A Legion Grows From My Smartphone


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An unusual application had mysteriously installed itself on my smartphone, and within it, an alien organism was growing.

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A Legion Grows From My Mobile Phone
I Grow a Legion in My Phone
내 휴대폰에서 군단이 자란다
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03/08/24 xLordFifth’s... c9
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ninji_in rated it
October 20, 2023
Status: c88
this novel has one of the best munchkin characters done right imo. We have the similar premise as NPC Town-building Game where theres a game with interactable units, and the similarities end there. This one delves more into the nitty gritty struggles for survival of a non-human character, the chemistry between a powerless MC and a growing hive-mind entity, how they both influence each other in a setting where only the strongest have rights.

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the novel starts off with the MC apparently downloading some app, he was wary at first since he thought he was hacked and there was someone communicating with him through the app, little did he know that the app will demand something greater. Through the app he got a cell unit with munchkin traits and he diligently grew that unit into a creature capable of decimating races and worlds turning everything into nutrition.

midway, he realizes that the world he's in is not so simple, countless worlds are connected to each other through the game system in his app. While his unit is a mu*der machine, he's still a puny little human being, one interesting to watch considering the pressure he's on

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