After Losing Her Husband, She Turned the Petty Villains in the Marquis’s Mansion Into Big Shots


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When Tang Shuyi is transported to another world, she finds herself in the body of the wife of Marquis Yongning in the Daqian Dynasty. With wealth, power, and status, and without in-laws or a living husband, she seems to have hit the jackpot of transmigration. Just as she begins to relish her life as a wealthy and noble lady, she discovers she’s actually in a novel – as its greatest villain.

Not only does she possess wealth, power, and status, but she also has three unruly children. The eldest is lovesick, the second a notorious playboy in the capital, and the youngest daughter is arrogant and domineering. She herself is destined to die soon, leading to the fall of the marquis’ title and a tragic end for her children.

Tang Shuyi takes a deep breath, rolls up her sleeves, and gets to work!

We follow her journey as she disciplines her wayward children and navigates life as a noblewoman in ancient times, balancing wealth and leisure.

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New Dianille rated it
April 8, 2024
Status: c393
This is a good novel but a bit boring after the new emperor ascended so I stopped reading. Unlike what many reviewers had said, I don't find myself disliking the ML, he's a pleasant person that match the MC's personality.
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New Tastastix rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: c438
NOTE: The main story of 438 chapters is completely translated, but is not shown on NU; side stories are not translated as of this review. The same translator did all the chapters, so just keep hitting the next button.

Ok, so starting with the bad: name/title inconsistencies. The translation is pretty good, but the names get swapped around a lot (esp for the FL's eldest son). One time the translator called FL "Lady Tang" instead of her name, and I thought ML was having an affair with FL's sister (who is... more>> usually addressed as "Lady Tang") until her name was used as the scene continued in the next chapter. The title "shizi" gets mistranslated as "crown prince, " and the imperial concubines' titles get mistranslated to just "empress" (there is an established empress), so I have no clue what the proper title is for my fav antagonist Consort/Imperial Concubine Liang (who should probably have a higher title than just "imperial concubine" or "consort").


Sure her son, brother, and husband are all complete garbo, but she herself is IMMACULATE. Her calculations are actually good considering her role in the story, and she's got her head on as straight as her priorities.


If ML didn't have the emperor khs, the emperor would have died from the poison that Consort Liang kept feeding him. I love that she was filled with vengeance and venom to death, on which was on her own terms.


A big picture woman who came from nothing, flew to the skies, fell down, but still wasn't out! She was intent to watch the world burn even if she too got reduced to ashes. The absolute baddest bit*h in the empire, she's an icon, she's a legend, and she is the moment.

Another ABSOLUTE DARLING among the recurring characters is Princess Changping. Girly pop is living her best life, and boy do I envy her. She's impulsive, but knows when to reign it in. She's frivolous, but still amenable to good advice. If Consort Liang is the ideal, Princess Changping is just me if I could afford her lifestyle.

Back to the actual webnovel. The plot iself is very compelling, and the characters always come back instead of being one and done, giving it some more depth. The intrigue is good, and the pacing is just lovely. FL and ML are your average Mary Sue/Gary Stu, so nothing too special or much growth.

The kids transform spectacularly but are still dopey from time to time, which is a saving grace of the otherwise too perfect FL and ML.

If the translation is a 3/5, the plot is a 4/5, and MY DRIPPED OUT VILLAINESS CONSORT LIANG AND DECADENT PRINCESS CHANGPING ARE A 20/5. My NU rating will be a 5/5. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. <<less
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Sekstifire rated it
January 19, 2024
Status: Completed
I'd say this was a mixed bag. I enjoyed the first half, although the antagonists were a bit underpowered.

Then the ML shows up and he's pretty underwhelming. He's not domineering, which was a good call, but I feel like he's similar to MC in a way that doesn't really work. It's like if you were enjoying some tea and then someone gave you a watered down cup of the same tea to go with it. I already have tea. Why would I want the same thing but less good. Give... more>> me a pastry or something to complement the tea.

What's worse is than the lack of chemistry is that he pretty much removes all the challenge from the plot. MC starts out with a ton of advantages but there's still a sense of difficulty since she's navigating a patriarchal society as a widow with young children. Then ML shows up and brings even more advantages.

The worldview also gets a bit annoying. For one it's got that pseudo-feminist vibe where it talks a lot about the woes of official wives and daughters but then demonizes the heck out of concubines and their children. For two it sort of does a thing where book usually depicts the main characters as morally superior to everyone else one but switches to having them brag about being selfish and ruthless whenever it's convenient for them to do something morally dubious.

Looking back I also think the cannon fodder schemes got really repetitive towards the end. Cannon fodder from a way less powerful family wants to marry one of the main characters, main characters say no, cannon fodder keeps insisting and resorts to underhanded means, main characters easily crush the less powerful family and deride them for being foolish. Happened at least 5 times.

As for the translation, the quality is pretty iffy, in particular the names and titles are super inconsistent. Sometimes stuff like "5th young master" left untranslated like it's a name, one of MC's sons is Yuchen, Yuzhen, or Yuxin depending on the chapter, and for some reasons the titles of the emperor's concubines are sometimes translated as Empress or Empress Dowager. It doesn't help that the author sorta holds back when introducing each character. Like if a character was, idk, Zhang Wei, courtesy name Bohu, eldest son of the Lu Marquis, you might not hear the name Zhang Wei until several chapters after he first shows up. Makes it hard to keep track of who's who.

That being said, the translator's website has all the chapters (aside from the extras, read a solid chapter wondering why it was about a zombie before realizing it wasn't the same novel.) <<less
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Maya65 rated it
November 18, 2023
Status: c335
5 stars, the novel is very great, especially the FL she is so meticulous and wise in educating children, the ML comes late but he will come just with a plot twist. Don't take it seriously it is just a novel and fiction the author can write whatever they want, but sometimes you just want to take it seriously since it is kinda true to life just in the ancient times.

very good, love it. And don't be fooled by the few chapters released, it has about a 300+ chapters
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Shuuka4ever rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: Completed
I'm usually too lazy to write. However, it's been a long time since I found a novel that could keep me interested throughout all the story. Lately I've been reading novels that only got me engage in the beginning but ended up becoming so so midway and as a result I just drop them.

This one was an exception, I'm glad I picked it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the MC and I also love the ML as a 30+ year old myself and married haha I can relate. To... more>> me the romance was very good. Mature and I felt it natural.

My favourite child was the Second Son, the wastrel haha he reminds me a little about King You, You Wuming from another novel

I also loved the plot twist.

I'm quite satisfied 😌 <<less
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ntww12 rated it
January 19, 2024
Status: Completed
Absolute fave. Great set of characters, female lead is epic. The slice-of-life doesn't get boring. The childcare scenes are fantastic and involved small children, teenagers and young adults. The political maneuvering in this story of throne ascension is also fantastic!

Longer comments below:

A brilliant FL. She was a brilliant careerwoman in modern times and when she transmigrated over to the ancient China era, she used her skills there and refined it to fit the era. She's a level-headed person but also has a temper especially if anyone bullies her family members.

Initially... more>> FL still chooses to forgive any antagonist and gives them choices. However, when the antagonists continue to choose to use devious ways to harm her family - FL becomes more stern and realigns her mindset to conform with ancient era and kills the antagonists instead. She becomes more ruthless in her methods.

FL had no children of her own previously but upon transmigrating, she found herself with three kids with different personalities. I like how she uses her people-skills as a CEO in modern times to breakdown issues and guide her kids into becoming better. Side characters are also nuanced and distinct. Like her three children with their respective personalities. I love how the FL handles them differently, yet maintaining a balance between her three children. They grow up to well with their own thoughts and decisions too, making it a worthwhile read. The novel also focuses alot on the politics, drama, family fights in ascending the throne. There are 4 princes (+1) in the story fighting for the throne initially, and we read how each one gets eliminated over time due to their s*upidity, greed, arrogance. It's really fun to see FL manipulating the scenes and also teaching her kids how to anticipate the flow of events and what they can do to change it to benefit their family. I love her practical teaching sessions while all the drama is ongoing. Romance on the other hand is subtle. The novel doesn't focus much on it but I did like the romance when it did turn up. ML pops up halfway through the novel and it is a shock. I love LOVE the plot twist. I disagree with a reviewer saying that the FL and ML has no chemistry. I feel that they are absolutely like-minded people with very lovely chemistry between them. The way the couple fell in love felt very harmonious to me and I was smiling while reading the subtle courting scenes.

As for the plot twist:


Our FL Tang Shuyi is from modern times. Xiao Huai, the husband of oriTang Shuyi died and another person transmigrated into his body. That other person is Prince Li Chengyun or known as Prince Xiaoyao (his title). Prince Li Chengyun is the brother of the idiot Emperor and was mu*dered by the Emperor the same day Xiao Huai died. He then went inside the body of Xiao Huai. Li Chengyun is actually ALSO from modern times and transmigrated to ancient times as well. So you could say that when he went inside Xiao Huai's body, it is already his 3rd life. Afterwards, he's just known as Xiao Huai and the novel doesn't use his ori name. Author mentions that they wrote it this way because the oriXiao Huai was deeply in love with oriTang Shuyi and vice versa. OriTang Shuyi died of excessive sorrow when oriXiao Huai was said to have died after all. Author felt that it was too cheap if oriXiao Huai came back for our FL so they had this plot twist done. I entirely agree with author's POV! FL would've felt bad I think, if it was oriXiao Huai who came back and poured his love to her. At least now there is a gradual romance between the two transmigrated people, working together for a common goal - protecting their kids and the family. I absolutely love the plot twist!


Anyway I really enjoyed this story and will often reread. Translation is 8/10. There are missing sentences and sometimes the names are incorrectly spelled but otherwise its not bad. However, they didn't translate the extra stories. I MTL-ed the extras. Very readable MTL.

The first extra: About oriTang Shuyi and oriXiao Huai meeting again in the modern world in the bodies of our transmigrated lead characters. SO FUN!

They have dreams about our transmigrated leads living their lives and they're so happy everything turns out okay. OriTang Shuyi also has twins with oriXiao Huai in the modern world.


Second extra: About Princess Changping.

Third extra: About Xiao Yuyan.

Xiao Yuyan is their youngest daughter and it's about how she grows up. It's pretty interesting.

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DoveWings rated it
December 8, 2023
Status: Completed
First, just a side note: NU only shows 15 translated chapters but the story is complete by the same site, just keep clicking next chapter lol also, I've tried to avoid specific spoilers but some generalities/flow of story might be revealed in the last paragraph, so avoid that if you don't want any hints at all.

Overall, an interesting read with a few quotable passages with deeper meaning to them. Female lead is believable and strong of mind and heart without being an overdone Mary Su that is so common. She's... more>> also older than most FL and her age/maturity level match. Better yet, despite being in her 30s she isn't depicted as being halfway in the grave the way some stories even set in modern times are😂

Characters in general are shown to have complexity to them, neither all good nor all bad, and neither the author nor the FL choose to cram modern morality down ancients' throats but are still true to their own values in daily living. I really enjoyed the author's choices in this story, generally speaking.

ML comes late and feels awkward at first, especially with his twist. I was initially quite dissatisfied with the twist as it felt exaggerated and unnecessary. However, there was plenty of foreshadowing that something was going on, so at least it didn't come across as thrown in just for drama. It's worth sticking around regardless, as chemistry does improve and by the point the ML shows up, you're as invested in the development of the children and some of the side characters as in the FL/ML. So, you don't have to be fully satisfied by them to want to stick around 😂 and as I said, their relationship does gradually and most importantly believably improve. The kids' commentary/interference on them as they got together was hilarious. <<less
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dramamonster rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: Completed
Slice of life historical novel about rich nobles, scheming officials, and royal plots, in an ancient capital. Reminded me of the worlds of "Like Pearl and Jade" and "A Precious Pearl in the Imperial City".

FL: A modern businesswoman who transmigrates into the body of a rich, noble Marquis widow. Except that this is a novel world, and her kids are the villains. In this new second life, the FL straightens out the kids, strengthens the Marquis estate, and uses her savvy management skills to become a winner in life.

ML: ... more>>

shows up 60% into the novel, and he's on his third lifetime. 1st life: modern rich boy who studied abroad. 2nd life: Prince Xiaoyao. 3rd life: Marquis who returns from the dead! Once the FL and ML fall in love, he's happy to let the domineering and smart FL take the lead while they scheme their way to protect their family and enjoy their lives. There's supposed to be a side story about their little daughter, but it's not posted on the translation website.


Issues: there are some MTL-like mixups with the names (ie. Second Prince's mother is called Consort Liang, Empress, and Empress Dowager at different times), and the FL is really disdainful of concubines and concubine children in general. The FL's OPness is her ability to persuade/teach people.

Completion: The main story (438 chapters) with a side story (2 chapters) in the middle, is already posted on the translation website. So far, the other side stories (presumably up to chapter 477) are not translated yet. <<less
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Misiranwe rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: Completed
I'm giving it a 4 stars because I did enjoyed it and has its merits despite some details that weren't to my liking, suchs mentioned by Sekstifire. I do have similar opinions differing only in their comment about the ML. I think that his apparition didn't bring much changes. Anyway, the FL was the decision maker and "dominant" in their dynamic as emphasized a couple of times. I guess the author tried to show the equality in the couple dynamic but it was poorly displayed. Until the first half of... more>> the novel it was enjoyable but later on things were boring and from my point of view two things made it boring: too OP female lead (kind of your dominant and domineering CEO, female version), and the petty schemings from the protagonist and her kin. Also, maybe the translation isn't the best but the second half has a fanfic's kind-of-vibe in the narrative and script. <<less
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KahaniKaDin rated it
November 18, 2023
Status: Completed
A well written story of how a modern lady teaches her children the right way to live and the butterfly effect touches and improves many lives while eradicating many evils. Love is slow paced as the ML only appears in the second half. Worth reading!!
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March 12, 2024
Status: c274
The story started out great until the moment ML enters into the story. I felt so triggered with the way ML could immediately guess that FL isn't the Original Tang Shuyi just from the get go. It seriously makes no sense at all even when you read the ML justification pov portion. The story had show pov from both side, but FL pov and ML pov side don't matched.

In the FL pov, when FL discovered her supposedly dead husband was still alive after all, she was shocked. Then ML sent her a letter written in Xiao Huai handwriting to keep her updated on the news. What stands out in the letter was the way he address her as Madam which is very distant instead of usually writing my dear wife based on her inherited FL body memory. This was the 1st odd point. The Tang Duke FL grandfather also read ML letter and felt let down by how formal the letter worded, which is very different from the casual tone that Xiao Huai usually writes to Tang Shuyi in the past, making the grandfather suspicious that Xiao Huai the husband might have gotten involved with some other woman outside. After reading the letter, FL asked the steward to prepar ML's clothes and left it in the study room instead of their usual bedroom which was quite out of the norm. The steward and servants felt little curious but understand that the mistress did it that way because she felt let down by how formal the ML letter sounded.

The second odd point was when ML came back and meet up with FL and the 3 children at their house. Although FL feels distant inside, she outwardly expressed herself as being happy to see him and acted quite fondly to ML, yet ML reaction when meeting her was very distant that everyone felt it because base on FL's Original body memory, the husband and wife had always acted lovey dovey with each other. This caused the children and the servants to feel a bit upset with their dad and thought that must be why FL hadn't prepared ML clothes to change in the bedroom as she usually would do but had instead left it in the study room.

FL at first suspected that ML might had already lost love towards her because of other woman so FL tried to sound the ML out by asking him to chat privately with her. During the conversation, ML still continues to behave distantly with FL and FL noticed that ML eyes show no signs of guilt which was weird cause based on her memory of the husband that loves the wife so much, there should be signs of guilt if he lost love. Yet there is no guilt in his eyes which means he might not have gotten a new girl outside so FL eventually came to a conclusion that ML isn't the real Xiao Huai but an imposer transmigrated like her.



Then they show the ML pov side. In it, ML is a modern guy who got reincarnated in the world as the Emperor's brother but was later assassinated by the Emperor on the same day as Xiao Huai the husband death in the battle. When ML woke up, he noticed he has transmigrated into Xiao Huai body. After convincing his mother, the empress dowager about his rebirth, the empress dowager helped gathered the Original Xiao Huai written manuscript for ML to learn his handwriting and ML successfully manage to imitate Xiao Huai handwriting afterca year and could fool everyone. After that he scheme his way back to the capital where he meet up with FL, his wife for the first time. In his pov, ML stated he did NOT inherit Xiao Huai's memory so he was forced to work with only the info that the empress dowager gathered from people around and ML used his own understanding during his time as Prince of how Xiao Huai was to behave. When he waa still in his Prince body, he only met the Original FL body once from a far and felt the wife is very close with the husband body that he is inhibiting. He felt really unsure on how to interact with FL without being discovered that he is an imposer. That's why he acted very distantly when he met up with FL and the kids at their mansion. Here is where the story felt really contrary with FL pov. In the FL pov, it was shown that although FL felt kind of not so happy at that moment, she was aware and smart enough to behave welcoming on the outside to keep up the act that she is happy to have meet up with her dead husband in order to avoid ML suspicion.

Yet in the ML pov, suddenly it was shown that FL had behave distantly to ML instead during that time which had the ML immediately went like this "Hmmn something don't feel right here. Why is she acting so distant to me? Wasn't Tang Shuyi and Xiao Guai lovey lovey? Ah ha it must be because she is also a transmigrator just like me! Okay how should I break it down to her? Obviously we are both transmigrator so let's continue to keep our distant first and then slowly go from there. "

I was like what the heck? How could he immediately jumped to that conclusion that FL must be a transmigrator? How did the logic jumped so far? Cause there were so many other things to justify for FL behaviour where she had "supposedly" behave "distant" to ML. Like FL could have been upset at her husband for not telling her his survival when he could have sent letters to her at any point in time. Cause the real Tang Shuyi died from heartbreak after mourning her dead husband for three whole damn years and everyone in the capital knew it as they have seen how sad and emotional the Original Tang Shuyi had been before FL took over her body. So ML seriously had no real reason to immediately guess she is not Tang Shuyi when he didn't even knew the real Tang Shuyi himself and also did not had any of the original Xiao Huai memoryof Tang Shuyi so he got nothing to compare FL with the real Tang Shuyi. ML only had rumours and heresy as info quite unlike FL who have received the original Tang Shuyi memory and could use that to compare the differences. It was also mentioned several times in the novel that people changed after a big event and after three-year away they can also become unfamiliar with each other. ML himself used that to justify why the kids and servants did not become suspicious that he is not the real Xiao Huai.

That was when I decided to just stop reading and dropped this novel. It is a waste of time. I seriously do not recommend anyone to start reading this novel just to spare you the grief of having time wasted when the story broke off just like that all of a sudden. And the worst part is this story and FL characteristics actually started out very good too. So I felt more heartbroken when the story broke off like that so illogically.
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martian447 rated it
February 26, 2024
Status: c437
This is one of the best Stepmother "badass" female leads. In "Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs" the FL was strict but her parenting style lacked substance, like teaching a toddler all the time. While Tang Shuyi's parenting style is decisive, reasonable and astute. She embodied a modern woman who had no experience as a parent but at the same time had profound knowledge on how to deal with people as a corporate leader. The way she handled things proved how she adapted quickly to... more>> the era but still wielding her experience from the modern times. (+100). I definitely fell in love with her. The story also provided for more complex personalities from the children rather than them being wallflowers for the MC. (+10). And when MC has tears in her eyes regarding the growth of her kids, I too can't help but be touched by those scenes, which is a testament of how good the author built up the relationship between MC and the kids. (+30). There are multiple quotable sentences that gave me real life lessons and also sweet moments that made me kyahh so hard (+40).

Now for some minor criticisms...

There were times it was kinda dragging especially the "anticipation" for the love protagonist. Tbh, if the author did not specify that he was just a background character I would have just axed the novel. For me MC seriously doesn't need an ML. Unless it's the 2nd ML. I was so downbad for the 2nd ML having a chance with the FL (#parasocial #2ndMLsyndrome) but at the same time I totally agreed with FL's decision. But then ML came and it was a (-10) for me. I wish for a happy ending for 2nd ML (sadge).

There were also characters whose stories were expounded (fillers) , that seemed unnecessary, only for them to be killed off by the author. If it were 2-3 cannon fodders it would have been fine but there were a ton of cfs whose deaths just didn't feel satisfying at all. It only felt annoying and anticlimactic. (-70)

I also felt the main conflicts of the MC were 100% caused by people. I would have loved for her to struggle in business, war or maybe a natural disaster like a plague, to show off her leaderships skills and her other charms. I think that's why cf's dying left and right just didn't feel exciting anymore after the 5th time cause it lacked other kinds of novel dilemmas (-30).

As mentioned previously, there were dragging moments but it was quite obvious at the end. After the main conflict ended, author could have wrapped it quickly but they decided to "extend" the marriage part and just do a time skip (-80) which was kinda lazy tbh. I guess author did this to have material for side stories (?) but I wish the side stories were left for the previous FL and ML. This left me a smidge dissatisfied.

Lastly, where the heck are the side stories? (-15)

All in all though, it's definitely worth the read. The pacing of the story the MC and even the side characters are engaging. Plus it is a happy ending for all characters (except for 2nd ML😔). Amidst those minor criticisms, it still left me happy. So a good score of 9.8/10 is awarded to the novel.

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February 24, 2024
Status: Completed
Don't go by the name.. The novel is pretty well planned and mostly makes sense.. The FL is not all strong but you can feel that she works hard to make sure she and her kids are safe and happy. I like how she didn't force her kids but still encourages them. I was kind of wanted the ML to be a different one since he came up quite early in the story. The real ML is still cool and nice though it's never clear why he is so good... more>> at martial arts.. Lol.. Like did he take up the still of the body? <<less
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chande rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: Completed
I love this story until I'm willing to ignore the awful translation (which I think only a little better than straight MTL). Of course it's still readable but it honestly wasn't that pleasant to read.

About MC, I really love her parenting style throughout the story. She didn't have an experience as a parent but she applied her managing experience into her way to educate her instant children and it worked. She wasn't perfect and sometimes, she also felt lost but she was able to stay calm and thought carefully about... more>> the solution to her dilemma.

As for ML, I think whether he was there or not didn't really affect MC much since he was very agreeable of whatever MC said. At first, I'm a bit disappointed with his lack of role in the story but I guess this story was made for MC so of course MC would be a dominant party. But ML wasn't useless. As a woman in feudal era, MC had her own limitation and that's where ML complemented her, by being her support and shield.

Her children were a bit problematic in the beginning but they weren't annoying. I want to smack the first child so badly in the the earlier chapters but thankfully, he gradually got better.

The plot itself was quite intriguing. At first, MC was busy educating her children while fending off the orgFL's and other powerhouse's scheme. She almost failed due to her limitation as a "widow" but thankfully, ML came back at the right time. After ML was back, MC had it easier because she could strategize with ML and ML's status as a hero really made some things convenient. Then came the battle of throne that happened because MC and ML wanted to protect their family from the emperor (yes, another petty emperor who was overly suspicious of his subject).

Overall, this story was very enjoyable to read especially if you love scheme and conspiracy. <<less
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wormbooker rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: Completed
A reluctant 4.0 stars.
Someone else had previously said that this was a pseudo-feminist novel and I'd have to agree. The novel revolves around the FL who is a modern, independent woman who is obviously really talented on her own. But when she travels back, she starts really quickly assimilating into ancient culture and becomes more tolerant to things like killing people, having servants, etc. It typically wouldn't be a problem for me if it wasn't mentioned every few chapters that the FL has her reasons for doing things and that she should do as the Romans do. At this point, just say that you wanted the FL to be an OP ancient lady.

The reason why this reads as pseudo feminist is again related to the FL. A majority of the villians in the novel are female characters. Male villians were present but were not as often mentioned or emphasized. A lot of the vices or fatal flaws of male characters were also related to or caused by women.


Since this novel does focus on childcare, an easy example to note would be Qi Er or Yan Wu. Both had parents but the reason that was attributed to their lack of success was being spoiled by their mothers or grandmothers and/or not being raised properly by them. The fathers' roles in raising their children were not emphasized. Again, the undertone only became pseudo-feminist when the FL is brought in as a comparison or when the narrator points these facts out.

Other examples include: YuChen (son#1) and Li Biqin; Second Prince and Consort Liang; Fourth Prince and Consort Min; Third Prince and Empress


If you read the novel and pretend not to see the undertones, it honestly isn't a bad novel. The only major issue I caught was the ML. It seems that either the author couldn't decide who the ML was going to be or how he would be presented or somewhere along the way, a major edit was made that didn't quite get fixed in earlier parts (assuming this was a web novel). Regardless, there were major discrepancies regarding ML as a character.


In the beginning, there was a lot of foreshadowing with who the ML was. I wasn't surprised that the ML turned out to be Prince XY. I was kinda shocked at how he was presented (as a soul that habitates within XH's body. The author probably did it as a shock factor but then the issues came when FL and ML came together as a couple. Both notice something off about their 'spouse' but then how did ML know that FL was someone that came from the modern era? Initially, FL guesses that ML was Prince XY who was in XH's body but then a comment was made that ML believes FL to be someone from the modern era. FL later reveals her past and then ML accepts it. FL never questioned how ML was so accepting of it as an ancient prince? Then the author tries to cover this plot hole by saying that ML was also someone that came from the modern era, but then what about Prince XY? There were edits made after the ML 'arrives' but then either there was no editor or the author just did a shoddy job of covering plot holes. It can be assumed by the end of the novel that the author probably wanted to spin it in a way that the ML was a chaebol from the modern era who time traveled/transmigrated into Prince XY's body and then died but then inhabited XH's body. Regardless, it brings up a bucket full of questions like when did ML start inhabiting Prince XY's body? Did he realize this was a story? Etc.


All in all, if you turn a blind eye to a lot of this, it's an enjoyable read. It works better if you pretend FL is just a really smart FL in ancient times, that FL doesn't really transmigrate but just forsees certain matters, and that ML is a man of many identities. The author tried to write a transmigration story but just ended up with a potato chip historical novel.
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bohda27 rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: Completed
It's very good work with a solid pre-story background, interesting characters and a logical storyline. Short and catchy chapters keep readers' attention without making the novel boring. Characters are likeable, and even villains' actions are reasonable. They are not doing things because they are simply brainless, it's just our MC and ML have a much better experience and more knowledge.

Rebirth of the original FL does not give her luck or superpowers. As she was not smart in her previous life, she doesn't get super smart after rebirth, especially after the MC knows the plot and can control her actions. If not for FL's hate, MC won't even touch her. After MC covers her "villain" family, the FL's actions lead to her own destruction.


P.S.: Instead of transmigration, it's rather a swapping souls theme.
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makenai89 rated it
January 4, 2024
Status: c474
Satisfying story.

Female MC is calm, strong, and knowledgeable. Though not perfect, she embodies an exemplary figure for all women.

She takes over the body of a marquise in ancient China (fictional history). She not only has wealthy household and prestigious background, but also 3 troublesome kids, lots of higher-ranked enemies, and lacking a husband. How would she survive the ordeal that supposedly destroyed her family?

The novel is enjoyable. I would recommend it for fans of strong female MC and ancient Chinese stories. Though, admittedly, there are some cliche plot devices such... more>> as msyterious transmigration, c*ckroach-like enemies, s*upid kings, and too-good-to-be-true MC family. <<less
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Eeria rated it
December 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Great satisfying read. It’s what you wished modern transmigrator female lead would be able to accomplish in an ancient China setting and well executed. Female lead became an elite ceo in her of life so the way she handles things make sense. Love the story and the romance.
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mello-rine rated it
November 25, 2023
Status: Completed
The slice of life child '/teenager' rearing is interesting to read. The MC has a strong character, and deals with her "step" children's matters satisfactorily, exuding woman prowess in the ancient. The few mix in of palace intrigued makes sense too - HOWEVER, around a quarter of the story the ML showed up, the 1st twist should have been more than enough ... more>>

that the real General Husband of the Original body the MC has been transmigrated into, who was thought dead for 3 years already because of the war was actually alive. Yet the author added another twist - being that the soul inside the Husband was of some mentioned Prince in passing instead of the real original body's Husband (who have more in-depth Character details along the Story!!!)

- was just a HUGE LETDOWN.


There's no chemistry at all! A very awkward and forceful romance dare I say


Anyway, I skipped most of the part during the ML and MC 'courting stage', so I don't really know how they have progress. Just read the ending <3 <<less
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maevalily rated it
February 18, 2024
Status: Completed
I really loved this! I’ve read many great historical novels and while this is not really romance, I love the childcare aspect and reading from a different point of view than that of a younger character.

There are some mistakes in what I assume to be edited machine translation but I’m picky with translation quality and this is definitely readable and is already much better than a large portion of the novels on this site.
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memoryspectre rated it
January 12, 2024
Status: Completed
Good story, but I ended up mtl-ing it rather than reading from the translations. I started reading it in the translations, but got confused because some sentences weren't making sense. When I mtl-ed it, it turned out that some sentences or parts of sentences were missing in the translations.

The story itself is pretty good, fun to read and not too much drama.
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nopeitynopenope rated it
January 3, 2024
Status: c438
This is a fun slice of life story, so far no one is unreasonably OP. I really like the MC's CEO type point of view, running a huge household isn't easy and I think it's a decent way to show that.

Translation is complete but doesn't include chapters 439-474 (side stories, I believe).
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