A Transmigrated Figure Skater Becomes an Author


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Zhang Sushang travelled through time.

He became separated from his family by a hundred years, his body gained two layers of fat, his BMI seriously exceeded the standard, his health was worrying, he was cut off from his family here, and he lost his source of income, causing him to be on the verge of starvation!

Picking up his pen in despair, Zhang Sushang could only hope to save his stomach with novels.

Right, he also needed to lose weight — too much fat would lead to fatty liver and the three highs of metabolic syndrome: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high levels of fat in the blood. If he wanted to see his family again, he had to make sure that he lived to see the next millennium!

The Winter Olympic Games were still two or three years away. If his dad was here, with the excellent fitness of an astronaut and the skills of a figure skating champion, he would definitely be able to win an Olympic gold medal. As for himself, he had only trained until he was sixteen years old, when he had to retire due to developmental issues. His highest achievement was a mere triple axel, so he could only write novels to fill his stomach.

Wait, could anyone jump a 3A right now?

At this time, no Chinese person had ever appeared at the Olympics. If a miracle could happen early, even a salted fish would fight for it.

And Zhang Sushang was no salted fish.

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[Figure Skating] Transmigrating to the Republic of China to Become an Author
花滑 穿到民国写小说
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maijys rated it
February 14, 2024
Status: c65
I read this because I loved the author's other figure skating novel, and thought this might be just as good. MTL is pretty understandable, but I had to give up a little over halfway through because this novel is just... eek.

The summary makes it clear the MC goes back in time a hundred years to the beginning of the Winter Olympics and decides to compete with the others. I thought I knew what I would read, but I didn't realize how I would feel while reading this. The MC is... more>> from a time period where competitive figure skaters are full-time athletes with full-time coaches, nutritional guidance, intense physical training, with techniques and skills built on the backs of countless innovative athletes... going to compete with people from 100 years ago where the athletes were basically part-time due to having jobs and the sport was just starting out. It just felt really uncomfortable to read, him introducing/teaching new "skills" and getting credit for his ingenuity when it was all invented by others in history, having everyone from the time period just concede that the MC was a super-genius they could never defeat, not knowing how much of an unfair advantage he really had.

Maybe it was my elevated expectations from the author's other figure skating novel, which I gave 5 stars and truly loved, but this novel really disappointed me. All the things that make the author's other novel truly wonderful was missing from this novel: love of figure skating as a sport, respect for the athletes, sportsmanship. None of that is in this novel, it's just basically MC being OP due to time travel and the difference is very jarring.

Maybe if you read this novel as a standalone, it would be fine. But if you came over from the other figure skating novel and expect the same themes, forget it. <<less
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ShioriSai rated it
January 21, 2024
Status: c1
Translation had just started, I've been waiting for someone to finally translate this because I wanted to enjoy this to bits. I'm so glad it's been picked up! I love the other figure skating novel of the same author, they really hit all the right spot.

Rated this because it's new and I really want the translation to keep going. I will also recommend the author's other volleyball novel! Sports + bl? Sign me tf up!
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adama_rondo rated it
April 6, 2024
Status: c12
Although at first it was exciting by chapter 12 there are some parts of the story I was unsatisfied with. From other reviews I saw that the MC is quite focused on figure skating but him becoming an author is like, , , way more exciting to me than him excelling at ice skating.

I also dislike it when the author lays all of his resume in front of us in an info dump way and as a tool to show "oh yeah he's THAT great by the way" maybe it's... more>> just me but I dislike it when author blantantly describes the MC's powers like "he was a (insert profession) (insert winner of olympic) (insert more achievements) " insetad of.... just showing us, do u guys get it ASJJDHDBSB

I'm... invested in his detective series though🤯! His interactions with Alexei is just so CUTE!!!! I'm also beginning to like his friend Jinghu!

The author's description of Russian culture and setting, for me, is detailed enough. As someone who hasn't been to Russia, I felt like I was there♡

I might continue if there are more chapters released <<less
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laujazmin rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: --

... more>>

el ML es alexei. Algo triste es que al final ambos se tienen que distancian. Como es 100 años atras no existe video llamada y solo se comunifan mediante cartas. El es invertigador o fabrica armas algo asi. Me dio tristesa que no pudieran estar juntos fisicamente hablando




al final el MC muere (muerte natural) a los 64 o algo asi y un año mas tarde muere el ML por exceso de tratajo al enterarse de la mjerte de su pareja

Pero estos 2 se rencuentran el presente (2035 no me acuerdo el año) y resulta que el ML es hijo de un amigo/rival del papa de MC y cuando se rencuentran ML le dice que recupero los recuerdos a los 12 pero queria esperar a que el los recuerde y todos sus amigos tambien recuerdan todo

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