting character so far, cold on the outside but a huge fanboy on the inside. In fact, those interactions are the best part of the story. The trips to his worlds are OK but bland. The concept is a little different since he's not falling in love with any of the characters, just trying to "fix" things and acting as a guardian/big brother to the protagonist (I've only read two worlds so far though so it could change later on). I haven't... more>> really found the story very funny so the comedy seems a little lacking, nothing that's made me laugh out loud or even giggle to myself. I'll keep reading but its a solid 3 for me at the moment. <<less
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avatrenai rated it
February 12, 2019
Status: c34
Omg the president is killing me. He is soooooo freaking adorable, just 😍😍😍 I just wanna hug 'em 🤗🤗🤗🤗 So far this story is keeping me very entertained and oddly enough my favorite character is the president who so far you dont get to see too often because MC is constantly traveling to other worlds. This story is still pretty interesting and still enjoyable through google translate. I give it a 5 stars
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
February 9, 2019
Status: Completed
Read this in one day. Damn tired (from laying on my side for too long) theres already good reviews. Just wanna post so that I know when I come back in the future I already read this one. Sometimes I forget mostly becaude chapters stopped being translated or I read too much novels.

This one is great, even thou it has a systems settings it differes too much from others. The MC is also cute nad annoying in his own way, he actually acts like a person unlike other MC in... more>> other novels. The romance also wasnt made quickly instead it was thoroughly made. Of course the novel isnt perfect but the fact that its very unique and has refreshing plot wont make you hate it. <<less
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January 24, 2019
Status: --
It’s good but isn’t this basically a ripoff “The people who’re supposed to kill me feel for me instead” ?????

or maybe it’s the other way around.....

( ̄∇ ̄) anyways ╮ (╯▽╰) ╭it’s still a good novel so far but I’ll see how it progresses
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