King of Classical Music


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30 year old Lu Ziwen was born in poverty and after struggling for a lifetime, he is finally able to perform in the Golden Hall symbolizing the highest honor. However, an hour before taking the stage, he was killed by his lover.

With eyes opened once more, he was unexpectedly born again in the body of the fallen star Qi Mu!

Who controls the world with notes?

Who is the king of the classics?

Qi Mu: I’ve conquered you; I am the king of classical music!

Min Chen: … As long as you are happy.

This is a story of a reborn violinist, vengeance, struggling for the top, and dominating the world of classical music!

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dontbotherlovingme rated it
July 5, 2018
Status: Completed
What can I say? This novel is a masterpiece.

You will not only fall in love with the two protagonists, but will also fall in love with classical music.

The author has done his/her research regarding orchestras, operas, violin, piano, concerto, Vienna, Paganini, Mozart, Beethoven etc.

... more>> He/she really made an effort in this novel to introduce us to a new world of orchestras and music.

When the protagonist would play the violin, I would tend to search the music in youtube to have some realistic effects.

The MC is very hardworking. Even though he already graduated and has a lot of experiences, he is still not satisfied and kept on practicing, which makes him lovable.

The ML is super devoted. I love him!!! He is somewhat tsundere but that makes him cute. Also, the way he confessed, was also cuteee! ! Also, the other characters are really lovable. Especially the MC's teacher.

I came from an asian country so I don't know much about orchestras but after reading this, I fell in love with it. I plan to go to Vienna in the future.

Just read it!!! <<less
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Tsukkin rated it
January 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Once again, I will tell you that,



Okay, personally I really like music-themed novel, moreover it's a BL!! And I can tell that the author did her/his research well, bcs I found many details about music related things in the story. Like when the author mention about wiping rosin before playing violin, it's a very basic thing that every violin player know but hey before I started playing violin I thought that I can just play and it will sounds great lol silly... more>> me... Also I really like the selection of classical pieces in this book. I'm not familiar with some of it but after I listened to it, it was great. Personally I really like the chinese music pieces in this story, "Butterfly Lovers" and "Summer Nights", I'm only familiar with classical pieces from western composer, so this kind of music is like a breath of fresh air for me....

Hmm I'm getting tired of typing... in short I really recommend this novel for classical music lover. The music is great. The romance is great to the point of sickening (*cough*imasingledog*cough*). The humor is very pleasing. The ML is capable and loving, MC is gentle and hardworking. Side characters are so funny and very supporting. The villain is annoying but not really dumb anyway they got what they deserved. And the drama is not too much nor too little.

Maybe the only bad point in this novel is that the MC is too OP, I mean he basically perfect, can do this and do that, have perfect appearance, so cute and innocent. To me it sounds a little unrealistic, but hey I'm still happy when reading it haha. But I expected a story about MC's struggle to reach the top of his music career, so idk...i think MC's journey from the beginning til the end feels a bit flat (?).

But overall I really enjoy reading this novel~ It's really hard to read MTL and you can miss lots of details so thanks to current TL for translating this hidden gem.


My personal favorite scenes are the confession and the proposal. The former is very funny and the latter is very romantic. Especially the proposal, if you're an emotional person just like me you might find yourself sobbing in the corner lol. Actually the idea is very basic like most proposal videos on YT, but now I understand why it made me so emotional. It's bcs when I watch those proposal vids I'm not familiar with the couple but when I read this proposal scene I know MC's journey from the beginning so it feels kinda personal. Oh right, ML is so sweet and very doting, gosh where can I find such creature in this world *sigh*.

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Efu-sama rated it
November 29, 2019
Status: c150
I was at the 1/3 of the story when I dropped this novel. Well the so called 1/3 is actually at about chapter 150, since this novel is so goddamn long, reaching more than 300 chapters! And after that I quickly went to the spoiler thread to peek About the ending and the important event happenning at the later chapter LOL.

To be honest it's hard for me to say anything about this novel. Speaking objectively, since this novel cover about classical music then it certainly won't disappoint you, there's so... more>> many reference about classical music pieces, the great master, their history, the basic and non-basic knowledge regarding classical musician and orchestra. You certainly will like it, as that also happened to me, I enjoyed it a lot the first half of the story.

The romance between the MC and ML also satisfying. Their natural interaction, their gradual change of feeling, and their personality, all of those are lovable for me!

Truthfully, the story do care and paid so much attention to details, yeah even a Tiny detail. The MC's journey to become a huge existence in classical music (it's actually called as king of classical music, but I just felt cringe on it) , it was also described in careful and meticulous manner by the author.

So, actually this novel is a great read! Yeah I honestly admit it! But still, somehow the way the author describe the classical music are a bit exaggerating, like : the music flow like flowing water, gentle breeze, relaxing scent, crashing waves, etc.

and then how the author describe the MC or ML play the instrument : his gentle smile, his delicate feature, his beautiful figure, his glowing presence, or something along those.

Well I know that music is also described in that way by many musician. But the way the author write it somehow makes me laugh. It's okay if its used a few times. But if its overly used, theb that was only making me felt bored reading the same phrase over and over. Somehow the phrase of "gentle breeze and flowing water, strong wave, soothing scent" that the author used to describe the music even making me wonder, "what's with these phrase? isn't it like a name of martial arts technique?" LOL

Even more so, the MC here is too powerful. He's basically having a praise when going up and getting a prize when going down. to sum it up, every single master who meet MC will certainly praise him! And every mediocre musician will certainly admire him!

Well, it's actually understandable since this novel is a story where a music Prodigy Reach the peak of his life. So well yeah, a common people sense wouldn't have any effect to the MC, since his basic character is a genius LOL.

But all of those praising and praising, many achievements and prize, all of those somehow felt a little too exaggerated. I mean, even a prodigy like Paganini won't be as smooth like that right...

I understand that MC is hardworking and in his past life he's just a common people. He even practice his violin 8 hours a day. But still that's only in the past life that was mentioned by the author. The real life, the whole story here, is actually without much obstacle.

Actually it's not like I want more obstacles, it's just I dont like his way is waaay too smooth either, and all people just praising him endlessly. You know, it doesnt have to be new problems or drama or revenge Popping out. At least, even though someone is a Prodigy, there might be people who has different opinion or taste around, or people who criticize him... And the way that genius deal with those will be an interesting story rather than a smooth sailing life...

Thus endless praising and smooth sailing somehow making this story quite bland overall. Since it's a journey of a genius there's no actual hardship and fighting at all, I certainly understand that, but as for story that makes it a bit bland, at least it just felt bland until the half of the story (chapter 150-200).

I guess the author just dragging the story a bit too long, that's why it felt boring after the first half? <<less
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etsuhun rated it
April 1, 2020
Status: c147
I am satisfied with this novel. This novel was more about self growth than dogblood, which was refreshing.

The ML in this is one of the cheesiest guys I've read. He's blackbellied, has a potty mouth, lowkey a comedian and SUPER PETTY. Probably one of the MLs that their character has more depth to them. He's not perfect, and thats what makes him endearing lol.

MC, he's the typical MC with everyone loving him the moment they met. BUT he's passionate and really hardworking on his career. I can't imagine practising 10... more>> hours a day, but he did it to settle on to his new body. He also strives to be better than what he is right now. MC pls come to my body and readjust my life lmao.

Overall, pretty good novel. Got me into classical music and its amazing! Other reviewers say that its bland for them but for me this is perfect. I like that slice of life and some drama on the side type of novel. Totally recommend if you just read something angsty or dramatic haha <<less
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Sauramon rated it
September 18, 2019
Status: c100
Such good reviews... I mean it's not bad but it's pretty much the same as their other supermodel novel. It works and it's a pleasant read, but it just... Lacks something. I think the story lacks heart. The characters aren't interesting at all (so far) but I'll still keep reading because I love all that revenge and stepping on your enemies part.

Update: dropped at ch100. It's too dull.
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Fuffoals rated it
July 6, 2019
Status: c12
I guess it's okay. The novels not bad per say and the writing is good, it just feels really dull. It feels like the MC is too op? So far he hasn't had to work for anything. He's extremely beautiful, extremely talented, and everybody loves him. There's not really any conflict.

... more>>

For example I thought perhaps MC getting used to the absolute pitch thing would be an interesting challenge for him but no, it only affects him for not even a few hours until he's able to use it perfectly.

Then there's the elders of original body. I thought maybe some of them would be opposed to him, or maybe give him a little bit of a hard time, but no, they instantly take him back without any grievances. And there's so many of them.

I also thought that when MC entered the orchestra (b city I think?) there would finally be some conflict and opposition to the returning prodigy that MC would have to overcome, but no, everybody adores and loves him and there's no conflict at all.

Everything is handed to MC on a silver platter. And sure he had to work for his skills in his past life, but that's not an excuse. It's okay if he's good, it's given that'd he'd be skilled, but he's too good. Nothing is ever a challenge for him and he breezes through life with ease. He's perfect with no flaws.


It's not bad, just boring. Maybe it gets better, maybe MC will meet some hardship and have to struggle for once and it won't be resolved with a few words, but I don't think I'll read any further. I did click 3 stars, but it gave it 4 when it uploaded and I don't know how to change that. <<less
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November 11, 2020
Status: Completed
What can I say? The novel is amazing.

I have everything and anything I could have ever wished for in a novel.

However, let me add a few tips to further enhance the enjoyment of any future reader's reading experience.

... more>> Be sure to open a new tab and listen to the music while reading the corresponding chapters. Honestly, that's an amazing feeling.

And besides the cute fluffy romance, this novel really thought me a lot about music. But most importantly, without this novel, I couldn't have discovered an amazing channel like TwoSetViolin.

So thank you author for doing your research!

And always remember to practice! <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: c41
I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

Do you get it? Yes, can't help but take a piss off how often that phrase is used. It's not TL fault if originally it's used 5 times a chapter. Now, where do I begin?

First of all, my opinion is biased. To me this author lost credibility and gained negative points after xenophobic 'Rebirth of a Supermodel'. While King actually follows some of its' tendencies, which I find ridiculous and bad. Now, let's dissect:

... more>> PREMISE:

  • Weird setting where Huaxia (once again used by author as in other of their novels), should be sharing the universe with Supermodel. BUT. Here is where author made a big oop, she described Huaxia as a super advanced country in all fields in Supermodel. But now, Huaxia for some reason lacks in music? Which in the current world is a total bullshit. Many of world-renown orchestras are multi-national, inevitably. And I don't mention the amount of famous Asian musicians that appeared throughout the years... So author, I got you, you contradict yourself ahahaha.
  • The starting point of the story is dumb. MC is in the way of someone else. Which is totally s*upid because MC is not the only one who will be in the way, will perpetrator kill them all? That'd be a fun story, can you imagine articles next morning - entire orchestra poisoned before premiere.

  • All mentioned titles are real (not all TLed correctly, but you can actually find all of those). BUT. Let's not pretend, most of us don't know classic music on a deep level, we might be familiar with composers, famous concerts/melodies, but does reader need more detailed stuff or repeated description how hard it is. Author, WE GET IT, we know that any musical instrument is hard and is played according to the player, stop being obvious.
  • Music is often described the same way, but if you find the original you'll know, author might have lack in description department or they haven't heard it well. Like 'Tzigane' ('Gypsy' in Russian) is a passionate, deep melody or Magic Horn (sounds super gay) is very upright and inspirational etc.
  • I wish TL wouldn't have used 'song' for concerts or compositions. Song, after all, consists not only of music part, but also vocal part, so stuff like Strauss's song (ch 14) , happens all the time, which just scratched me.
  • The only thing I can "praise" is that author had decency to include few lines about hard work, that it hasn't downed upon MC as a magic tool.

  • LET'S ADMIT AUTHOR CAN'T WRITE DIVERSE CHARACTERS. PERIOD. They simply write the SAME type of characters all the time. The difference might lie in MC, but honestly I feel same about all of them. ML is absolutely SAME as in other novels, the difference is in smallest details, but overall behavior pattern is damn same. I suspect it's author's kink on stoic and silent. If he's going to be same psycho as in SUpermodel, I'll be out in a second.
  • Other characters are either good or bad.

  • Another side of this author, they write long, not really eventful chapters, the story progress is veeeeeeeeeery slooooooow. With lots of water and lots of fillers. For this number of chapters it's almost unreasonable to have zero conflicts or a bit of drama. Also another part I find not very good, when they include things from the future, along the lines: he didn't know yet that when Qi Mu will be standing at the top of the music world, he will remember this day etc. To me it spoils the mood, we know it will happen, don't remind us here and there.
In conclusion: although I haven't progressed much, but this is easy-to-predict author, because they structure and write their stories very similarly and because they lack in entertainment department of plot twists this stuff converts into easy but boring story. I might come back and edit this review with the part on a relationship, which right now in embryo stage. But so far it's where it belongs, in the middle, you can read it or you may not, it won't change much. <<less
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oopsaloo rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: c102
This novel has good parts and not so great parts. Overall, 4/5.

First, the plot is interesting. Transmigrated/reborn (?) MC who is a genius at violin works his way up to the international stages and has a very glorious career. ML is a black-bellied genius conductor who is idolized by the people in the novel’s world. I like the subtle mystery/revenge side-plot going on for the MC to find the truth about his death (in the past life), and the interactions between MC and ML are sweet and sometimes fluffy.

That being... more>> said, I have several issues.

  • The biggest being, the plot gets repetitive and bland. We all know the MC is a genius, and he literally performs every single piece in every concert really well, always winning top awards and getting the top performance everywhere. The descriptions of the music and his playing, his appearance while playing, and his “Angel-ness” which is adored by pretty much all the top musicians/maestros gets kinda boring - like everyone just loves him and helps him succeed with more opportunities. While there is some growth in his violin skills, it’s just become boring to read more of the same. Not to mention the obsession with photographic memory, absolute pitch, etc it’s not exactly relatable, but I get it, the MC and ML are set up as geniuses of the century.
  • There is a mild undertone of nationalism, to the point where there are some elements that don’t really make sense. Like some of the key European maestros can supposedly speak Mandarin (though it’s acknowledged that it’s not fluent or things like that). ML is believable because he’s half Chinese, but some of these top maestros from Europe like Austria, Germany, New York, etc? Doesn’t really make sense how so many of them seem to know Mandarin.
  • I find the nicknames for some of the orchestras really annoying, like Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is often called “Bai Ai”, Vienna Philharmonic is called “Wei Ai” in this novel. Are these Chinese nicknames for these orchestras? It felt kind of weird to me to read these nicknames being used by European characters in the novel, maybe because I’m from a Western culture and our nicknames/abbreviations are different.
  • This is a small note, but as a strings player and former member of the orchestra, I feel weird to see some of the titles of orchestra performers. Maybe this is how they are referred to in China. Sure, we all have concertmaster, assistant concertmaster. But rather than chief, deputy chief of a section, I’m not too familiar with that nomenclature - instead I’ve seen “1st chair, 2nd chair” and the like. These 2 comments might be something lost in translation, or just a cultural difference.
Anyways this novel is average, was more interesting in the beginning until it became too repetitive for me. IDK, it’s not the kind of novel that keeps me hooked to binge read. <<less
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animana2 rated it
March 17, 2018
Status: c1
This one seems very interesting so far. There are only two chapters but I am already anxiously waiting for more.

The Narrative is very vivid and the characters are rich in emotions. The MC is strong, smart and willing to give his best to achieve his objectives. Luckily, after being reborn he seems to have received the means to conquer those desires while his personality guarantees that he will use those means to the best of it. He will implacably climb, regains what he lost, attain even more, and make his... more>> betrayer pay heavily in the process. One of the tags of this novel is "revenge" and judging by the MC's personality we can predict that he will make sure that his betrayer wishes for death before being done with him.

That doesn't mean this is the kind of boring novel where an overpowered character keeps on receiving everything for free on his lap, but that the MC is powerful enough to fight for what he wants and win over the difficulties.

Abou the ML, there isn't much to say so far because his presence has been scarce but we can already tell that he is not one of those ice cub gongs. He may have a cold and impassive exterior demeanor but is reach in emotions inside. Plus, he seems to be the devoted type.

Regarding the quality of the translation, it is impeccable. The read is very smooth and pleasurable with no grammatical issues or comprehensive difficulties. The translator deserves congratulations for the great work.

All in all, I am very hopeful for this novel. It will probably become one of my favorites. <<less
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Chisaki rated it
August 28, 2020
Status: c100
This is my favorite of the three rebirth novels by Mo Chen Huan (King of Classical Music, Superstar Aspirations & Rebirth of a Supermodel). I love the cheeky, two-faced (?) ML who acts like a good guy in front of MC, while unintentionally angering everyone else to death. If you want an ML who isn't just an icy, possessive robot, then I highly recommend you give this and Superstar Aspirations a try.

I think this deserves a 6/5 because of the crazy amount of research the author must have done to... more>> write about classical music so realistically. The little details really make it a satisfying read. The memories of my past music classes are rushing back! <<less
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KookiesMochi rated it
July 3, 2020
Status: c166
One of the best novels I've ever read. Honestly, the love interactions between our two main characters always got me smiling widely. 5/5 beautiful novel and with amazing characters.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kazzi rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: c3
I'm loving every time I read a new chapter. The emotions I can feel are like overflowing. MC fighting!! TL fighting and you're doing a great job thank for the pickup.
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fuwa.fuwa rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: c50
This is quite enjoyable. This is better than average bl novel. First, I read Rebirth of a Supermodel and like the author's work. This has similarity with RoaS (about the personality and characters) but within (classic) music industry, and I think more research of knowledge is done for this one, up to author's limit of capability.

The main difference is MC wakes up in another body and can get revenge for his personal grudge of being murdered. While in RoaS, MC gets revenge for the owner of the body he possessed... more>> after he died. Same difference ~☆ <<less
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Infinitymidnight rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: c177
I love love love this story. Its sweet but not overly tooth rotting. A lot of focus on the music and growth and the romance is a side part so far. Some plot holes but honestly easy to overlook. The description of the music is very pretty. Accuracy of how the music world works? Eh but that makes it easier for most people to understand. I want to drown some more in this story but alas I caught up already (after bing reading for 2 days)
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Sheri_Yui_Chan rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: c109
Its a beautiful bl novel that is set in a classical musical environment and is beautiful the while book has such a wonderful atmosphere of classical music sprinkled with a dose of romance, And you will also realize that the Author has done Extensive research for his work or you might even wonder whether he has worked in the field of classical music before because this one of the few books in which the the story shows how much of it is there in real life you almost can see... more>> the vivid scenes presented so realistically that you can almost hear the music within the words and well the romance is so cute as well as the side characters are wonderful too. I would recommend reading this with classical music as your playlist. It will enhance your reading atmosphere to another level search exclusively for violin pieces.

It was wonderful read for me, I also recommend this authors other works they are all equally good. <<less
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July 18, 2019
Status: c84
Characters: 4/5

Okay, the characters are all pretty likeable. But honestly, I find MC a little.. bland? And ML too.. considering the amount of chapters I've already read and the type of novel this is, I would have wanted more character development and overall complexity of character. Like they're not one-dimensional, but idk, I would have wanted a bit more...? MC's ability also seems to be a little much, like yes he has that decade of experience but it's not like he's playing on amateur level.. idk, he's just never really... more>> failed. It's not too bad though.. And ML seems a bit too strong?? Like I love overwhelmingly powerful MLs but this character.. idk how to say it but the disparity of his character seems too conflicting.

There are side characters, and they're decently interesting. Because there's no real side character that appears throughout the entire novel, my impressions of them aren't THAT deep. Like they're fine, but again not much from complexity.

Plot: 5/5

Even for someone that doesn't really understand music, it's pretty interesting. Definitely leans towards slice of life. He does make a lot of big jumps, but it's fine.

Writing / Translation: 5/5

The musical scene is very well established in the story without using big info dumps. Background of important pieces are concisely introduced so knowledge about music isn't at all necessary to appreciate this story. <<less
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Sceer rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: --
I love that the MC plays La Campanella well! It's my favorite classical song! I give it 5 stars even though the repitition of performance is sometimes dull, like what the author did in Rebirth of a Supermodel (fan: lick lick 200x, but the smut scenes are ??) but I appreciate classical music and the ML is just too cute.
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This novel is a gem L❤V it

⚠ a little spoiler

The MC and ML's interaction is so cute Even though it's slow romance but you can see that from the beginning the ML seems to be attracted to MC he just doesn't seem to notice though cause of his suspicion in MC being LZW. I'm in chapter 68 so I can't really rate it but still reading every new chapter makes me feel excited thinking what might happen next hahaha that's cause ML's is so cute at making excuses just to... more>> see MC ?.

I really thank the TL by translating this novel great job sharing this gem ?. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Neollle rated it
April 10, 2020
Status: c146
This is one of the best BL novels ever. Through this novel it made me appreciate classical music more.

Both ML and MC are really cute and such a power couple. The fact that they're sprinkling dog food everywhere and their interaction when they were already lovers really made me wish I have a lover like them.
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