A Friend’s Father Who Bites Well


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Dan-oh, a single father, gets drunk and has a one-night stand with a guy. Dan-oh, unable to forget his relationship with a man who resembled his first love, he meets him again while masturbating.

“This is the second time we’ve met. My name is Cho Hye-gun, Tae-yang’s friend.”
“Th—that time, I was… drunk and made a mistake, sorry, I’m sorry.”
“Haha. What mistake? You were like a sl*t.”
“Yes, what?”
“Don’t you wonder what Tae-yang would think if he knew you were sleeping around outside?”

After establishing a relationship on the condition that he not tell his son, Hye-gun comes to Dan-oh’s workplace, as Dan-oh ignores his messages.

“Look mister, your hole is twitching, can you feel it?”
“No… no…”
“I’m the only one who can fill you up as much as you want, Mister.”

Dan-oh eventually formed a lasting relationship with Hye-gun and began to question their relationship.

“Out—outside, Tae-yang is outside…”
“Yoon Tae-yang is a heavy sleeper, once he falls asleep. You know that.”
“Heut! Wait—wait!”

Will they be able to sort out their relationship without getting caught?

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잘 무는 친구 아버지
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Strictly_nsfw_Business rated it
December 8, 2023
Status: c3 part2
Not bad. ML is XXXL and his schlong hospitalizes his gay partners since no one can take him to the root, except for MC. Thankfully, MC enjoys it, but the writing is making me imagine his d*ck is equal to fisting. 4stars for the sexy dom behavior.

ML's past partners have been hospitalized from trying to take ML entirely, ML did not need to force his d*ck in to that extent but ML is an a**hole. The author gave the title 'He's American' to justify his hot-headed violence. He is a... more>> Korean who lived in America for a while, so his good personality traits are Korean and his bad are American. He would be an as*hole in America too.

ML has shown sadistic dom traits so far, I have not seen actual violence towards MC and I will update if it comes up since that is... so far past my tolerance for smut. <<less
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