6 Main Heroines Who Absolutely Want to Monopolize Me


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「Having fewer possessions is better. Both material things and relationships.」

Shinichi Hirakawa, a minimalist high school student who only socializes with the minimum number of people, is set to participate in a love study abroad program.

The program provides a perfect environment with unlimited funds for living expenses, and he will be living with six bride candidates――The catch is that he has to reject them one by one sequentially!

The candidates include an idol, an actress, a YouTuber, a childhood friend, a stepsister, and an ex-girlfriend, each with a unique approach to wooing him.

Shinichi is troubled by the task of determining who should be eliminated from these spirited and diverse beauties.

However, everything changes when an anonymous accusation surfaces, claiming――『Someone among us is cheating!』

Thus begins a love comedy where Shinichi decide the losing heroine, a romance built on the premise of rejection!

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2 Reviews

Jul 30, 2023
Status: V1c1p2
I really love yanderes, but I just don't think this one is worth a read. Here are my reasons:

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1. The protagonist is the classic "gloomy cowardly guy" who would always only have at most 2 friends. He also would never progress his relationship with a girl for some reason (*hint* author).

2. His logic doesnt align, like at all. He said he's trying to take over his dad company using his own talents... ? What does he even mean by his own talent? All his plan also just boils down to living on his own, working on his own, etc. Like, what? How is that suppose to help you takeover shit? How about you learn how to manage money, MAKE SOCIAL CONNECTIONS, COMMUNICATE, ANALYZING PEOPLES INTENTION, learning economics, trading stocks, offshore tax hax... He's setting himself up to be the most underqualified ceo ever. He'd make a pretty good poor freelancer though.

3. I also really hate the mandatory forced trauma MC apparently dont remember because hes a child bla bla. Now we can say the reason hes acting so anti social and rejecting girls he would end up loving is due to his ptsd! Woohoo! Also what kinda goofy mom taught their children to never emotionally involve with someone? Even if you're rich and have enemies u gotta still have relations right? She's literally making her son a sociopath.

Last thing. MC is almost a monk. He doesnt even seem to look at woman sexually. He has no desire for wealth or fame. He doesnt even seem to want anything. I guess that's supposed to be a point huh?Then the author would have him just sit there chilling with his girls till one of them got a problem (quest) then oh wow suddenly he secretly cared for her so now he gunna solve her problem.

I have no problem with repetitive content but I just wish they would repeat fun content, not some shounen romance that never progresses in a million years. How long has that trope fallen out of its throne? Adding minimalist trait to that makes it weakness even worse.


It is such blatant attempt to make a hit series like ones before with just the yandere and minimalist gimmick. Other works has its own charm. Although it has been 3 chapters I think this would be one of those harem but barely even held hands kinda novel. The toned down yandere to the point where its just gag is also certainly not helping this.

I checked for yandere novels everyday and for once when I find one that might get some sort of adaptation its this uninspiring piece of work. <<less
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Aug 07, 2023
Status: v1c3
Not a good first impression. After reading a few chapters with the candidate introductions, it made me feel like wanting to skip to the end and who the MC will eventually hook up with. I'm totally expecting another MC as an immovable object type who realizes his feelings near the end. MC also screams apathy, and apathy is my opinion reading this novel of an MC with that personality.

... more>>

There are some bits to look forward to, especially with the ex-girlfriend. In order to keep me reading, the MC should tone down with that personality and not merely explaining and showcasing the girls' tropes in detail. I still wondered why that comedy tag is there but nothing in sight so far. Since I only read the first few chapters, take this review with a grain of salt.



Not a spoiler but it I bet that the MC would end up with the secretary and none of the candidates.

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