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A War Without Casualties.

The Republic of San Magnolia has long been under attack from the neighbouring Giadian Empire’s army of unmanned drones known as the Legion. After years of painstaking research, the Republic finally developed autonomous drones of their own, turning the one-sided struggle into a war without casualties-or at least, that’s what the government claims.

In truth, there is no such thing as a bloodless war. Beyond the fortified walls protecting the eighty-five Republic territories lies the “nonexistent” Eighty-Sixth Sector. The young men and women of this forsaken land are branded the Eighty-Six and, stripped of their humanity, pilot the “unmanned” weapons into battle…

Shin is the leader of a squadron of eighty-sixers. Lena is a “handler” who commands the detachment from the remote rear with the help of special communication technology.

The farewell story of the severe and sad struggle of these two begins!

Associated Names
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86 - Tám Sáu
86 -เอทตี้ซิกซ์-
86: Eighty Six
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Username4838 rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: v1
First of all, 86 is actually a verb, meaning 'to discard'. And the male protagonist is literally 86'ed like all of the eighty sixers. That concept of 86 is put into thorough use in this cruel novel, like the title suggests. And that's the selling point. Nothing else needs to be told, just read it.

This barely feels like a LN, which is a good thing. No fan service confirmed.
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kkgoh rated it
December 5, 2018
Status: v2c3
Code Geass + Valkyrie Chronicles + Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans type novel.
Thinly veiled American-bashing genre, but ok read otherwise.
EDIT: There was a recent anime adaptation and its outsized popularity made me think I missed something. The anime was so-so, but re-reading the novel now makes the novel seem even worse, since some inconsistences, illogical plotlines and dialogue were left out in the show.

Angsty teenagers set in a war between countries, ideological factions, etc, while trying to survive and work their way through social discrimination. While Code Gaess... more>> was about colonization, 86 is a reflection of the WWII US internment of all Japanese-Americans in concentration camps, with the additional step of military conscription. Author tried to be topical by adding in a layer of "drones" (humans "controlling" other humans remotely), since mentioning drones/UAVs was all the rage in the 2010s but it's otherwise irrelevant.
Especially since that concept hasn't aged very well given how commonplace smart weaponry and AI advances are post-2020.

Somewhat believable ML & FL, both from different social stratas. ML is effectively a minority military s*ave forced to fight on the front lines to regain his citizenship, while the FL is from a privileged noble class directing the war effort from the rear.

(1) Illogical America/German-bashing?
Internment, conscription and racism are believable concepts if taken separately, since it's happened in both US and German history.
But just like Code Geass, it takes it a step too far by pulling in other atrocities and nonsensically linking it all together.
It's now internment + conscription + racism against ALL races (except those with white skin and silver hair), all while being the 1st democracy in the world and espousing democratic values. So that implies that majority of the democracy's citizens are hypocrites.
The author seems to be using a lazy, tired trope of making out one particular person/group to be cartoonishly evil. You know the kind... the one where there's a bad guy laughing maniacally while he pointlessly mu*ders an entire family, just so you can hate on him more until they finally get their comeuppance presumably down the road. Really??? Sure there's a cathartic effect when comeuppance happens, especially if you're a 14-yr old reading this for the first time. But for what's supposed to be a serious war novel, this world building appears really trite and implausible. It draws parallels to the annoying CN novel baddies that the author randomly created, just to be face-slapped by the MC. It's amazing that this novel actually won an award in Japan.
If this is supposed to be a reference to failed wars in the real world and how soldiers often feel abandoned by their own country, shouldn't the emphasis be on the politicians and policy makers who made that happen? Of course there's usually some culpability from an unwitting populace who voted (if at all) for those in power, but in this novel it's like saying all Germans were bad in WWII. I tried reading through the various 86-wiki and Reddit threads about the different countries foundational history to see if all this was possible. It still doesn't make much sense to me.

Maybe give 14-yr olds some credit and that their skills of comprehension are better than we think? Write something more coherent and realistic they can better appreciate? They don't need to be fed a diet of silly tropes to get them entertained. I get that Japan had a recent revival of old grievances against the US when this novel was written (some of which are legit), but this is kinda absurd.

(2) Weird military doctrine
I'm not certain the author has military experience or extensively researched enough military history before writing this novel. A lot has been hyped about how accurately the novel/anime portrayed war. I think that's true... but maybe only on the ground level.
Military technology, geography, strategic capabilities have always had an impact on doctrine, and adoption is fairly quick when any of these change.
Yet 9 YEARS after the Republic (the ML and FL's home country) was invaded, when they are fighting against extinction (not loss of their country since it's a take-no-prisoners situation against robots), they still act as if all lives are completely expendable.
The spider tanks are really "Tachikomas" from Ghost in the Shell, but despite advanced weaponry they still fight close combat style. The "handlers"/"drone pilots" act like they are playing video games, even though the "drones" are real humans. Even if it's sacrificing conscripted minorities, it makes absolutely no sense that the country hasn't reformed their war plans or government.
Worse, the govt is actively deceiving the populace that they are winning the war. And the populace actually believes it! How delusional can people be when they are eating scraps? Even a certain, real world, Dictator Kim could only hold sway over his country because he reminded them of historical war atrocities committed against his people (and also the militaristic govt he happens to wield). But at least his country isn't being actively invaded for 9 YEARS!
And how hard can it be to form an alliance with all the other affected countries? The Empire is basically Germany in WWII. It's said the Empire shut down communications by sending out jamming signals. But the Republic can walk over to neighboring countries right? Maybe there'll be reason down the line about the lack of communication, but you'd expect this to be explained at the beginning.

I'm also really struggling to think of real world examples where a majority of a country's fighting force is a marginalized group. How would that even work? How do you instil/ensure loyalty through 9 YEARS of war, while still having confidence in winning said war? Sure there were African Americans serving in the US War of Independence. There were also a number of Japanese-Americans serving in the US during WWII. There were even Jews serving in H*tler's army. But none of them ever formed the backbone fighting force.

The novel chalks up this lengthy futile war to sheer military brass idiocy, incompetence, and

a half-assed attempt at genocide of the Colorata.

The author supposedly drew on N*zi Germany for source material. But would H*tler trust and staff the J*ws throughout his army, even if faced with an existential threat?
Probably not. And he didn't. There were only a couple of thousand of J*ws allowed into the German army fighting alongside the majority Aryans, and were eventually purged from the ranks. Most were career soldiers and served either thinking they were helping their families, or more often, thought themselves German and not J*ws.

It's mindboggling to think author's source of actual historical events can be extrapolated to the scale of Eighty-Six where all the silver haired Alba sit fat and pretty in comfort behind the walls. Just feels like a gross oversimplification of war and a disservice to the actual people in history who went through it.

(3) Terrible prose and sentence/narrative structure
A whole bunch of nonsensical sesquipedalian military terms are used. It's like the author found a military dictionary and threw in whatever she could.
The sentences don't make sense, the conversations between military personal jumps about and don't make sense. The pacing, flow of emotions and character interactions are incredibly awkward.


"If used over a long time, who knows the effect it will have... one or two Eighty Sixers dead won't matter, but what will happen if something bad happens to you?"
Lena instinctively gave a displeased look. She knew Arnett was simply worried about her, but she could not help herself.
"Don't do that... that's sleazy of you."
Arnett finally waved her hand impatiently.
"Okay okay. You're a curious one."
An awkward silence soon filled both sides of the glass wall.
Suddenly, Arnett gave a smile, as though to purge the silence.
"Speaking of curiosity, Lena, want some Chiffon cake? Something new I made from eggs."

What??? What's sleazy? Why wave your hand impatiently? Why the awkward silence? What does curiosity have to do with cake? Lost in translation... WTF.

The leaps of logic are so bad you have to read a paragraph multiple times.
It could just be a bad translation, but I doubt it.

(4) Massive info dump, convoluted plot and exposition
Borrows too many useless tropes.
Besides Code Geass + Valkyrie Chronicles + Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans, we also have hints of The Matrix (robots/AI taking over on the enemy side), a collective "internet" consciousness (Ghost in the Shell/Star Trek Borg).
And that's just Chapter 1!! <<less
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elRouge rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: v1 reboot-activate
The premise is interesting "the dead aren't in the battlefield... but they died there". you can say that is pretty plain, but there is where the story has it own perk (or unique?) the author is pretty good in writing this (how he/she brought the story).

If you say if there is something that look like this, then i'll answer "code geass boukoku no akito". Since it's pretty much the same I think (except the mecha/robot) pretty sure the background is european.

This novel is by no mean light, and have so... more>> much potential (many action and posibbly a mix of politics)

The MC is of course badass

he can hear the voice of "ghost" and "black sheep"

Its still a mystery how he get it thou

I hoped the TL seriously continuing to translate this

Revision:after I read reboot-activate


the potential suddenly leaped sky high with shinn becoming a federation soldier, a surviving country at far east from republic

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fireutsie rated it
March 2, 2018
Status: v2 prologue
This novel really did a good job on showcasing a variety of emotions; cruelty, hopelessness, despair, foolishness and optimism. It's a grim and dark novel, not grim and dark like those edgy novels, but one that paints those themes in a slightly more realistic manner. People die, sudden and without warning. No shitty monologues in the middle of battle, hours of chanting magic while the opponent does nothing, nobody shouting his skill while executing it. It feels like a real battle without all that bullshit.

The worldbuilding is decent as of... more>> volume one, but. The real thing is that these characters grow on you. And that makes reading this novel rather painful as you reach the end of volume 1. Character development was not that elaborated and a lot of the characters weren't even explored fully. But I guess that volume 1 was only a prologue to the real story. So it can't be helped.

Imo this novel as of volume 1 could stand alone as a oneshot. Because it's written that well. It's so good and I can't wait for the other volumes to be translated. <<less
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JackB rated it
September 26, 2020
Status: v1c3
Its like taking a more mature story and making all the characters kids and randomly having them act like kids or adults to try and make it enjoyable for children readers. Then take some prominent examples of what makes a society bad and jam them all together to make a literal super shitty country they (86ers) are all dying to help save.

At one point one of the the child solders talk about how her family was mu*dered for fun by the country she was fighting to save right in front... more>> of her and she continued to try and fight for them even though she was unsupervised on the front.

Its a fantasy story and I can respect that. I enjoy many types of fiction from magic to sci-fi to monsters but I need something, some part of the story I can relate to on some logical level with enjoyment and/or understanding. Weather its a person or an idea or premise it has to make sense even if its within its own worlds context. This story has none. <<less
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g.phyllo rated it
June 14, 2018
Status: v2
Loving it so far, especially how the first volume end. About 3/4 into the first volume, I ask myself what would a good ending to this novel would be like (not just in term of the main characters, but as well as how to handle the swines), without ruining the realistic brutal war theme and logical to the story, and I just couldn't see how it could happen. But the author did it, and it was great and very satisfying.

A little disappointed with the second volume, not because that's it... more>> bad, but it's not the direct continuation from V1's epilogue, which I really like to read. However, it's an in-depth story of all the stuff that happen during the epilogue itself, mostly from Shinn's perspective. It was good, but I just want more of Bloody Regina! <<less
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Azure02 rated it
March 27, 2021
Status: v6
I found the first volume of this novel to be actually good. Great concept really.

Well this first volume is actually meant to be a standalone. So yeah, it's probably better if it stopped there. Even if a lot of problem remain unsolved, like the entire Legion still wandering out there, or other countries situation never being explained. Well, luckily for some people, this thing got popular and they decided to make an entire serialisation.

Now let's talk about the plot.

The story revolves around 86, a large group of people being forced... more>> to fight against Legion, an army full of unmanned AI mecha creature that is trying to decimate humanity. Not barehanded ofc, this a mecha genre, you would need a similar form of weaponry. They are forced to because they are subject to racism by the San Magnolia government and populace. Why you said? In the first place, Legion exist because of the Empire. They created these things. Common thing in most Japanese literature "Empire is the bad ones", yeah. And you see here, a big portion of people in the Empire is mostly of one race, Colorata.

That leads to the entire race being blamed for Empire's wrongdoings. The San Magnolia government pushed the responsibility to a single race. And you know that it's the sign for racism. The Coloratas got treated so badly that the nation of San Magnolia forcefully draft those people to fight against the Legions in order to defend the whole nation. They are the 86.

That's the whole synopsis.

Well, I don't really have much of a complain with the first volume but what's funny to me is that somehow the entire San Magnolia goverment is acting like a complete idiot. I mean they should have realized that if they keep this situation, then one day these Eighty-Sixers would be completely gone considering that you sent them all into a highly disadvantageous war. When that time comes, they would be in a grave danger right?

But they have done nothing. And even worse, the entire population of San Magnolia, the Alba people, they don't even know how to fight. That's crazy. Like the entire population being s*upid or ignorant is just your everyday occurrence, but the government being this s*upid?

I'd say the whole racism thing is pretty well managed though.

As for the others, there is a guy that said this is a blatant bashing to the America. Now that he said so, it does seem pretty convincing. A self-claimed democratic nation practicing the act of racism itself. Seems pretty similar. But you know, like how "the Empire is the bad guys", this kind of thing is also a common trope. So yeah, no.

And about all the Juggernaut thing, I guess you could say the same thing about Pacific Rim. Mecha is basically illogical in real life, but you know, considering this is a fiction... yes, it doesn't make sense, but they have their own dedicated audience. You can compromise with that in this genre.

I'd agree though with the whole populace taking the whole propaganda about that they are actually winning the war. There is no proper explanation for how they were being led to believe this. Is the source of information being limited or not, we don't know. Even if that is true, the government can't really disclose this from everyone since there are a lot of people that is aware of the situation outside, such as the group of Handlers. There's still a limit of just how s*upid the entire populace is.

They can't communicate via land also. Why? To cross over another country, you would need to fight a whole lotta Legions. As for prose and narrative issues, remember that this is a translation, not the original Japanese work. You can't really blame the author for that.

That whole criticism is just for the first volume, I guess. I'm at vol. 6 now and my take for this series is that, this is slowly becoming a bullshit.

The world building seemed to narrow in after the first volume.

I also feel like the whole plot is now being too centered around a few certain characters. Especially Shin & Lena. The other characters are slowly becoming unimportant, has no real effect whatsoever.

And the romance between Shin & Lena also just getting too overbearing for me that in the midst of volume 6, I dropped the series indefinitely. I don't know if I'll continue to read this. <<less
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Troublesomeone rated it
September 12, 2019
Status: v2
Powerful and breathtakingly raw.

The concepts that 86 explores cannot be called original. In one form or another, they can be found in various other light-novels, mangas and anime. The execution, however, is incredible. And when it comes down to it, that's what really matters.

These characters, they make you smile while your heart reaches out to them, because you want them to be able to laugh together, for just a moment longer. Death, grief, desperation, fear - or fearlessness, ruthless cruelty, hope - or hopelessness. They were forged on the battlefield,... more>> and they will die on it. They do not fight for honour, nor the right to protect their loved ones, they fight simply because that is who they are. And the way it is depicted is awe-inspiringly beautiful.

No, this story is not for everyone. It is confronting. There is extreme racism - though these races are made-up - and it knows it. It's what propels it forward, and just as much as it is depicted, the writing condemns it. There is extreme violence, there is character death and there are uncountable instances of violations of human rights. It is dark, and grim. But I do not feel that it is used for the shock-factor, it is merely what 86 sets out to do.

The cast feels alive. Some characters are not fully explored, but that could be viewed as a good thing; to have done so would have ruined the pace. The main female characters are actually likeable. They've been given real brains. There are a few that look, at first glance, to be archetypical, but that is quickly over-ridden. They are consistent, and they constantly grow. The same goes for the male characters. The main one is frequently described as apathetic and distant. This could have too easily been - but was not - portrayed as robotically emotionless, a common enough stereotype that we don't need more of. Yet in truth, he could be described as the most dynamic in the whole cast. Strong, flawed, lovable; they are the glue for this story. The group dynamics are natural.

As a standalone, volume one would hold up by itself. You don't need to continue with the sequels, but for anyone who loved it, that would most likely be unthinkable. Volume two, and probably the soon-to-be officially translated three, are not quite so powerful. Or magnificent. For many, they could be described as a let-down. But they are necessary, and still very much enjoyable - they feel more like a prologue than the first novel, as they take place between the end of the first and the epilogue. Patience will be required for 86 to emerge as a series. The beginning was such a remarkable bang that a bit of distance is required for it to once more gain that momentum.

Highly recommended to anyone who likes things grim and dark with powerful characterisation. <<less
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Usernamechecksout rated it
September 17, 2021
Status: v8
The series is amazing except for one problem.

They portray the republic as a monster which doesn't even care a little bit about its citizens. It's so bad that it makes it seem that they are evil just for the sake of being evil. I find it hard to believe that someone could be so evil but maybe I am just delusional.

An example of this

... more>>

In v6 or maybe it was v7 they Shin and Lena are are just walking outside in the night and a kid a literal 7-10 year old kid says that Shin looks like a monster.I really find it hard to believe that so young a child can be made to believe that or maybe as I said I just haven't experienced it anywhere or I am delusional.

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Eeliejun rated it
November 19, 2020
Status: v4
I can see why this is rated so high. Because people stopped reading after the first volume. I read it till the 4th and man it sucks. The first vol is good because of the theme and how it is set up. It feels human and in the end, it is a tragic story that can only end one way. Or that was the plan till the author was informed he was allowed to write a second book.

The story in vol 1 does not allow a good end for our... more>> group but the author made one and named the chapter reboot... A lot does also not make much sense like fighting a war for 9 years but the main population is clueless of any problems. They have artillery in the back of the front but no one is using it because why bother. Also giving all the minority guns and sh*t and you nothing but still they will follow all orders to go die somewhere and not free their people from the camp they are held in. Or that there is not even one native in command that is like oh boy this war is costly because of the millions of shells we need to make maybe we need to do something and see how the war is going... Tbh can complain a lot.

Now for the other 3 volumes, I would say they are boring. The main group has plot armor from here to Tokyo and factions that have been fighting for 10 years still make simple mistakes that our teen MC can point out in a sec. They don't evolve our invent new tactic it is just human wave tactics Every combat is stated how devasting it was for the humans and here I am thinking how are they keeping up the manpower? Because all people in the back lines live a normal life and conscription is EVIL in this and can't be done Like what? After 10 years of full-scale devastating war with the enemy leaving now wounded people alive the country would collapse or breed a whole new type of system where providing the military is the most important thing.

I would say read vol 1 and skip the last chapter named reboot and you are good to have a bit of fun a couple of hours reading. Don't read the rest or do you are your own boss. <<less
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BitterCoffee79 rated it
December 26, 2017
Status: v2 prologue
There's not much to say about this story without spoiling and I feel that the synopsis does a good job at capturing the attention. While the story may feel confusing at time, with all the strange names, the way it's written is simply beautiful, as of now i'd suggest every reader bored with the same recicled stories to give this a shot, it's worth every star i've given.
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Littledragonlady rated it
January 10, 2018
Status: --
This story is so beautifully written, the angst is real, the feeling of desperation so perfectly conveyed that halfway thru the first volume I was so close to dropping this story due to the sadness contained. @ElRouge review changed my decision. I look forward to the chance when our ML and MC can meet face to face.
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Ubiquitin rated it
April 27, 2019
Status: v2
This novel is similar to Code Geass: Akito the Exiled where the characters are part of an army and being commanded by the idiotic Top Brass who discriminate them because they are originally from their country (Not sure if they are in different country, cannot recall). So if you want some dramatic and mecha genre at the same time, this is the right novel for you. Some of you may agree or disagree with my review or opinion, nevertheless, I respect them.

Each characters have their own behavior which certainly correspond... more>> not only to the story but also to the past experiences they encountered. I love the MC since he is a smart and cool headed leader yet at the same time kind. I love the story, the construction and flow of the plot. The distribution of characters as well as their respective emotions and behavior. Some light/web novels as I've observed, the reactions or the actions doesn't seem to be appropriate or logical based from a certain event or something. But in this novel, they are realistic. The author is certainly using semi-realistic and logical reasons for each and every portion of his story.


Technically, being discriminated while being forced to fight for those who discriminate you would certainly lead to rebellion. However, they didn't. They struggled along with comrades who would support each other yet who may lose anytime due to the danger they face. They are in a war and they are the vanguard. So losing comrade or a friend is not a strange feeling to them, thus behind their jolly character (some of e'm), is a deep scar in their hearts.

And those foolish top brass who only command and order them didn't have the intelligence and the guts in the first place. They lost the kindness of humanity and only been thinking about themselves. Most of the citizen is like that, and they are certainly foolish enough to believe the lies that their government spout without an ounce of doubt. And there, the citizen is like their government who also discriminate blinded by the "Classiness". They regard those people outside their wall/country without class, thus the root of the discrimination. However, not all citizen is like that. There are some people who retained the kindness of humanity I mentioned earlier. The commander or the "handler" is one of these people.

This is all I could think of.

For those who read, thank you. I hope you find this review helpful. <<less
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FrenzyMode rated it
April 18, 2021
Status: v7
I read the 7 volumes currently translated by Yen Press and eagerly waiting for the volume 8 release in July. I have yet to read the short stories the author writes for the internet that are translated by Hellping, but I am planning on doing so.

I really enjoy stories like this one (sometimes serious and other times light-hearted, but not too deep), and I believe it to be the best-written light novel of this kind I have read so far. It touches on interesting subjects that happened in our own... more>> history (mostly WWII) like internment camps, racism, becoming desensitized from too much death and recovering from it, and learning to find a future. It makes you contemplate what is the natural state of humankind, benevolent or evil? How must we live in this world then?

The novel then breaks up this serious flow nicely with Shounen-style romance (my preferred part haha).

If you want to read something overly serious and deep this story might not be for you, but if you enjoy that mix of seriousness and light-heartedness you won't be disappointed. Also has some fun battles that draw upon stuff we have seen in history. <<less
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eu_kleides rated it
February 20, 2023
Status: v11
Currently, I've only just started volume 11, so this review will exclude my opinion on that volume. I think that this is a very solid series despite the flaws it may have (flaws that I believe that anime adaptation has fixed and will continue to fix if Director Ishii remains). This series doesn't have the most nuanced take on racism ever, but I think those who bash it and claim that it's "too in your face" or "won't stop making it obvious that racism is bad" kind of misses the... more>> point. This is a story about dealing with the effects of war and fascism at its core. You're supposed to go in knowing that the situation is already horrible -- and learn about how the people living in this world cope. Needless to say, the world building is a little weak, but the themes it serves are powerful enough that I believe it's worth pushing past the flaws.

In any case, I think theme of struggling to become your own person after a childhood on the front lines is powerful. I think that the themes of fighting to live in the face of death, to appreciate what life has to offer regardless of the end, is powerful. <<less
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May 9, 2022
Status: v6c3
Honestly, I can't say anything but that this novel is amazing. It has a lot of emotional drama arcs that express emotion I've never seen expressed through words before. This review may be really useless, but it's a really good novel, and theres a bit of philosophy in it too. I can't say much without spoiling the story or just repeating the synopsis, so I'll leave it here. I really recommend you read the novel. It may be boring at the start, but it's worth it to stick around. Trust... more>> me. <<less
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April 4, 2022
Status: --
Just some two things:

1) This is very, but very good. There isn't anything like this eith a similar plot.

2) If you find any low rating, just skip them. They're just ignorant with bad tasted on LNs.. It's not one of the best light novels in the world for nothing
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Erykles44 rated it
December 20, 2021
Status: c10
This work annoys me. There are many similar stories, but...... mu*derers mu*der mu*derers with the hands of innocent, sick, sick story about a sick country and the world. For the idea, I would give 4/5 for the vibe of 5/5 for how I felt reading it -100 / 5. I wanted to go into this story and kill all that rotten nobility. It's not my vibe that makes me nervous too much. Final grade 4/5 with a majority of 3.5 / 5.
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EclipseBreakdra rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: v6
A brilliant story is all I need to say. The characters are interesting (My favourite is Shin of of course. Also seeing the other reviews, to those people asking why they keep fighting for the white pigs, either read the below part or go read the first volume again.

... more>>

They themselves said that they could die and let the legion kill all the people inside the walls. But there are other people who might die that are not the white pigs. Also not all white pigs are bad and not all 86 are good. So why kill the ones who didn't do anything wrong. It would make them no better than the republic. Go read the first book again.


F**kin Glory To The Spearhead Squadron.

Important information: volume 1-6 are officially translated and can be bought online on websites like amazon. I recommend buying them. Now I have to wait for vol 7.

About kkgoh's review :

There is no american bashing. How did kkgoh reach that conclusion is beyond me. Another thing I want to point out is that kkgoh's review is mostly tr*sh. No offense to him. I read the spoiler in the review and I can safely say he read a really bad translation.I remember the conversation and it was better than what he read. But many other points are wrong in it.

1. Form alliances. There are an unknown number of machine surrounding the country and the country barely has any personal or proper machines. And they dont even know if any other country survived. Why send soldiers on a sucide mission to other countries.

2. Speech not making sense. Bad translation. Dont blame the author.

He read a bad translation so sorry if I offend him. This is why I recommend buying the book online (The english ones, which is available till vol 6. Vol7 is not out yet I think.). Or u can download the book. Its up to u. Just read the proper translated ones.

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InvincibleDespair rated it
July 10, 2020
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This novel is very 5 star worthy in this site.

Still I don't understand why would the 'half-human' would fight for the Republic when they have nothing to hold them down like their parents are already dead fighting the war and they have got no 'home' in the other sector. There must be some other country or places they could just flee to and not be killed by legion. The legion was said to exist only to destroy the Republic as they considered it 'already dead yet living' like them.
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