A NEET’s Guide to the Parallel World: Healer, the Strongest Cheat?


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Right after jumping off the roof Masamune was caught up in his classes transition to a new world.

A throne hall.

The students had all received high-class jobs such as Sage or hero. Except for Masamune, who became a healer, the weakest known occupation.

Cursed at and called incompetent, he alone is banished. After wondering the darkness, Masamune who received the skill [mischief inversion {extreme}] through inverting the healing magic gained the ominous magic [Encroachment Wave].

Now the strongest, Masamune swore his revenge.

Demons and the white cat tribe, precious companions he met on his journey. Together they explore the new world.

Associated Names
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Nito's lazy foreign world syndrome
Nito no Taidana Isekai Shoukougun: Saijaku Shoku "Healer" nano ni Saikyou wa Cheat desu ka?
ニトの怠惰な異世界症候群 ~最弱職〈ヒーラー〉なのに最強はチートですか?~
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New Xilkest6412 rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: c189
From just the glimpse of the reviews that I see here, I knew that I had to say something about this series given that the reflection that people have on the manga version were well received with a 4.8/5 rating. While here, it's a 2.6/5 when the story portrayed in the manga is no different from the web novel, even make use of the same dialogue there.

And stop making reviews and b*tching about the revenge when you're not even at c20. That's when it happens too actually. So be patient... more>> since it will no longer be a revenge story when all of the targets are dead so quickly. It will just be another harem story with an overpowered isekai.

When reading this review, I want you guys to take away the notion that this is a 2.6/5 web novel series and try to look at things objectively first since every comment here seems to be very emotional rather than objectively judging it as it is, as if they're just joining in the rage since it's fun to talk sh*t a series and rate it 1/5 than being objective about it.

There's a reason why the MC has a terrible personality and that was the goal of the author to portray an immature child, in this case a bunch of high schoolers, living in an isekai world. The author really did captured the personality of each summoned heroes in the story really well. Even right down to the revenge and the afterglow of it where you're filled with regrets. Thinking that it ended too quickly. They didn't suffered much. He wanted them to know the pain of going through bullying for the past 10 years like masamune did. It makes perfect sense that the revenge ended up being the build up, even if in those time that they were left alive and would find happiness while masamune is living in pain. He would enjoy killing their love ones and even better, leave them alive while he keeps on killing everyone that they've loved or liked. It's that kind of ideal of revenge that makes this an enjoyable web novel to read.

If the MC was some middle age man with a respectable job, I could see why you would attack the main character for being childish and s*upid, but he's not, is he? He's literally a Schadenfreude. The type of person that enjoys the suffering of humans. It's entertainment for him to look at them with disgust since he was called a disgusting germ throughout his highschool year and people were laughing at him so that ended up developed him to who he is now, just like those bullies. But this time, the order of power is reset and he's the one in control of their lives.

You guys also need to understand, for somebody that's f*cked up enough to attempted suicide, this kind of behavior is to be expected from the MC. Don't just brush that off when you say that he's got a bad personality. I personally like seeing how a "flawed" character, emotionally and mentally, in these novels since they tend to do things without thinking. Oh? 2 Kings are ordering me to give my party member to them? I will just make them vomit insects and make them nearly die because I'm a hero and nobody could tell I'm doing this, these 2 kings that eat beastmen and ens*aved them like some goblins, will have to go through hell! This doesn't spoil anything btw if you don't intend to read it all the way through.

Now, addressing the flaw of this series. The writing and the pacing are amateurish, right down to the characters for the first few 50 chapters of this series. But during the school arc, the tournament, where he finally kills 3 of his classmates, this is when I knew I just found a hidden gems after seeing all the tr*shes.

I came in here with low expectation thanks to the rating and the reviews, but I just realized just how ignorant and narrow minded some of the readers here were being. If you guys are hating this series just because of masamune, keep in mind that you're not the only one laughing at how bad his character is, I have seen all adult in this series making fun of him for being a child, with the face of a child. Heck, every kings and even the emperor are making fun of him for being a child, even if they're goddamn scared of his power. This isn't an unintentional writing to make the MC looks bad, he's literally the bad guy of the series who's trying to also be the "good guys" for his friends. That's essentially all he cares about as he already hated humans when he came to this world and the only one reaching out to him were the demihumans, demons, and other non-human races. <<less
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falloutexile3 rated it
December 22, 2019
Status: c3
I try not to write long scathing reviews all that often unless needed, but this one NEEDS IT.

But falloutexile3, you've only read 3 chapters! How can you know how good or bad a story is just from reading so little?

It's easy when the premise is flawed.

Much like constructing a building, an premise must be solid. Sure, the story and objectives therein may change as plot develops, but you still need a good starting line. I couldn't make it past chapter 3 due to the sheer folly of the setup. A... more>> flawed premise is like a poor foundation, it seems like it can be handled for a short time, but the more you try to add on to it, the more it fractures and stresses until it breaks. Beware "plot prep" spoilers.


First off: MC being bullied is normal as a story motivational concept. Standard trope. MC being sent alongside summons of class. That's fine and becoming mainstream. Someone standing up for MC when he's getting bullied-par for the course. Where it falls apart is that the MC is so self-absorbed that he thinks that he has NO RESPONSIBILITY in the matter. He is LITERALLY told that he has to DO something to stop being bullied (real shocker folks). However he somehow tries (and fails) to cast the person telling him that in a negative light as someone with a "sense of justice" BUT THEN turns around and blames everyone else for not doing anything as he is being bullied as he goes off to commit suicide. YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. MC is blaming everyone else for not doing anything when he is being bullied and then when someone IS trying to help him by getting MC to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT he discredits them for trying to help. Accountability? Standing up for oneself? Nah I'll just chuck myself off a building instead, that'll show them all. WTFITS? It's basicaly summed up in these lines:


I'm the one at fault?

What is this guy saying?

I committed suicide.

He effectively killed someone.


No child... just, no. The bully may have contributed to the suicide as a driving factor, but suicide is ultimately the selfish act of killing oneself. The bully did not chuck the MC off the side of the building. THAT would be him "effectively killing someone" or in other words: murder. MC is hiding himself behind a victim mentality where everyone else is the problem just so he can abandon responsibility. When the basis for your revenge is your own lack of responsibility, you likewise lack any true credibility for vengeance.

Second: Healer is being classified as a tr*sh profession in the other world because they prioritize firepower above all else.

Bull. Sh*t.

Anyone who understands the basics of war will value the idea of a healer no matter how powerful a weapon they desire. When you look at the casualties of war throughout the recorded centuries more fatalities stemmed from diseases and infections than from actual combat until you hit more modern times with sanitation efforts. Go see how many people are still alive today due to combat medics and battlefield medical staff ranging from surgeons to technicians that would have otherwise died. Go ahead, I'll wait. No matter how asinine rulers might be in this other world, there must be an adviser who would whisper a "sir, we can still use him" to the rulers. Anyone with a lick of sense would see the value of a person who can prevent one of their vaunted heroes from hemorrhaging out on the battlefield. Classifying a healer as useless is like saying "Oh, this person only has the ability to carry a bunch of materials in a sub-space dimension. That's garbage, he can't possibly help our war efforts at all. We'll throw him away rather than have him transport incredible quantities of materials quickly and efficiently to the front-lines to supplement our supply caravans."

The only logical conclusion that can be drawn is that the rulers have a plethora of healers readily available and they realize that the MC (who has literally just confessed himself to have shown a blatant disregard to the value of human life) is better off cut out of their fight. This is a logical and practical decision that is putting the lives of their summoned "heroes" and their own citizens out of harms way by casting off someone who lacks self-preservation and trustworthiness. This further weakens any plot of his vengeance being justifiable. "But teh prinzess laft at me and thru me owt..." So a princess is a spoiled brat who doesn't pull her punches-reality check, kid: in ye olde days citizens were considered property of the crown. Attempted suicide was punished with execution because you attempted to deprive the crown of his property. MC is "lucky" (read: plot armor) he got himself transported elsewhere to try (and unfortunately fail) to sort out his mental issues rather than having a quick date with the headsman's axe or hangman's noose.


Result: When I first saw the tags I had hope this story could have been interesting. I usually like isekai underdog/revenge stories and throwing in skill assimilation further whet my appetite. The problem is that when the premise of revenge stems from the MC's lack of responsibility and a victim mentality that perceives his problems to be the fault of everyone EXCEPT himself to the point that even people trying to HELP him are labeled as an enemy from their attempt to help him, revenge becomes unjustifiable. I'm abandoning this "story" before I get my hopes dashed even further from additional faulty logic.

Edit: to clarify, I'm not saying the bully was guiltless, I'm saying that blaming a suicide (even a failed one) on everyone else but yourself is twisting the truth of the matter. MC needs to accept the consequences of his own actions and inaction or he is no better than the bully who did the same to him. Instead, MC is so completely self-absorbed he doesn't bother to think about or even make any mention of family much less pause to consider how killing himself will hurt them. <<less
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cencourang rated it
January 26, 2020
Status: c10

Nnnah... Don't get jebaited by the premised "ISEKAI REVENGE STORY"

Many Japanese novel with that theme have a ret*rd plot or story or characters, and this is one of them.

Thankfully, you just need to read until ch 10, and you will understand why. LoL..

Just imagine you just get out from the dungeon, and met a party. Suddenly one of them turn hostile against you, and you already proof that you mean no harm and you can easily wipe them out, and on top of that, your humanity still kick in and choose to spare them. Suddenly one of them attack you from behind, mocking you, and finally you can turn the table. That person now knew your power, and scare of you. Suddenly say this to you "Chill out bro, its just a joke, I mean no harm, I have no mean no kill you" meanwhile you literally can feel he wants to kill you. What will you do after that? On top of that, he mocking you again with saying "lets be friend bro" out of nowhere..

Well, you can guess what MC did in this story when he said that. He be like "Okay" LOOOOL

So, avoid this novel as soon as possible.

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Shadowsword8 rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: c12
I wanted to give this one a chance because I like the cover, but I wasted my time.

The MC is a bitter tr*sh. His reasonning is extreme: Most pretended to see nothing when he was bullied? He'll kill them all! Some tried to stop the bullying? The white knight hypocrites, he'll kill them too! The princess and king of a kingdom at war don't want to waste time coddling him and send him away? He'll destroy the whole nation! And so on...

And the story goes downhill after this. Despite issuing... more>> those death threats right to their faces, he's free to go. The summoners see his status that has a super-OP skill listed (skill absorption, a classic Get-OP-with-a-few-kills of this genre), but they somehow don't care because he's a healer. The random teleporation send him in a OP dungeon, because reasons, where he just happen to get another super-OP one-hit kill skill, even before meeting any of the monsters. And one use of that skill later, his gained level and stats instantly remove any element of tension or danger there could have been. So much for the high-level dungeon.

At this point the Deus Ex Machina is so blatant it would be suited for a parody of revenge isekais (and not a subtle one). But no, the author is serious.

This WN is a greatly inferior version of Failure Frame or Arifureta, don't waste time on it. <<less
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darklightstar13 rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: c352
Yes, I read the raws, because I desperately wanted to know how the story will go.

After that, I read the reviews, because I wanted to see if there was someone like me who read ahead. There was one who read up to c240.

This story is not for those who want a "revenge story". It is also not for those who are looking for "redemption" or "a story about overcoming your faults".

There is no moral, no lesson to be learned in this story. It is simply a story, a tale that... more>> the author wanted to share to others, even if he does it sloppily. Most people would consider such stories as "tr*sh" or "not worth reading", and perhaps that's true. Still, if things like that don't bother you, give it a try.

[Just to add, I see people getting mad over the fact that "healer" is considered weakest and useless in this world. I was also wondering why it is like that, until I understood that, in this world, the only skill a healer has is "Heal Lvl 1" (which is equivalent to Ragnarok's "First Aid" skill), and it doesn't improve at all. Healers also have really low stats, although that could be solved with training.] <<less
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S.D. rated it
February 26, 2020
Status: c16
The thing with all revenge isekai stories is that they need to be compared against Failure Frame, which is undisputably the leader among them that deserves 5 stars. Compared to Failure Frame this novel got:

    • A less likeable protagonist. Really miserable, embittered and with unreasonable expectations from society to boot. Reminds me of an old parable about the guy who was sitting praying on the rooftop during the flood.
    • A weaker revenge justification. No matter what he thinks his revenge claims on every but two of his classmates are damn null. Revenge claims on king / princess are weak as well, because not only they used willing human sacrifices to fuel the summoning and got someone below their expectancy, the person himself happened to be rather toxic too. Regretfully, it is stated they were going to send him off to random location regardless - if not I would had concluded that this is how the author intended the character to be, and looked forward to some personality development. Alas, apparently not the case.
    • A much more ridiculous deus ex machina. The protagonist of Failure Frame was specifically sent to impossible dungeon to die, and had it harder in the beginning, facing not only enemies, but things like lack of food and mental fatigue. The protagonist of NEET Healer just happens to land in the impossible dungeon, just happens to find a massive powerup (without any downside), just happens to find here a stockpile of food and wine, just happens to find equipment that is immediately useful, etc. Feels like it was nothing but gain for him.
    • A less consistent character decision making. But who knows, maybe it's actually intended by the author that protagonist is an angsty do-gooder who would spare people who not only tried to silence him, but clearly said that they plan to recruit people who he swore revenge upon.
    • Harem. Harems almost always drag the story down. Part of the reason why I regard Failure Frame highly is because it has no harem.
All in all it's a coin toss between 2 and 3 stars. It was a bit fun, so I'm going with 3 stars.

EDIT: lol @ current recommendations, the only one that makes sense is Arifureta. Guess I should add some reasonable stuff myself. If you're reading this then consider upvoting Failure Frame and Garbage Brave.
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xrave rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: c9
The setup scales too hard too fast for not enough reason. If someone achieves an insane amount of power - should it be something they worked for?

one way to answer is no. Death March is a classic example of Power given without a lot of work, but the interesting part about Death March is how the protagonist innovates on top of his OPness. He uses his powers in interesting ways to accomplish difficult goals that are difficult because of his perfectionism.

another answer is yes. This category would have classic weak... more>> to strong progression arcs like Shield Hero. The hero toils for the experience and progression.

However, this WN follows neither of these patterns. The MC is immature and psychologically unstable, the process he gains power unearned, the way he uses it unsatisfying. His revenge plot is simply kill everyone that he perceived wronged him, and he’s backed up by the skills he was gifted. Spare yourself an hour and don’t read this, it’s like Shield Hero plus 100x more edge and minus anything that made it good. <<less
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October 9, 2020
Status: c28
The MC is a typical wimp that loses in every game even though he has the cheats, and the chicks just get attracted to him like magnets. The character development is just terrible.
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: c12
It's so typically Japanese that it hurts.

Revenge theme, but there's never revenge. Is the protagonist at least the tiniest bit ruthless you may wonder? No. The protagonist may have all the power in the world, but his mentality is exceptionally weak. A pretty girl? His hands begin shaking at the very thought of even attacking her, let alone killing her. Attacked unprovoked? The protagonist feels that since the attacker has friends, family et cetera, it would be a crime against humanity to kill them.

I would only recommend this novel to my worst enemies. Painful to read.
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January 10, 2020
Status: c9
So far I'm not impressed... the MC is completely belligerent and acts like some big d*ck baller even when he just got his arm bitten off just recently and is obviously in a high level dungeon.

An arrogant and s*upid MC does not make for a good story....
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fantasy X revenge
fantasy X revenge rated it
November 19, 2020
Status: c351
I finished reading the raw using google translate and at best I gave this novel 3.5 / 5.0

The first half of the story was good at first there was proper pacing for events, a decent build-up for the story's plot points, and the story was taking a logical advance.

The MC was enjoying his another-world life and I enjoyed reading it.

The second half of the story really went to the garbage hole there was no more pacing or build-up instead the story just jump from one event... more>> to another, I no longer know where the plot is going and no longer enjoy reading any of what the MC or the other characters are doing nor do care,

from the second half to the ending, it was like Guilty Crown all over again if you watched the anime that how I felt about reading the web novel.

after finishing the story I find many things I was dissatisfied with:

    1. the author introduces some elements like Class rank-up and potions, but I haven't read a single thing about these elements since he introduced it neither the MC nor any other character mange to get a Class rank-up or use any potion in the entire story, these are some of the elements the author introduces and never use there are more elements in the story which I would like to see more use for in the story or to know more about it.
    1. the MC meets some really high-level characters not as high-level as him but at the very least when you read about them for the first time you would expect to see them again later in the story.

like when the MC meets a LV 300 red dragon that the MC help with returning his stolen jewel (was it) the dragon saying he will return the favor but to never see him again or the party or three who manage to corner the MC during the final war but they get rekt by him and you don't know much about them you don't even get some back story nor enough information to actually feel their weight in the world of the story


3. Not enough back story for the MC, the MC gets his back story mentioned briefly in one chapter but every other character get at least one dedicated chapter, even when the MC was getting his revenge on his classmates I didn't feel good about it or if he was really deserving to do what he did to them nor did I felt bad for his classmates' except three of them because their back story made me feel at least sympathy for them.

4. The ending was bitter-sweet but what the flipping hell with this ending


I read 351 chapters of this novel just for the MC Thanos snapped himself out of existing to rest the world, he did give a better life to all the 4 girls in his party member and he did change the world to a better place by the 4 nudges he did to their lives and made it closer to his ideal world, but the Mc that got summoned after the reset and the MC that I read from the beginning to end before the rest are not the same even after the Mc see the memories about the life he had before the rest he can't feel any relation to the MC before the rest


hopefully, the Light novel would do better, I'm fine with changing the entire plot after the MC leaves the first city he's in. <<less
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TwistedWhimsy rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: 56 (raws)
In my opinion, this story is certainly cliche isekai tr*sh, no matter how I look at it. But a fairly good one when compared to its many fellow isekai tr*shes on this site. The side characters and harem have reasons for their behavior and are not mindless followers (except for a certain child catkin s*ave who seems to exist solely for the lolicons...), and the protagonist actually has a personality and motivations, flawed as they may be.

I honestly don't understand most of the reviews this story has been given. sure,... more>> some make fair points, but the rest seem to just be the result of not knowing what comes next and judging it prematurely.

Not enough revenge for you?


He slowly tortures the king and princess to death using acid and the grudges of the people they killed and then obliterates their castle out of spite towards the kingdom.


You think he's overreacting by wanting to kill the people responsible for repeatedly ruining his life and then leaving him for dead? What's so strange about that?

It's depressing? yes, well it is a 'drama' with 'brainwashing, ' 'suicide, ' 'twisted personality, ' and 'torture' tags.

Anyway, I'm not gonna read any further than this, as it would take several hours and I don't really think this story is worth the headache that comes with reading the google translated raws (few are)... but I'll keep reading the manga as it comes out, and if ever there is an anime I'll gladly watch that too. <<less
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Haru553 rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: c240
As the one would bears the grunt to read this depressing novel WN up to Volume 4 of the novel in hopes for it change to a better light in latter chapters, what can I say is, read this novel when you have nothing to do, up of a depressing wild ride or JUST DON'T READ IT AT ALL COST.

At first glance, I thought that this novel has some potential to become a great novel, but I was greatly disappointed everytime I read it. The plot is somewhat stiff and... more>> a little bit forced, and what tick me the most was the MC was too fixated on his revenge that he even discards people that really cares about him.

Expect for some huge character development? I'm sad to tell you theres little character development. In the first and second volume its ok, it goes downhill after that. The MC is dumb and dense, he is given this OP power and did try or experiment to the fullest extent of the given powers, but he simply doesn't know how to use it the correct and efficient way. There are times that I question "Why doesn't he use this particular skill on that particular situation?" and sometimes MC's actions really makes me wonder how much dumber can he get?

Please for the sake of any god that you believed in, read this novel when you have nothing to do, up of a depressing wild ride or JUST DON'T READ IT AT ALL COST. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
March 2, 2020
Status: c26
As of the current state of the translation it's hard to tell about this one. First you should probably start with manga

I don't know if it's the difficulty translating Japanese or just the ratio of visual/ literal in the mangas but they always come across better than the novel translations.

Edit: managed to read 10 chapters of this through google translate and it's pretty bad. The opening which was what I thought was iffy and could have been better was actually the best part. And it seems to be dropping off... more>> a cliff from there. Toss in the fact that it's 300 chapters currently and as of 30 theres still no revenge, and seems to be dropping to an OP guy with a harem that drops into his lap, despite the girls winding up always protecting his honor. Toss out my old review and just drop it as 1 star or less. <<less
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Ashbell TL
Ashbell TL rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: c151
This novel really is as bad as the reviews say.

By far the worst part of the novel is the character development. Absolutely none of the characters have concrete traits, switching between two extreme dualities. The main character is the worst example of this, but his bipolar nature is somewhat acceptable considering that he has an established mental illness (ie. Actually committing suicide) and this illness is actually integral to the overarching story's plot.

The problem arises when literally every supporting character also have a duality of personality traits. People who seem... more>> good are actually batsh*t crazy on the inside, or people who are supposed to be strong and brave instantly cower in fear at the first sign of confrontation.

Even the "most consistent" character, the generic loli beastgirl, doesn't have a consistent traits, as she starts out being a physical damage dealer and instantly switches to being a magician for no apparent reason.

I realize the author is trying to establish this whole "duality of man" situation, but it's honestly just lazy writing when every ally, nation, and enemy possess this same trait.

There are other terrible parts to this novel such as the terrible power scaling, liberal use of deus ex machina, and nonsensical political systems; but I will leave those for other people to rant about.

The only remotely interesting thing about this novel is the "mystery" behind the MC's powers, but that mystery can only take you so far. Overall this novel is a solid 1/5. Review of English Translations: 2/5

Currently being "speedrun" by a single translator. The spelling is atrocious and the TL openly admits that he is too inconvenienced to add Apostrophes to words, leaving its theres and "thst" riddled throughout. Regardless, the TL does put out a lot of chapters at a high speed with some semblance of accuracy. Despite very much needing an editor, it does well to explain the story even if it is somewhat broken. I'm giving it a 2/5 for being "not the worst I've seen". <<less
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kenichiwuz rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: c10
Main character gets banished after finding out that people don't have much expectations from his given class.

They teleport him in a random area to get rid of him. His classmates laughed at him cause he was the class weakling.

Mad that he couldn't get a better treatment he literally yells out he would take revenge.

... more>> A few moments after he forgets about his revenge and morally conflicts with himself like the weak sauce he is.

I am very dissapointed that the MC couldn't be more manly as he uses his "teenage" thinking to go throughout the world.

The fact that he couldn't hold on to his anger that long only to spike it after being triggered again makes this unbearable.

From his previous history of being brow beat and bullied he is very passive and that can be shown lots of times.

Like many other genres, the story is dragged out on how beta and how much of a "weakling" the MC is. <<less
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September 22, 2020
Status: --
Probably the author has experienced being bullied. What we read until the end is a nuclear bomb kid on a tantrum. King and Princess is bad.. kill. Bullies find out his identity trying to apologize.. kill. Childhood friend? What is that? Not much impact on the story. Harem? At the final war, he killed all his girls... remember bullying is bad.. we might created a monster because of bullying.

When he realized his revenge was all for nothing... his predecessor reset the world back to when the class about to summoned.... more>> When the world reset back, his bullies save him, his harem saves him and he gone to a journey with his OP Harem. There...i spoil the whole story. In my opinion, this is not a memorable story. I couldn't stand to read the whole story.... skip some arc.. read at the end... it's not tr*sh but better skip this. <<less
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Spectra8 rated it
December 11, 2019
Status: c5
Just read this novel to chapter 5 but it surely pull my interest. Hoping to see how the MC will fare in this world and how he will take his revenge. Same transported to other world while MC become op because of some god. Hope it get translated to the end.
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Zeit Wahrheit
Zeit Wahrheit rated it
June 15, 2021
Status: c170
I'm not going to harp on the MC's shitty character as I see plenty of reviews for that. There are two things I want to add because not many reviewers made it very far, deservedly so.

His power inhibits any mental growth the character could have. If he ever doubts himself in ANY way his powers don't work correctly. He has to do mental gymnastics to not just immediately massacre some people to avoid his powers going awry. This could have been an interesting way to challenge the MC, but instead... more>> is more used to keep him from ever growing up. Plus, any anxiety this could have caused is washed away by his "other half" that can just wave away the mental corruption.

Secondly, after a fairly normal paced beginning, the story just starts jumping around with no indication of why. There's tons of off screen happenings handwaved by, "He was out." One example is that he visits a shop owned by three dwarves who we have never met before, in a city that's never been mentioned before, and they are grateful to him for reasons that are literally never stated.

It's not the worst thing I've ever read, but that's about as high as I can praise it. <<less
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Spearow rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: c161
A NEET’s Guide to the Parallel World
its not a written as a guide, does not have any type of guide like structure, no guide like side chapters, I was really disappointed, with a title like that the author could had so much fun, but he choose to make it generic, typical isekai revenge story, everything happens because of the main character or happen to interact with the main character, do not expect any plot twists or surprises, there are none

main character is not a neet, not a real neet,... more>> he is just a normal dude that gets bullied before being isekaied, if you are already reading a good isekai, or have already read an isekai, do not read this expecting something special, its average, the definition of average in fact. <<less
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pIRaTZE rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: c150
This is dumb. If you want to exact revenge, just do it. Why bother someone else's point of view just to not doing it? The author aren't fit to write revenge stories like this as it get's ridiculous contradict with how he want it to be. He should just killed Saeki when he had the chance but instead are too s*upid to be scared of getting expelled but in the end, he's getting one as he killed Kogkyou. Where are the logic of his thinking? You let the bastard who... more>> bully and abuse you alive but killed someone who you felt annoyed? I think the author is WAAAY confused than hidaka. <<less
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