A Deal with the Devil


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One day, I found a Grimoire in the Royal Library and inadvertently summoned a devil. The devil is said to grant wishes in exchange for souls. I decide to ask the devil to kill my ex-fiancé, who betrayed me and broke off our engagement, and my friend, who slept with him…….

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Akuma to no Keiyaku
Contract with the Devil
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05/05/21 Sads Translates… oneshot
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Jun 07, 2021
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Honestly, not a bad read. The premise was interesting and the execution was not bad, though there were a couple of points that felt like bumps on the road.

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Would've been nice to have another chapter after the end, showing whether the protag ended up finding happiness. Personally, I think she did, since the human mind is a formidable and robust thing that recovers from trauma over time. Even if she wanted and got the deaths of the two antagonists, there is no reason for her to be unable to go back to a more stable and positive state of mind after that.

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