After Being Abducted by the General


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Yuan Li was an excellent logistics personnel on the battlefield. One day, after transmigrating, he found himself in ancient times as the son of a minor official. With tears in his parents eyes, they sent him to Chu Wang Mansion to marry to drive away the evil spirits for the ailing young master of the Chu family.

On that day, Chu Hechao, the second son of the Chu Wang Mansion, returned hurriedly from the battlefield, still wearing his armor. Without even taking it off, he performed the ceremonial rites on behalf of his brother and paid respects to the heavens and earth alongside Yuan Li.

Yuan Li caught a whiff of the scent of blood and dust on Chu Hechao’s body, and his heart skipped a beat. He understood that this was a dangerous individual.

That night, Chu Hechao drank a cup of ceremonial wine with Yuan Li on behalf of his brother.

Yuan Li smiled gently and said, “General, please.”

As he held the wine cup, his fingers were as slender as jade, and his handsome face was adorned with long, fluttering eyelashes. Chu Hechao stared at him for a while, his expression a smile but not a smile, before raising his hand and downing the wine in one gulp.

Half a month later, the young master of the Chu Wang Mansion passed away, and Chu Hechao abducted Yuan Li, taking him on a horse and heading straight for the frontier.


Yuan Li continued to exert his efforts on the ancient battlefield.

He cultivated crops, raised cattle and sheep, cleared roads, and established medical facilities. Busy day in and day out, he fed the mighty army and comforted the wounded soldiers, turning the military camp into a better place. The generals treated him as if they were meeting their parents who provided them with food and clothing.

The only man who had brought him here wore a perpetual scowl, suppressing his anger. “I am the one you married, the one who drank the ceremonial wine with you, and also the one who shared the wedding chamber with you. Shouldn’t you be looking at me?”

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New eceo rated it
July 18, 2024
Status: c193
Making this review because another review gave a low rating for xenophobia and genocide without any context.

To be clear, I don't like xenophobia or genocide in modern day settings, but it's a non-issue in historical settings, and I see this kind of novel as a historical fiction.

The setting for the story takes place in both ancient and turbulent times, so referring to outsiders as "barbarians" is pretty common back then as China quite literally saw itself as superior and the center of the world. Neighboring countries were even expected to... more>> "pay tribute" to China's emperor, that's how big China was in ancient times. It's not just China that saw outsiders as barbarians, even surrounding nations like Japan called outsiders "barbarians." There is more to Chinese history, and the history of Asia in general but not gonna rant about that here.

Given the fact that conflicts could erupt at any time between one's home country and the "barbarians" for ownership of fertile lands, plus the internal conflicts within the nation, showing kindness to your enemies by sparing them is cruelty to yourself. It'd be a great place to insert some kind of Art of War quote here.

Basically, you can't protect your citizens and raise your military power by being a gary stu. If you don't kill, then you get killed. Not to mention, if you show weakness to the very enemies that killed the friends and family of your soldiers, that will inevitably evoke resentment and foster a lack of trust with the soldiers. And as a reminder, you kind of need loyal soldiers to protect what you're defending from outsiders and those internally who are waiting to strike at you. After all, if you are the leader and you die, your subordinates and your people are the ones who will suffer as prisoners of war. They could be killed or ens*aved, living inhuman lives worse than death. Typically speaking, prisoners of war will never have a good time.

Now for the specific spoilery details that review brought up;


1. MC and ML commit genocide against 2 different ethnic groups, one of which had already joined their country and had established roots and families for 11 years.

The one ethnic group that submitted to the emperor/country (lets call them group A) still ens*aved the country's citizens after being allocated land and silenced any news about it from spreading outside. The other ethnic group (group B) tried to take advantage and collude with group A to attack home country's border military and take over. It's one group's right to attack and annialate as much as the other side's right to defend/attack/annihalate. It's war, do you want them to play nice? Turbulent times. What can you do.

2. To paraphrase: MC is a hypocrite who sympathizes with common people, feeling for the untrained forcefully conscripted farmers, and common folk being taken advantage of by the military, but he has no qualms with wiping out the opposing military full of able-bodied men.

Well the able-bodied men are from the opposing military who actually confront the MC's own military. Those who are actually in the military should be prepared to die unlike the unfortunate forcefully conscripted canon fodder farmers. Losers in the war become prisoners of war. What happens to prisoners of war? Execution and s*avery are common endings. Additionally, who would have time to weed out resentful soldiers from the losing side on a tight schedule under the pressure of turbulent times? If you let them all go without inspecting, at worse you are opening your arms to getting retaliated against.

Also, in ancient China, it's common for entire families and their next 3 generations to suffer the consequences of one person's mistake. Perhaps they all get executed, perhaps they and their decendants live under scrutiny for some crime one relative committed 50 years ago. They weren't strict to just outsiders, they were also strict to their own citizens.


You can't read stories like this through a modern lens, and as a fluff lover, this story isn't that harsh imo.

Taking all that into account, would you still want an MC in a turbulent-times historical setting to be a gary stu? If yes, this is not the novel for you. <<less
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New happyevangeline rated it
July 12, 2024
Status: c190
Its soooo goooddd, love that he also includes women's right, cause thats the only thing im waiting when they keep mentioning other improvement and righs (that is not known in typical ancient times, even in other story) so im glad that the MC included it, cause even in other story, there's no women's right- just other improvement and rights, but women's are not typically mentioned, they're just being a typical ancient women with no rights (even if the MC in the other novels definitely have the power but just... more>> forgets them lol) Love that the MC embrace all of his modern knowledge that includes women (again, cause other MC dont lol) Immediately 5 start. Satisfying read💖 <<less
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June 14, 2023
Status: c80
Our MC gets "abducted" by his brother-in-law to help with army-building because he was too talented.

MC is a transmigrator from birth, so all familial relationships and history are all genuinely his. He is learned and caring, building a reputation amongst his retainers for his smarts and kindness.

ML is the younger brother of MC's husband who is deemed the God of war in various places. Due to his ferocious aura, he made children cry (lmao), but still has to give respect to the MC because MC's the wife of his older... more>> brother.

The writing is very straightforward, and they are very focused on strengthening their army. If you enjoy reading Kingdom building novels, this would be it.

Romance wise, the power couple is blunt in many things, just that they like to skirt around due to the MC being ML's sister-in-law. It wasn't as frustrating as I would've thought, but it did take some time for them to officially get together.

For people wondering, the MC and his husband's relationship :

They are in a business relationship and there is no romance budding between them. The older brother caught sight of MC's talent and used his death to bind MC to the family to help them mutually. MC uses his status as the head's wife to increase his strengths, while keeping his promise to protect his friend's family. They respected each other and parted as good friends. Afterwards, MC uses his husband as a shield to decline marriage offers to focus on work, but it made people (ML especially) misunderstand that they were in love.


My favourite part of this is how the side characters don't get forgotten and they have their own roles to the story as well. The MC's husband's death signified the summary's start, but even after reading 80 chapters I still find myself missing the older brother.

Overall though, it gets a little stagnant in the middle, so I'm taking a break before continuing. My requirements of army/kingdom building novels are a little more strict, but the start of the novel did catch my attention and was very well-written.

The translations are really good, and it was really enjoyable rereading the first few chapters through the translations. Kudos to the translator.

4/5 - as of chapter 80 <<less
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vvreath rated it
September 18, 2023
Status: c164
man. It was okay at first but the author is v clearly xenophobic and ... more>>

MC and ML commit genocide against 2 different ethnic groups, one of which had already joined their country and had established roots and families for 11 years.

the author did portray them as "treacherous" and "ungrateful", but its no excuse for a genocide against the entire group, including women and children and the elderly/disabled, especially since most of the treasonous actions were from the military. They explicitly state after the massacre that 5 counties are now free from the foreigners and there are no more foreigners in their land-

and all this is very hypocritical of MC, who is known for being the only one to sympathize with the common people in the midst of corruption. There are 2 scenes of him coming face to face with the powerful's apathy towards the weak (discovering that another army was using untrained peasants as human meat shields in war, and another of soldiers plundering and assaulting a woman after a battle) , but he sees no issue with massacring entire groups of people left over after completely wiping out their armies of able bodied men. The ML may have ordered the act, but MC was complicit and even supported it.


MC is a hypocrite and its excessively f*cked to dismiss GENOCIDE as a good thing, so thats as far as I go with this one. <<less
31 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Redroses__ rated it
July 1, 2023
Status: Completed
At first, I thought this would be a bit boring, with the MC solely focusing on accumulating power with the help of ML. Then, I expected the romance to be bland like other similar novels of kingdom building.

I'm glad I was proven wrong. The relationship between the ML and the MC is fantastic. It wasn't forced, and the author didn't forget about it midway. They make a powerful couple.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. It's been a while since I've come across a novel this good.

I'll definitely reread the... more>> novel once it's completely translated. <<less
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Roxasfleur rated it
July 20, 2023
Status: c157
An underrated gem. It's a bit long but so worth it. This story main theme is kingdom building, how MC and ML start from scratch to their present achievement. They are OP, true, but the world was so in chaos that their OP Ness is very reasurring.

The relationship start a bit slow, since they have a piece of window paper in between, but when it happens, it goes with a bang. They both aren't the shy type so it all progress quite fast with all the filial piety time skip.

I... more>> love how the growth of MC and in the end, how his mind changed once he realized that nobody wanted and cared for the people of the world except him. ML just supporting MC and his wishes along the way, but he is in no way a passive person. <<less
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August 1, 2023
Status: --
The translator did a great job. I read this story in one day, from the first chapter to the last. I was satisfied with the work.

I see the author has many other highly rated works.

Regarding this novel, it is quite popular, the way the author implements everything is quite okay, focusing on agriculture and political intrigues. Maybe because I use mtl, I didn't read these plots carefully. The author is thoughtful about it.

My feeling about MC and ML is that they are straight guys even after they fall in love.... more>> The BL setting and premise are too superficial, used only at the beginning and end as a plot device.

Their emotions and interactions are fine.

I like that they are in equilibrium. The author left the elder brother in the background until the end, which made me pleased. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Severe rated it
March 7, 2024
Status: Completed
The one and only "farming simulator" novel out there that is interesting to follow in all the aspects. It even made me curious about some processes.

Not exaggerated in description and full of plot advancement. I liked it.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wolvelyn rated it
March 4, 2024
Status: Completed
This is the best CN novel I've read on this site for a while.

The story is so well-developed that I can't help but continue reading and immediately delve into the RAW until the end.

If you enjoy kingdom-building, good romance, and a smart MC, then you should read this!

I hope the author will write extras 😭😭
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
antimonia rated it
January 15, 2024
Status: c111
I find that this novel's title and the keywords are very deceptive and don't truly show how good this novel actually is.

Here's my thoughts:

Despite the MC being transmigrated, the MC never feels like an outsider in the setting. Of course, this can be chalked up to the fact that MC was transmigrated from birth, but I'd argue that that isn't actually that relevant. A lot of transmigration novels place emphasis on the transmigrator feeling out of place when put in such a different environment but not this one.

This novel is... more>> best described as territory management/building. The romance is certainly there, but the author doesn't let it take over the plot. Instead, it progresses alongside the military/territory growth and political plot. The balance between the plot elements is very satisfying.

As a final note, this translation is excellent. Out of the many novels I've read, this is probably the highest quality one I've read. The novel reads very smoothly, without the awkward turns of phrases that many translations suffer from. Both the author and the translator have done an excellent job! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MerilynEyva rated it
June 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Fulltime five stars. It definitely goes into my hall of fame for great, well-written stories. It held me from start to finish even in the mtl. Reread when the translation is complete.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
waiting for it to rain
waiting for it to rain rated it
June 7, 2023
Status: c11
The review section sure is empty for such an interesting novel! I’ve only read the first few translated chapters but so far, so good! The translations are awesome as well, so thank you Lazy Girl Translations!

From what I’ve gathered, this novel has similar vibes to those kingdom building genres? Like “Back to the Beginning of Ming to do Charity” or “Royal Road”.

The MC is basically transmigrated to the past and is able to utilise his past knowledge and apply it to the present. Though it isn’t as obvious, the troop... more>> gathering and farm building is appearing... But what I like about this novel is not the premise but how the author integrates usual themes of historical danmei into this novel as well. The political intrigue is starting to appear and some drama between characters are emerging... so (hopefully) this would turn out to be more interesting than your usual farming/world building novels.


MC: I really like him so far! He is charismatic and smart. Almost kind-hearted but also calculates the profit. He’s the logic>emotions type of guy I feel like. Perhaps even a bit sly.

ML: Usually, I’m not a big fan of aggressive and hot-headed MLs, but I quite like this guy actually! (It may be because the MC isn’t a pushover and stands his ground so their personalities are matched evenly.) He is.. rude but he cares deeply about his people and I’m excited to see more of his character!

A bit early to judge but this story seems to be on the good path. And the translator is quick too! The tls are only speedy but also high quality so I’m very satisfied. 🙏🙏 <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CherryCola_. rated it
April 27, 2024
Status: Completed
This is one of the best novels I have read!!! Though it does have its own flaws, it's still very satisfying read mostly because of the kingdom building.

I always feel critical of novel protagonists that have a system because the system seems to do everything for them. But surprisingly this novels protagonist, Yuan Li, is smart on his own even without the system. This novel also has actual history in it (if I'm correct) so that's a plus in my book! The world building is nice though the time skips... more>> can get confusing.

The protagonist, Yuan Li, is pretty op but in a good way. I like how he actually develops as he goes through war. He is smart in a way where you actually feel like he's smart and it's not just the author trying to make him look smart. The villains in this kind of feel s*upid but I guess it's because the protagonist is smart. There were actually only a few memorable villains in this.

The really interesting and memorable characters was the male leads older brother (Chu Mingfeng) and I kept missing him all throughout the novel because he seemed like only one who could rival the protagonist


but thankfully he shows up in the extras. He apparently transmigrated to the modern world (lol). I felt very happy after learning that he's alive


the romance was cute and although the conflict about the sister-in-law thing was sort of annoying, it was also pretty funny at times


like when Chu Hechao (the ML) when to fight and Yuan Li tried to tell him the truth about his and Chu Mingfeng's relationship and how they weren't really a couple but Chu Hechao refused to listen to him because he thought he (the MC) was guilty about their (Chu Hechao and Yuan Li) relationship XD.


(I don't really think this novel is xenophobic because this is war and it is based on history. Also, it's not like the MC is happy about war in general either)

overall, it's a good happy ending. Also, I didn't realise while reading this but this is written by the same author as the one that wrote I rely on my beauty to stabilise the country (one of my favourite novels). <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
leiyue rated it
January 2, 2024
Status: Completed
I find these summaries always misleading haha the keywords are how MC was a logistics manager. It's 75% building a new dynasty and MC bringing in the usual "inventions" (cotton, ice from saltpeter, gunpowder, potatoes, etc.) to impress everyone, and 25% romance between MC and ML that develops sweetly and slowly. There's also a system involved but it's not very intrusive and mostly serves as an explanation for why MC gains detailed knowledge in fields outside his original area of expertise. Enjoyed the worldbuilding and how author developed the perspectives... more>> of the side characters. MC is somewhat OP but what can you expect from a novel with this premise? Will save to reread in the future! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Charlene Chua
Charlene Chua rated it
December 20, 2023
Status: c95
It never gave me a bored moment along the story. World building is comprehensive and romance is beautifully sandwiched amist the complex writing. Definitely my favourite.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
readingnu rated it
December 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Loved it!!! So detailed, thrilling, and just a wonderful ending. MC and ML pair so well too. There are open ends for some characters - wish it could have been longer, but you can for sure know the ending, so no cliffhangers or whatnot. Will read again for sure~
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pure_loves_BL rated it
April 22, 2024
Status: Completed
I love this novel so much, I couldn't get enough of it 😭. I felt so empty after I finished reading all the chapters. I really loved our MC yuan li and our ML chu hechao *sob sob* they're both so precious 💕💞 they truly deserve each other. Also it made my heart ache after knowing what chu hechao went through, im so glad yuan li came into his life 😭😭😭
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
harupin rated it
April 16, 2024
Status: c152
This is gotta be a long review lol. Didnt expect this to be so great, this to topped Wang Sanshan's other works also this is one of the few that stood out from other danmei/non danmei kingdom building I've read (will read back to ming after this). Translation was also amazing.

I did some small research as I read the novel along, having the maps and clothing images open as well esp the dynasty based here. With Yuan Li here, solving conflicts of the northern, I think based from Jin Dynasty,... more>> like the countless rebels, corruption, weakened military

also referenced as the governor of Youzhou, just like in Three Kingdoms, where agriculture was improved. Emperor's death, stirrups invention, the "Five Barbarians" (esp Xiongnu) invasion

MC avoided the fall of the dynasty. (my small research may have errors so I wont speak of it more. I dont mean to offend anyone)

Also showed that war is indeed cruel esp when conquering/protecting the land having the civilians involved.

the realization of YL that he should not be excited in a war (during Li li's fight) became his growth as leader.


The anticipation while reading was great. Even the farming and husbandry wasnt boring, got to learn a lot, plus the food made me drool.

(I just saw the review that said author is xenophobic, but I don't think so. 1st, this is based on real history and what war is, that cruelty from characs is needed. 2nd, her other works has foreigners that arent treated harshly esp like Wokao Meiyan

Gu Yuanbai having half Xixia as his trusted ones and also his conquering of Xixia didnt kill their people (even treat the civilians good)



Srsly love history, the military and political strats, characs even the non mains, the comedy parts lmaoo

esp that rain prediction, everyone's reaction was hilarious. He lang's comedian performer in his wedding, talking about in-laws lmaooo



Now individually, Yuan Li is kind and scary at the same time but he is not a good person, tho a good leader of his land. He has that resoluteness in him too, no regrets and with dignity. Being his enemy would probably be the worst thing ever.

him thinking of a lamb being cute and have thought to slaughter was hilarious


Chu Hechao, may seem like a rude person at first but deeply cares for his subordinates plus caring to YL as he fell in love, even asks for consent (this is for you if you're not into toxic cp) CHC got that hubby material fr. He may be someone who has cute obsession to MC but his care to other people around him didn't change.

even cried in his heart to Chu family's death, having the feeling of guilt too when he wasn't aware of his bro and YL truth. Felt pain too when Yang Zongfa's sons died

Him pampering MC was srsly too cute, even sewn that shorts <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DeeAnn rated it
December 10, 2023
Status: Completed
I am a fan of cute couples and world building, the war's part I don't really enjoy bloody things and ancient rules where human life is nothing,

But the story here so great the MC and ML are OP for me, but not really OP, the enemies are noy really scary but not s*upids, I like the extras
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
User.948761 rated it
October 12, 2023
Status: c65
There’s a lot of worldbuilding. MC has a pretty smooth sailing situation. This is transmigration but feels more like reincarnation with memories of one’s past life. There’s no alienation of the new world by MC. I also wish the beginning (with the relationship to ML’s brother was a bit longer). But overall it’s pretty interesting story.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 2, 2023
Status: Completed
Feels alot like ''Back to the Beginning of Ming to do Charity'' But with the system/rewards and also seems less troublesome, you have to admit MC had a smooth ride from beginning till the end. He really didn't face much adversity. All the people with brains hop on to his team immediately, while anybody against him automatically have they IQ deducted by 70%. ML also a teleport door where he wins quickly and get back to MC also quickly, we know there's time skip of months but it just feels... more>> that way.

MC transmigrated since he was a baby, building step by step towards his final goal. The system would evolve as his desire changes. Hes love the common people and is smart, clever with his words. Knows what to do, kind to his followers and have no mercy for the enemy.

ML is just a walking dildo that can fight wars I guess. The guy constantly have yellow stuff in his head. Personality shaped by being neglected at home when he was young. But he's only pledges to MC, they are not even gay, they just like each other like both a straight men but just like each other that kinda the way.

Alot of political, and agricultural stuff explain in details, MC also introduce systems from more advance time and uses Modern day methods to make things for his govern area.

Basically this world treats common people like tr*sh and they have no chance to advance their lives and MC wants to change everything about that.

ML's brother who was a important character in the beginning seems like the only one who could rival MC if he was alive. He died way too soon. There's more about him towards the end though. But then again he was an A hole to ML when he was young so there's that.

The whole marriage/sister in law / immoral debacle is just annoying, his brother should've done a better job with this before he dies. This was main issue in the lawful that gave them headaches. I was also annoyed because it was just dumb to begin with.

This novel is great and I love the MC. Seeing him bring surprises and playing out his plans is so fun to read. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SpicaGG rated it
July 7, 2023
Status: Completed
It wasssss soo goodd!!!!The plot, the characters, the romance.I nvr thought it will go in that direction. The romance came naturally and wasnt rushed. Altho we didnt know wat the system was Im guessing it's Heaven's will. All in all a great read!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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