A Wild Man Has Entered the Academy


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Usually when you possess a novel, you start in the city, but I fell into the forest.

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아카데미에 야생인이 들어왔다
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3 Reviews

Jun 30, 2023
Status: c13
A decent academy novel to pass the time but there are some serious leaps in logic. I'd give it a 3-star but the pacing is rather slow and they've barely even entered the academy so I won't judge it too harshly yet. Nevertheless, this review will be filled with criticisms since the latest translated chapter at the time of writing this review is 13.

As with my opinion regarding most novels, my primary gripe is with the MC. In particular, his memory.

The MC falls asleep after creating a new character in... more>> a game he frequently plays and wakes up in the wilderness of said game. Pretty classic, right?

Well, the MC doesn't remember the specifics of the character he'd just created before going to sleep.

He also forgets basically everything regarding communication by the time he is found by humans approximately 3+ years after being reincarnated. Now the people who found him don't understand Korean, but the fact that he forgot everything about Korean aside from one word, a language he has been speaking for 20+ years, is insane. Even if so much time has passed he truly forgot. He has shown himself capable of making cave drawings so why doesn't he do it even when he feels himself forgetting how to speak. Don't give me bullsh*t about how he was struggling to survive and didn't have time. Since it is implied he adapted rather quickly to surviving in the wild. Also, I already know some guy is gonna comment on how he's basically half-insane after a while, but insane does not=s*upid

Fortunately, he understands the humans. And yet he doesn't nod or shake his head or even do any kind of the most basic sign language. He merely responds with 1 word. The only word that he remembers. Now I don't know if this is a shitty attempt at comedy or if something bigger is at hand and this is foreshadowing (I think its the latter since the former would just be too s*upid and I expect much better from this writer), but from where I'm at. It seems absurdly ret*rded of him to not even point or shrug.

Keep in mind this could all be some part of some over-arching plot line like in TAPOV. In fact, I personally think it is but that's still uncertain. <<less
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Jul 14, 2023
Status: c15
Personally, I think the previous review was a bit harsh on the MC. So I'm going to write a review since there is a lack of them.

This isn't a spoiler since you get the main premise just in the prologue and small details like skills pop up very early on. The MC is crazy about a game. This game is crazy hard to play bc the controls are wonky, but the storyline is great. He makes many characters and plays through them all since the ending of the game changes... more>> based on the specs of the character and the choices that are made throughout the game. This probably contributes to the MC lack of knowledge of what character specs he's entered when he's Isekai. He knows enough that he knows his specs are crap when he wakes up. He wasn't given any special abilities or anything. I suspect, and it's hinted at, that he went into 'god mode' play. Dropping him off in the middle of the Choas Forest with nothing but a loincloth and sh*t specs.

He spends a few years in the forest. He doesn't go 'crazy' exactly like the other review states. He gains an ability called frenzy. When he's at the point where he's going to die he loses consciousness and wakes up with the area messed up. While this skill keeps him alive he's well aware of the drawbacks. I don't think this is 'crazy' necessarily. It's mentioned in the first few paragraphs that he's going to use his instincts to kick ass and that dialogue isn't needed to know who that shitty people are. He'll likely run around kicking noble or politician ass. In the first few paragraphs, it mentions that the countries are at odds with each other and that the age of heros was long over. So this adds to my suspicion that he's going to go around smacking down corrupt politicians.

Once you get a bit further into the story and he meets people and he tried to communicate with them, you see moments when he intentionally keeps quiet instead of protesting with his one-word comeback. He recognizes the people from the game. There are some moments when he's frustrated by the lack of communication and there are moments when he uses that lack deliberately. I think this is so that the story can play out better in the long run. He's not crazy or s*upid, but frustrated and calculating. Now my biggest gripe is the Bear Grylls fanboying down by the author. The translator even makes note that there is an issue with hyping up Bear Grylls so much. Still, while I dislike Bear Grylls with a passion the story itself isn't really affected by it. Just as a note about how he knows enough about survival to survive in the forest bc he watched a lot of Bear Grylls and knows about the game. Unrealistic, but hell it's isekai.

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Aug 15, 2023
Status: c75
I recently came across the series. It is different from the classic 'Possessed __man of the academy', it revolves around MC trying to re-adjust to civilization while stopping World Destruction. MC himself forgets most of the World's Settings, only remembering major events. So, Yeah no Equipment Hunting or hogging cheats (Welp, MC himself is a cheat). The story has a lot of interaction with Female Leads, with wholesome interactions and caring MC.

Female Leads take care of MC while trying to figure out his peculiarities. MC show his full capabilities in... more>> Fights and he himself is not overpowered, he has just great potential.

Overall, story is heartwarming romance, with great action, comedy and whole lot of smooch interactions.. You could always look forward to MC's incredulity. <<less
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