Kawaii Onnanoko ni Kouryaku Sareru no Wa Suki desu ka?


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Let the clumsy, strategic, and sweet love game begin!

“Kitamikado-san, this is a love game, and whoever falls for the other first will become their s*ave.”

Having been lured into a trap by the youngest successor of the Nanjou Family who govern the dark side of Japan, Nanjou Kisa, Kitamikado Mikado was unable to resist. What awaited him was the start of the love game, where openly admitting that one had feelings for the other would spell defeat. If Mikado, a sheltered boy from a renowned political family, were to decline the game, things would escalate into a scandal.

Both of them bet their lives on this game, however Mikado slowly but steadily starts to lose his reason. That’s an obvious result, since he is starting to fall for Kisa. And that is the same for his opponent…

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Depression is my new friend
Depression is my new friend rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: v5 afterword
First off I would like to thank Amano sensei and Kakao sensei for making this novel.I would like to thank CClaw Translations too for giving this novel a chance and translating it.

The only reason I wrote this review was to let the others know that some of the reviews are kinda BS. Well at least 65% of it or so.

It's basically your common rom com novel but with a Romeo and Juliet kind of mix in it. With the MC belonging to the light side where as FMC belonging to... more>> the dark side of the power that rule Japan. The reason this one grabbed my attention was because it was drawn by none other than Kakao sensei one of my favorite hentai manga artist.

If you see other reviews complaining that the MC is beta and never goes on the offense, they quit reading it after volume 1. The MC does get pushed around here and there by the FMC but not in a bad way. It does not make you want to blow the head of the FMC with a RPG unlike some other novels.

Their exchange is similar to the ones Hikigaya and Yukino from Oregairu have. The FMC has a sharp tongue with the MC retaliating in a straight manner. At least in the earlier volumes that is. Something along these lines

FMC-"If someone comes in between our love game, I will be sure to perish them from the face of the Earth or feed them to the lions"

MC-"I would prefer if you did neither of them"

The MC starts going more and more on the offensive as he realises his love for the FMC.

The moments between the MC and FMC start becoming more and more wholesome as the story progresses so that's a huge PLUS from me. The only problem I have with the novel is that it's harem.

And also the reason why the FMC uses everything at her service in the game whereas the MC does not is because the family of the girl knows about the game and supports it where as the MC's family is completely oblivious to it. The MC thinks that his parents would immediately cease the game to exist if they find out since they are the type to not take any risks but he wants to use this golden ticket of a chance to make the girl's family submit to his, at least that what he forces himself to believe.

I started reading this novel without looking at the reviews and finally after I finished it, I was really greatful I did so. If I had simple read the reviews beforehand I was sure to have ignored this novel, simply because they kinda make it seem like the story where the MC gets blamed for no reason or gets bashed up by his harem members for nothing.

I will explain this in simple words as to whether you should read it or not

Are you in search for wholesome moments in a rom com novel?

Do you have the patience to read some unnecessary paragraphs in order to finally obtain those juicy sweet diabetes moments?

Are you able to tolerate MCs that are not as badass as Ayanokouji or Izayoi?

Then I suggest you to start reading it.

It's not a TOP tier novel but is it worth reading?My answer would be yes. <<less
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Aozorah rated it
May 26, 2020
Status: --
Just your generic Beta MC getting pushed over by the FL.

The premise was good, but the characteristics of the MC is just a push over, he can’t even explain himself properly and just keeps getting toyed around by the FL.

Born in a family of politicians and then describes the MC’s personality as someone who can’t lie = LMAO best bullsh*t ever

... more>> FL describes MC as the most perfect species of a male, I guess being toyed around is the author’s description of the best quality of a male, lmao so pathetic.

MC being followed by a classmate from a renowed family of informants to the point the stalker openly admits she goes to the trunk of his family’s car everyday to stalk him and you know his reaction??, “Everything’s fineeeeeeee, it doesn’t bother meeeee” F*cking hell, you’re in a love game with your family’s arch nemesis and that’s your attitude towards it? Brainless.

The only saving grace of this novel is the illustration, that’s all. <<less
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tsukihito rated it
March 8, 2020
Status: v2
It's typical High School harem romance, if you liked that genre, you will definitely enjoyed this LN. The romance interaction between male lead and female lead alone is so cute, Kind of remind me of Kaguya-sama manga. Also, high bonus for excellent illustrations.
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monkeysUncle rated it
October 25, 2020
Status: c1
Had potential, but suffers from MC is a moron and a pu*sy syndrome.
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AJ1703 rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: Completed
First of all, I enjoyed it.

Kinda like a Romeo and Juliet setting as all of the characters more or less have a big role in Japan.

With that said, this one just striked as sweet and not much of a drama or sad stuff that left any lingering sadness over me.

... more>> MC is a bit of a wuss, but has his own reasons and I do not blame him for it. The author made him that way but I can understand it.

Though, that ending was kinda abrupt. I wish there was more but I guess that's impossible to happen now.

Only one other review looked decent than just shitting on the MC for no reason. As I said this one is sweet eitherway, and if you can tolerate the MC please give it a read. <<less
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Arvind rated it
June 15, 2020
Status: Completed

Really the worst ending I've ever seen even including one novel where everyone including the protagonist died at the end but still... I cant help but love it.

Also don't get the wrong idea with "... the worst ending..." thing, it's just me being greedy cuz the ending was just a sort of cliffhanger

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AnTTT0 rated it
September 9, 2022
Status: v5
If kaguya-sama is "love is war", this is "war is love" kaguya sama uses her brian to fight, the MCs in this series literally uses weapons and sh*t to fight.

comedy 10/10

action (?) 10/10

protagonist 3/10

plot 7/10

The teachers nor students give a f*ck about how fireworks got set off from the lockers, nor gunshots in the classroom bombs going off left and right, jets flying around, missiles flying all over, all is fine, all is right. War is love, love is war.

unreal bullsh*t 10/10
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MyRAMEN rated it
October 31, 2021
Status: v2c4
Honestly this story was great, especially to me who usually tends to dislike romance novels. There were two things that turned me off though. The first was the complete illogicalness of the story. The second was that it somewhat gets repetitive, and it seems that a new romance char gets added each volume, so it seems to go towards self destruction as most harem type novels do. I can't say for things past the point I read, but I would've given a 5 if not for the illogicalness of the... more>> story and plot. Like I wish the author put a tad more realism in his plotlines, even if it is just a little. <<less
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Usernamechecksout rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: v5 afterword
It's good at least for me. The only problem is the plot is a little ridiculous but it's my kind of ridiculous.

The MC is a bit of doormat in the first 2 volumes but he does improve as we get to the later volumes.
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Blyatman rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: v2 prologue
If you're not annoyed with a pushover MC you can enjoy it if not don't read it. The guy is pushed around by all the girls around him.

The MC is said to be from a political family but oh god how could he be so dumb I think a 12yo would be more clever than him.

It has nice ecchi-ness and the romance is ok might change with your preferences tho.

The MC has no personality whatsoever, idk if author wanted us to project us onto him but that ain't happening by... more>> making him heir of a major political house. If you're gonna give him such a strong background at least give him a personality to back it up. The only ones carrying the story are the FMCs.

Well if you can ignore the pu*sy MC go for it. I usually tolerate those kind of MCs but he was to much for me this time. <<less
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817Kb rated it
July 21, 2022
Status: v2
The story has a similar premise to Kaguya Sama but this one is a little more intense. I found the plot to be a little dumb and ridiculous The MC is your generic pushover guy. He comes from a distinguished and influential family but he acts like a kid. I don't even know why the tag says he's clever. He's dumb, not clever. He has no personality and I can't imagine him being the heir of a political house. Idk if the author wants s to relate to him or... more>> what.

FL is one scary girl. The drastic measures she takes just to make the MC fall for her are intense and frightening.


MC was supposed to attend an engagement ceremony with his fiancee but he didn't show up. Turns out the FMC abducted him and took him to some deserted island. After they find their way out of the island, the MC didn't even get mad at the FMC for abducting him and making him miss his engagement ceremony. Seriously how do you not get mad at that? He's too much of a simp and I can't stand simping MC's


Overall the story is not bad but it would have been better if the MC wasn't dumb and was actually a smart one who uses his brain. <<less
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meninx rated it
July 11, 2022
Status: v2 afterword
It's a paint-by-numbers romcom. It's essentially based on (a) nobody communicating with each other and (b) everyone being a moron. That is usual for this kind of story, and I wouldn't besmirch anyone for wanting something formulaic every so often. However, it's very grating in this particular context, where the premise is that both main characters are hypercompetent and intelligent future world leaders. The story tells you that they are smart and then fails to meaningfully show it. It's not like this is impossible to do, and it's not even... more>> impossible to do in a comedy; Kaguya Wants To Be Confessed To has essentially the same premise (down to the leads secretly liking each other but being unwilling to express it) but is genuinely good. You just have to show the smart kids doing smart things throughout their lives right up until they're faced with each other, at which point they continue being smart but base their actions on absurd premises. This novel tries for that too, sometimes, but always reverts to over the top behaviors instead of doing any interesting characterization.
On top of that, this novel is a harem thing. Your female leads are the main one, who's tsundere-ish, the fiancee who's yandere-ish but mostly a yamato nadeshiko, and the kid sister who's a chaos agent. The first two have totally unremarkable personalities that you've seen in a thousand Japanimations already. The kid sister's more unique, but also she's a kid and also she's obviously not going to "win", so whatever.
Other than these problems it's competently executed. If these sorts of problems don't bother you you'll probably like the novel and I recommend you read it. <<less
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July 29, 2021
Status: v1c4
Why isn't this an anime maybe because of the pov of MC but this is hilarious in its own way a cute version of Kaguya and Shirogane although comparing them is a insult to both but it is what it is.

Those looking for a slightly amusing RomCom I would definitely recommend this.

The novel starts of as two opposing families where the female lead Kisa is hell bent on making him (Mikado) fall in love with him through various drastic measures.
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SeventhTale rated it
April 16, 2020
Status: v1 afterword
I don't mean to compare but this is like a light version of Kaguya-sama with a generic harem protagonist. The reason is even though they have that little game of theirs, the MC never go on offense in volume 1. He only responds and never really initiate a plan. There's a lot of things the MC can do, but his actions is really like a generic MC who let everything come to him then respond with half assed method. The explanation of some plan here is only how it is... more>> not impossible with X family's power, which made things more half-assed.

Maybe this isn't just what I expect to read. I thought the story would be more focus on their game but I'm wrong. The other girls are introduced which should make the story more interesting, but it still feels bland to read. Yeah, maybe "BLAND" is how I would describe this story. It's romcom and there's a plot, but it's toooo normal. <<less
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