A New Game from the Depths of Captivity! ~ Rising from S*avery with Just One’s Own Abilities ~


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Takumi, a young guy born and raised in an environment filled with welfare, left our world without getting the chance of testing his abilities. Thanks to that regret, he’s granted the opportunity of reincarnating in a new world.

In the presence of a Goddess, he decides to “reincarnate in a world where abilities are everything”!

After being reincarnated as a s*ave, he wakes up in cell and starts gathering information from the other children in the room, included a gorgeous elf and a beautiful beastman who will become his comrades. With that, he starts down the path to becoming a s*ave merchant.

Associated Names
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Saiteihen kara nyuu geemu! ~ Aete dorei ni natte isekai wo jitsuryoku dake de nukeagarimasu ~
最底辺からニューゲーム! ~あえて奴隷になって異世界を実力だけで駆け上がります~
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LeeEzekiel rated it
February 8, 2018
Status: --
Pretty fun. For those who may be put off at the idea of a s*ave merchant MC, don't worry, he isn't a dick. If anything this is a guy with a massive Messiah complex. All of his 'inventory' end up living much better lives than they would if they had never met him.

It's hard to evaluate the story, since the first 9 chapters are still mostly about setting the stage and introducing the characters, and there's no overarching plot yet. But I like what I've read so far. The MC... more>> is neither a wimp nor arrogant to high heaven - he's just confident in his abilities.

I'm hoping that the story sticks to its roots, and continues the MC's journey to change the nature and face of s*avery in this world. <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
May 19, 2018
Status: c5
I liked the idea but not the way it was written. First of all it was cliche and the story went which ever way the MC wanted it to in a carefree way. The story lacked suspence and seemed forced. The story is basically just a cliche novel, that is hentai, with another background start.
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia rated it
June 27, 2020
Status: c13
This is really Hard-core mode for MC
Girl always show hate to him
Im fine with 1 tsundere, but 2? BIG NOPE
7 years and no s*xual relationship grow with them? What a coward, for both MC & girls considered they're so close

There's no comedy at all

I don't slightly feel any Harem from this, all this girl just like companion

... more>> I don't even feels 'like' toward all the girl character, their personality not touching my lonely heart at all


If you like scheming MC all around and the 's*ave' thing, this is for you (looking for s*ex s*ave? There isn't)

Wanna see lovey-dovey relationship? Go away

Harem? I don't sense it till chapter 13 (they're just like companion)

S*ex scene? (Even if just slightly mentioned & morning came) NOPE <<less
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rcpsycho rated it
January 25, 2020
Status: c39
It felt like an interesting premise, but the MC never actually lives as a s*ave. He manages to talk himself out of s*avery in the first few chapters and then there's a timeskip of seven years. That might have as well been the starting point of the story, because anything happening while he's actually a s*ave is barely of any consequence.

Other than that, the idea is that rather than the standard average guy who gets a cheat when crossing into the other world, he's a cheat guy, who crosses into... more>> another world without getting anything, but he's able to solve literally any issue without breaking a sweat just by analysing the situation and the people he's dealing with, and everything always goes his way. The fact that there's no noteworthy opposition or difficulty for the MC results in an utter lack of suspense throughout.

If you enjoy wondering about what new inventive ways the MC comes up with to trick his antagonists, this can be enjoyable, but if you want to read about characters overcoming actual difficulties, there is nothing in this novel up to this point. <<less
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moevora rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: c41
Seriously it's boring, I dont know where that comedy genre come from..

It's grey-like world, the story was decent, the girls kinda cute n nice illustrations to boot..

Too early to score tho. Score 4/5
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